Derguam 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Chiller with Aerator and Pourer Review

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Quality of material 5.0 
Durability 5.0 
Easy to use 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.4 
Flavor 4.3 
  • Multi-Purpose.
  • Wine Chill can linger for up to an hour.
  • Dripping-free.
  • A little force is required to install the aerator.

Derguam 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Chiller with Aerator and Pourer Product Description

Depending on how quickly you plan to aerate your wine, you might also want to chill it as quickly as possible. It’s in those situations when this chiller, aerator, and pourer set from Derguam comes in useful.

  • The Wine Chiller Aerator combines a wine bottle chiller with a filter and a pourer it lets you enjoy a glass of sparkling wine that's cold right now while maintaining the perfect temperature for up to a few hours. You can give this as a gift to anyone who loves wine.
  • An automatic dual intake aerator adds extra oxygen to enhance the taste of your wine A stainless steel wine chiller rod prevents any unwanted melting A spill-free pouring spout to prevent dripping A custom rubber stopper to ensure that the wine stays.
  • you have cleaned the dry chiller stick, put it in the freezer for two hours. Then open your wine and give it aeration for 15 minutes. Pour some wine then insert the wine chiller stick into the bottle. It will keep your wine perfectly chilled for an hour or more.
  • With stainless steel and acrylic in premium quality, you can retain the wine's aroma at an optimal level They are the perfect size, fitting into all standard wine bottles and are easy to store You are freed from the mess associated with ice buckets and wet wine bottles.
  • Perfect for whiskey, vodka, liqueurs, white wine and more Ideal for camping, hiking and picnics Ideal gift for wine enthusiasts and for family and friends Best choice for outdoor picnic, party, celebration and holiday event like Christmas Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's.

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It could not be used to sparkle. An intelligent person.
The stopper on it is not present.

Selected User Reviews For Derguam 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Wine Chiller with Aerator and Pourer

An interesting purchase, a cool little cooler for chilled wine (5/5)

Since I was in the market for a cooler I picked this up at the store randomly. The other day I was looking for wine openers and came across this article. There's nothing like this groovy little thing. As said, the stainless steel part is quite sturdy and on the heavy side, and it gets quite cold after a brief period of There is some evidence that the plastic part is of a slightly lower quality, however it seemed to work fine. The bottom part of this air pump screws onto the metal part with no problem and does a decent job at aerating the wine you are pouring. The bottom part of this adapter seems to keep the wine It's best to pour a glass before you put it into the bottle, since it is large enough to displace a good bit of wine, so you might have some spills as well.

Aarya Jacobs - 01/03/2021
Chill out the best way you know how (5/5)

My chiller was installed in the freezer as soon as I purchased it, after which it was hand washed and placed in The product was allowed to rest for three hours before I used it. It took me a little longer than I thought because I didn't realize you had to drain some wine before you use it, but once I inserted the frozen chill rod and secured it to the top of the tank, it was easy. Despite being a little bit clumsy, no wine was spilled or over poured. For testing purposes, I intentionally left the wine out to see if it would stay chilled. I left it out for at least an hour or two and it stayed chilled. I would say it is one of the most affordable, but good quality compared to other options. There are no complaints at all with this product. I have recommended the service to friends and will continue to use it.

Peter Santiago - 24/07/2021
It is exactly what it says it is (5/5)

In the summer I love sparkling Roses, and this works really well to keep it cold! This dish works well with white wine, too. I like how it pours well, and it's Since I keep the tube in the freezer, I can give it out any time of day. I've given these as gifts dozens of times, and everyone loves them! It's a great product. It's a great The package arrived in a timely manner.

Bryant Mendez - 20/03/2021
This is a great product, it works well and it is easy to maintain (5/5)

This would make an excellent gift for my significant other who likes chilled wine. The only thing I forgot to tell him was to pour a little first before inserting the brush. Well, this not a mistake he will repeat I love it. Rather than drip, the pourer has a double lip that prevents it. It is also easy to clean all parts. I'm in love with Since this thing has been around, we have drank more wine.

Porter Stephens - 15/07/2021
It was shipped very quickly (5/5)

A secret santa present - that's what I got. The other reviewers said it took a long time to ship but my package arrived very quickly without any It's very cool, easy to assemble, I opened it to see what it's like when it arrived (since I was curious). It was loved by the recipient so much that he froze and used it the next day!.

Zachariah Massey - 23/06/2021
This will keep wine cool during the summer without you having to put it in an Hosted a huge lawn party in which we kept white wine cool, the entire bottle was ice cold (5/5)

People going to parties will have a chance to get some.

Yusuf Yu - 08/07/2021
The surface is easily cleanable (5/5)

Our family gets togethers work well with this. There has always been wine to drink. Now we don't have to get up every time we need to remove the cork. It's a pleasure to pour from the pour spout. The container does not spill or drip. This allows the wine to remain cool without having to be placed in the Cleans easily and is easy to.

Ryan Gates - 14/02/2021
Keep the wine chilled (5/5)

The product keeps drinks cold for hours and is definitely worth the money.

Killian Dillon - 06/04/2021