Dragon Glassware Diamond Bourbon Glasses Review

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Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.6 
Easy to hold 4.6 
Value for money 4.2 
  • Give a feel of holding a large diamond.
  • Eye-catching designing.
  • Not suitable for cocktails.

Dragon Glassware Diamond Bourbon Glasses Product Description

Verify the authenticity of a product by looking for a dragon stamp on the bottom. Whether in a casual setting or at a home bar, these bourbon glasses look great. On Amazon, a shopper bought this and said it was well-made, so the contents aren’t spilled. As another customer remarked, they received the bourbon glasses as a gift, but they love them so much that they plan to buy more. A unique bourbon glass, this is the right choice if you’re looking for something different.

  • AERATES DRINK AS IT IS SPOUTED AND SWIRLED IN THE GLASS The unique shape of the glasses was inspired by diamonds and allows your drink to aerate as it is poured in and swirled around. The glass can be used for whiskey, bourbon, scotch, wine and others.
  • Designed to prevent sliding and rocking and to provide an elevated drinking experience, with a 50-degree tilted angle to prevent spilling. You can enjoy them on the rocks without any water being added to them by adding our Diamond Chilling Stones.
  • AN UNFORDABLE GIFT A stunning addition to any glassware collection or as an essential bar accessory, this item comes in ready-to-present luxury.
  • A high-quality, lead-free, crystal-clear glass that can be washed in the dishwasher, frozen, and placed in the refrigerator. It is ideal for daily use and is easy to clean.
  • We look forward to earning your trust and satisfaction by offering you Dragon Glassware products of the finest quality. Customer service for the first year, a money-back guarantee, and a 1-year limited warranty make this purchase the best deal on the market.

Questions & Answers

Yes, of course! We make all of our products from high quality glass that is free of lead.
Usually, you can spot that it is "Designed in USA" when it says it. The Chinese have dumped their garbage there. My guess is that it was made at the same production facility where lead-infested toys are sold.
If you want to use 1, you need to choose I recommend either 2 inches or 5 inches ice balls.

Selected User Reviews For Dragon Glassware Diamond Bourbon Glasses

The show is going to be a hit with you (5/5)

I am speechless! I am speechless! I love it. Besides being one of the best quality products, they are also durable, sturdy, and very comfortable to hold. Their shape and size ensure that they will fit nicely in your hand and will hold the aroma and color of your beverage as you incorporate your taste and smell receptors.

Marisol O’DONNELL - 19/01/2021
I am really happy with my purchase (5/5)

This was my second purchase from Dragon Glassware, since I previously ordered a similar set of glasses from a different company and was unhappy with it. This pair of glasses is much better than the previous one I purchased. As a result of the thicker glasses, I know they are easier to ship. There were no defects in the glasses that were received. You can display them in the liquor cabinet without any problem. Despite their small size, they fit comfortably in your hand.

Leo Curry - 03/02/2021
This is definitely a catchy image (5/5)

The foods were advertised on a food page which I follow, so I looked them up online and ordered them. The package arrived lightning fast and I was impressed when I opened it. These are now part of our daily lives and are great conversation starters.

Matthias Griffin - 28/01/2021
It's a good pair of glasses (3/5)

At first sight, it's very nice. The handle fits comfortably in the hand. I received a set which should be advertised as decorative. Or maybe it's the set I received. There is too little opening around the rim of the glass for it to be suitable to serve whiskey. Like the top of a champagne glass, it's small. I believe that it will be a conversation.

Mikayla Cole - 07/05/2021
This glassware is perfect for everyday use since it is not very delicate (4/5)

Although a more fragile tilt glass was what I was expecting, these glasses are starting to grow on me for everyday drinking of scotch. With this shape, you can use it on top of a table, on a bed, or on the couch (I sit my glass at weird places while I drink Scotch, so this is pretty good at preventing spills). In terms of every day use, I wouldn't say it'd be the highlight of the party (it doesn't seem delicate and I think it comes off as utilitarian due to the thickness of the glass) but the logo is neat and the design of the glass I like. Although the thick glass might take away from the aesthetic, it does add to its utility and endurance. My Uncle had them on sale for like $20 for two of them, which is pretty decent for scotch glasses. It would be nice if there was some weight at the bottom, but having the thicker glass kind of has the same effect (since it is tilted, you can't have a solid.

Logan Church - 13/01/2021
Unhappy with the results (1/5)

To give them to him on our anniversary was truly a pleasure for me. His first impression was not good when he opened the books. Each were covered in scratches. Furthermore, the glass of these glasses has a slight yellow tint. It's a beautiful design, but the quality is disappointing. He's planning on using them, but the design is unique. I did not think it was worth the cost.

Lara Avery - 24/02/2021
There is a thick layer of glass that prevents any pleasant contact between whiskey and the tongue (2/5)

Exceptionally high It is often a thin piece of glass that makes quality glasses. Rather than the thickness of the glass, it should be the density and quality of the glass that makes it sturdy. The fine taste of any precious beverage is improved with a thin-rimmed cup You can drink whiskey out of walled glasses. In the discounter market, the glasses with the thick walls and margins are usually those sold for a couple of bucks. Heavy and bulky, they prevent even the slightest intimate contact with my most precious beverages, such as wine and liquor. There is much to be disappointed about. Choosing them was a good choice because I liked their design. Then I decided to purchase Riedel glasses instead and threw away these glasses after just using them once It has a plain design and extremely thin margins as one should expect.

Sierra Owen - 25/05/2021
This is elegance at it's best (5/5)

Buying this as a gift for my pool shooting friend who is a "Secret Santa" was a good idea. After I laid eyes on them, it became clear that leaving them would be the most difficult thing in the world for me! Every time I thought about splitting the package, only sharing one, I pondered it over and over again. In fact, they were not only as beautiful as described, but I couldn't even give him the box he received them in! I love it. It was a total show stopper at our annual Christmas party, and I joked that mine was on display until he opened his, lol. I'll be buying an entire set for my bar, since they were a total show stopper at our event. I was blown away by the quality of the delivery and how awesome the seller is! My personal email confirmed that the order had been received and that it was suited to my tastes. Regardless of the occasion or setting, this is a good choice. Buying this was a great decision!.

Mathias Reilly - 18/03/2021