Dos Sueños Margarita Glasses Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Easy to hold 4.8 
Sturdiness 4.8 
  • Versatile.
  • Durable and feels heavy.
  • Dishwasher friendly.
  • Safe and lead free.
  • They are expensive.

Dos Sueños Margarita Glasses Product Description

These unique, gorgeous glasses will add a pop of color to any event. Margarita glasses are blown by hand by skilled artisans, giving them a unique shape and appearance. The frames of these glasses are embellished with aqua blue accents on the rim and base. Whenever you need a classic look, we have it. A total of 14 fluid ounces are held in each. Strong and thick, glass gives a good sense of security. This product is made in Mexico from recycled glass that does not contain lead.

  • DOS SUEOS MARGARITA GLASS - Hand blown by Mexican artisans, using techniques handed down from generation to generation, each Dos Sue*os glass is completely unique and handmade.
  • THE TRADITION - These traditional turquoise rimmed margarita glasses combine classic Mexican design with a modern twist.
  • We use eco-friendly recycled glass during the production of our Mexican glassware items, and lead is not used during the manufacturing process. The plates are sturdy and dishwasher-safe.
  • There are 4 margarita glasses per case. They are approximately 7 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The diameter of the circle is 5 inches. Fourteen fluid ounces can be held in each glass.
  • DOS SUA*OS GLASSES ARE UNIQUE- Each glass is handcrafted by an artisan, so its size, color, and design differ from another.

Questions & Answers

The glass is of high quality, so they are heavier than most. They are loved by everyone!
The average height varies a little but usually stays close to 5 inches.
Please keep in mind that we currently do not offer red rim margarita glasses, but we may add them later on!
Drinks in them will melt at the same rate as those in other glasses, since they are not insulated. I still think these glasses are very nice

Selected User Reviews For Dos Sueños Margarita Glasses

Accessed the negative reviews and ignored them (5/5)

I was hesitant to order these after reading some negative reviews regarding them being broken or uneven. However, I am so glad that I ignored them and just ordered them anyway! I am obsessed with these, they are stable, sturdy, and MADE IN MEXICO. They are so close to You should keep in mind that they are hand-blown, not factory poured, so of course they don't all end up looking exactly like that, but they're pretty close. I am in love with.

Kara DALE - 20/07/2021
The best of both worlds I made it (5/5)

The glasses were very useful all summer and we enjoyed them a lot. If I had a friend, I would recommend them. This is a reasonable price. This is a classic margarita glass. These blown glasses are heavy and blown glass, which I like, but I like them to wash by hand too. They can go in the dish washer as well. It is possible that the bottom is not completely flat due to their blown glass nature. After taking the glasses out of the packaging, place them on a flat surface to prevent them from wobbling. I had one of them fail and I had to replace it. It's a pleasure to deal with your company!.

Ellie Gilmore - 05/05/2021
Glasses with a huge frame (4/5)

It's nice to be able to carry It is important to note, however, that they are quite It will be able to hold what I would consider two margaritas. This is about 12 oz instead of the traditional The bulk of the fish makes them able to hold chill well because of their appearance. The weight of the frames is considerable.

Karla Schaefer - 26/01/2021
Glasses made by hand are very nice (5/5)

They may be a bit more expensive than they need to be, but for a mass-produced product they may suffice Set of "handblown" glasses from a quality producer that work great and are classy at the same time We should have a beverage hour more often. Even though they make an effort to pair mismatched glasses with mismatched glasses, we were happy with the mismatched combination of glasses, because we hope to get that authentic "faux real" hand-made margarita experience there.

Caiden Peterson - 15/02/2021
I like them a lot (4/5)

I am in love with I love the way they look. It is the only complaint I have (and you can't help this much since they're hand blown) that the sizes of the glasses vary, and there is a glass that has a lot of bubbles in it. Still, they are beautifully crafted and appear to be of high quality.

Annika Peterson - 09/03/2021
The glasses have a large crack in one of them (2/5)

Glasses like these are beautiful, and as others have noted too not all are even, which is to be expected considering these are handblown. The glasses we received developed a crack at the base before we even used them, so one of them broke before it was ever used! There is no way to make this up. It was a bit disappointing because I expected these glasses to be more durable and hoped to have them for years to come. This is not something I would.

Kenji Newman - 03/02/2021
I love these Margarita glasses (5/5)

The margarita glasses are so beautiful, and the quality is excellent! Most likely one of my best purchases in the past months is this product. You can gift this to someone else who loves margaritas or use it for yourself if you want a glass of very high quality to serve them in.

Issac Sutton - 03/07/2021
I think you did a great job, for the most part (5/5)

It would have been better if I read the fine print before ordering. The size of each glass can vary, but I find that it does not seem to be particularly I love the color and they look great in my kitchen- they are heavy and durable It is a duty to wear sunglasses. Ordering four more seems like a good idea.

Reina Booth - 19/01/2021