Domestic Corner Das Beer Boot Review

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Score By Feature Based on 25 ratings

Giftable 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.1 
Value for money 4.1 
  • 1-liter capacity.
  • Thick and durable.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Rim and seams issues.

Selected User Reviews For Domestic Corner Das Beer Boot

I give this boot a 5 out of 5 stars (4/5)

It has some nice flaws but overall is a good boot. A three out of five would be my rating, if I could rate in halves. Overall, the boot feels substantial and rugged due to the thick and durable glass. The boot I have, however, presents me with two serious problems. The gigantic seam that runs through the center is so obvious that it has a negative effect on the overall aesthetic. A cut on the boot rim looks like someone didn't round off the edge of the glass. As a result of my cleaning, there were a few bubbles in the glass, but they were small and spread out enough that In terms of price and size, this is still a great beer boot. If you can overlook the seam and the rim, it is a great Among the pros Strong, durable glass with a great price*br>Pros Durable, heavy glass with a great price*br>Cons It is very obvious where the seams run through the middle, and the rims are sharp and I'd imagine that this would make drinking an unpleasant experience*br>*br>An additional point As a result of the manufacturing process, the glass contains bubbles. It may accentuate the boot for some, or it may take away character from it for others. There may be a difference in mileage.

Wilson Wallace - 01/07/2021
Stylish and good quality glass cup (5/5)


Alana Black - 14/03/2021
This is awesome (5/5)

I was thrilled with this.

Bailee Doyle - 24/01/2021
You can buyd (5/5)

Those who have drunk from one before will want to try this.

Lina Rodriguez - 25/02/2021
My mouth is watering just thinking about The only thing I wish I had done sooner was to buy it (5/5)

Exactly 3 and a half cards The smallest beers are 12 ounces each. As a result, the glass keeps your beer cool for a very long time. It is a great purchase and I'm enjoying it very much. The quarantine has gone well so far.

Winnie Everett - 05/06/2021
Quite a bit of coffee (4/5)

Be sure to store it It was a Christmas gift from my husband and he likes it.

Robin Castro - 28/03/2021
This package does not include beer! The pictures may fool you, but don't believe them (3/5)

I was a bit disappointed that the boots did not come with beer, but a closer look at the listing indicates they were only filled with Unfortunately, I made a mistake. As long as the glassware is filled with my own beer, I like them fine, but I wanted beer,.

Madden Mullins - 29/01/2021
I am so happy to give you this The gift was given as a It was a big hit with them (5/5)


Zendaya Barron - 03/02/2021