Dragon Glassware Cocktail Glasses insulated. Review

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Easy to hold 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Giftable 4.6 
  • Legendary glass design.
  • High-quality product.
  • Enhances the flavor of your drink.
  • Costlier.

Dragon Glassware Cocktail Glasses insulated. Product Description

Designing modern glassware and accessories that complement and enhance your lifestyle is one of our top priorities. We are committed to providing our customers with an opportunity to appreciate the unique flavor of their favorite beverages with our products. By using only the best materials, we promise that our products will provide you with the best possible quality and convenience.

  • Mix and match this set of eight glasses for chilling cocktails. These glasses come in an elegant and unique shape that will hold 8 ounces. Their shapes and sizes make them the perfect companions to cocktails, whiskey, scotch, and wine.
  • Double-walled insulated design helps retain cold drink temperatures so you can enjoy your drinks more often, keep them crisp, and keep them tasting great.
  • AN EXCELLENT GIFT Offers a perfect choice for cocktail and mixed drink lovers and comes prepared to present in luxurious.
  • The glass is crystal clear, lead-free and of high quality, making it ideal for use in the refrigerator or freezer. It is ideal for daily use and is easy to clean.
  • We look forward to earning your trust and satisfaction by offering you Dragon Glassware products of the finest quality. Customer service for the first year, a money-back guarantee, and a 1-year limited warranty make this purchase the best deal on the market.

Questions & Answers

The dishes should be washed by hand rather than put in the dishwasher to avoid damage.
There are two numbers at the bottom. Five inches is at the top four inches at the bottom. Approximately 25" across. Beautiful glasses, I love them so much!

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However, there is one thing that I don't like (4/5)

It's so hard to describe how wonderful these glasses are! The design is futuristic, swanky, and The bottles remind me of something that Austin Powers might have, and I appreciate my bachelorhood all the more after drinking from one. This was featured in Westworld, how cool is that! Having not read the reviews first, I was over-confident and got swept up in excitement about the opening act The creation of my cocktail creations is my passion The lesson to be learned is It is advised not to rim these with salt or sugar, because the granuals will make a home in the pointy As a result. Every single time. As well, you should be cautious of any garnishes that may have small particles (e. I also liked the maraschino cherries, if you'd like). The sands of time are sticking to my skin as I try to brush them away with a brush - A toothpick, some gin and a tipped toothpick. I use my pipe cleaners often, even though they can scratch the glass (and are not quite small enough to fit into tiny crevices). Otherwise, they're great, and I often use mine. The sodas look even more fancy than plain sodas. In addition to a metal straw and a couple of ice spheres or artisanal ice cubes, I enjoy pairing my cocktail glass with a metal straw. *If the seller included a rimmed cocktail warning and some kind of special brush, then this would be a five star product. There was even a specific description of these glasses that mentioned margaritas. They should not suggest their customers use these glasses for that In this case, daiquiris (rimmed with sugar) are suitable This is a bad idea! You will be able to enjoy them if you keep the drinks simple. also provide a bit of insulation, so the cold beverages stay nice and cold.

Mae Dean - 08/01/2021
A very good product (5/5)

They are top of the line glasses, well worth the price. They make a great presentation for drinks. I would highly recommend them.

Reagan Reyes - 05/07/2021
Glasses that look nice (5/5)

This is a very attractive, easy-to-use organizer. This container holds about 200 ml. It is impossible for condensation to form on a double layer.

Mckenzie Parks - 29/06/2021
I love this (5/5)

It's so cool and so They were a huge hit the first night we used them. Guests said, "Wow, these glasses are really cool". They will be given to me as a gift in the future.

Theo Crosby - 02/02/2021
Cleaning should be done with a special The color of anything that you drink in this beautiful glass looks amazing, but cleaning inside the glass completely is a bit difficult (3/5)


Arjun Campbell - 10/03/2021
The hold is elegant (5/5)

It appears to be light and sharp. The display is stunning.

Anders Swanson - 21/01/2021
I like the design very much (5/5)

Two more sets have been bought because we love them so much. This container offers a very long period of time for your beverage to be kept cool. They also do not drip into your drink while you are holding it.

Yasmin Galvan - 03/02/2021
There is nothing to dislike about this (5/5)

It is beautiful! I will purchase more in the future.

Ariah Shannon - 14/05/2021