Del Hutson Designs Floating Wooden Wine Bottle Rack Review

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Easy to assemble 4.9 
Durability 4.7 
Easy to install 4.1 
Value for money 4.0 
Sturdiness 3.9 
Giftable 3.7 
  • HAve the capacity to hold 5 wine glasses.
  • Can get assembled easily.
  • Wood-used in it is fragile.

Del Hutson Designs Floating Wooden Wine Bottle Rack Product Description

In addition to bamboo, the Del Hutson wall-mounted wine rack is crafted with holes of a unique shape to ensure that the bottles will remain stable. The wine glass holder can hold five wine glasses, a larger capacity than many other brands on the market. Two accessible storage spaces on the side allow you to keep other wine-related items, such as corks and wine openers. Whether you are looking for a wall-mounted wine rack that holds more wine glasses or an adjustable wine glass holder, this is a good choice.

  • The pine wood used for this product is durable and strong.
  • This piece measures 24 inches across.
  • This product was made in the United States.
  • This is a wonderful addition to your home and kitchen.
  • This kit includes a regular shelf and a glass holder shelf with holes predrilled.

Questions & Answers

The shelf is divided into 2 parts. It comes in a plain top (upper) and a bottom with wine in it (lower). I bought both and they are both very heavy and sturdy. I love them!
It's better to choose something else, they're poorly built. It would be nice to have it. Due to a time crunch, I decided to keep them, but had to heavily reinforce them with screws to guarantee that they could hold something securely.
Because these shelves are very sturdy, the weight they can support depends on the anchors used and the material they are mounted on. It is estimated that each shelf could safely hold 15 lbs resting weight when anchored with drywall anchors and screws of 2 inches.
15 wine glasses can be stored in it.

Selected User Reviews For Del Hutson Designs Floating Wooden Wine Bottle Rack

The quality of the process was poor (1/5)

One pair of shelves I ordered arrived damaged out of three pairs I ordered from this company. Although the quality control and craftsmanship were not as high as I would have liked, one of the pairs was lost in the shipping process (though forgivable), but it left me wanting. While I understand that these shelves are meant to be rustic, I think the wood used should be structurally sound and not warped, and I think the nails should be inserted straight and not bent. There seems no reason why it should be made out of wood that has 99 knotholes. In 99% of cases, the entire piece of wood is not wasted. The price of $90 was much higher than I expected. The shelves were not packaged so the visible damage is what left the factory, since the packaging for the shelves was not damaged. That must have been the end of a long If I need replacement shelves, I'll have to hire more worker after I get them. I'm having people come to install the shelves that are not damaged, but I'll have to pay whether they come again. The positive reviews of this item should be taken with a grain of salt take a look at the other pictures and descriptions posted. Make sure you are aware of the risks! I should also point out that the shelf without a wine glass rack is very flimsy and will likely not hold much weight.

Aliyah Davies - 01/05/2021
A faulty piece of hardware (1/5)

The item I got was so exciting to me. It was hung using the hardware provided, and only a few items were placed Actually, I liked the decor in the item picture so much that I decorated my own in a similar way. Two mule cups, one mixer cup, two bottles of wine, and some glasses went where the drinks went. For 10 minutes, my shelf was hanging on the wall and then it fell. There are no words to describe how terrible I feel. I lost my wall, one bottle of nice wine, and brand new glasses worth $50! I am also concerned about the damage the broken glass and wine bottle do to my floor! My heart sank at the thought of what would have happened if my toddler had been present! If I include a picture, the manufacturer will likely tell me that I had too much on the device, but I will prove to them that I did not! In looking at it, it is obvious that the hardware was damaged, as the screws were the wrong length for how thick the shelf was. Regardless of the price, this item is not worth the cost. I certainly hope I will get a refund for it!.

Allyson Patel - 20/06/2021
The shelf is great for the most part, and you can smell the fresh varnish when you get it out of the box (4/5)

To provide extra security, I used toggle bolts, but the hardware it came with would have been adequate as well. In light of another reviewer's comment that the shelf without the glass is a bit flimsy, I may find a way of adding another piece of wood to the bottom of the shelf, Although firmly fixed to the wall, there is still some wiggle.

Mckinley Hanna - 20/07/2021
Pay what you want and you will get what you desire (3/5)

In spite of being a pretty shelf and serving its purpose for the most part, there are a few problems. When I opened the box, I noticed a piece of the top shelf was bowing and disintegrating. In looking at the piece, we found that it had only been stapled into place and not glued. The wooden clamps and wood glue we had in the workshop allowed us to make repairs quickly. It seems to be doing well at the moment (see picture). The shelves are supposed to be held up with two screws, one on each end. They are heavy, and we were concerned that they wouldn't hold up once we put glasses on them, even with the anchors and screws included. Instead of using screws, we settled on toggle bolts and they are now securely attached Even though the shelf part is not fully secured into the back piece, the top shelf has some wobble to it because the back piece is not glued to the shelf part. Glue/clamp it may also be required if we need to take it apart. Last but not least, we discovered that the slots for the glasses are not all the same size. The end slot on the right is significantly smaller than Since our thick stemmed glasses weren't long enough to fit there, we weren't able to put them there initially. discovered after taking the photo. I was pleased with how quickly the items were delivered, how they were packaged (read compactly), and whether the items were As well, I cannot comment on the customer service of this seller because we have not contacted them about these issues.

Daniela Kemp - 05/06/2021
I was mostly satisfied with the item, but the shelf on top could do with some extra support (4/5)

This set of shelves is mostly to my liking. I like that they store a lot of wine glasses and are deep enough to accommodate multiple glasses and coffee cups. On the down side, they don't have any storage for wine glasses. As a result of better support for the shelf, the glass storage can be leveled as a result. I may add some additional supports if necessary to fix this when the shelf is without this extra support. It is bowing downwards toward the front of the shelf due to lack of support. In addition, I was unsure if the included anchors and screws would be strong enough to hold the torx screws in place, so I bought some 1/8" x 3" These shelves are much more secure than the ones that I previously had, so I wouldn't be concerned if they were removed from I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that shipping from Amazon was much faster than stated. For less than $60 I can now have the storage space I needed in my very small kitchen, and I do not have to use my counter space for anything else.

River Branch - 04/03/2021
That is excellent! Made with care and done well! I urge you to read all the details before making a decision! This product is amazing for the price (4/5)

It is very well constructed and is a great addition to any wall for displaying your liquor/wine out of sight and out of reach. When I see the need for woodworking, I do some of it here and there, and this product has a good design. When it arrives, there are no snags Two holes were drilled on each side of 16 inches in order to mount it easier on wall studs those were 16 inches apart A further two screws were added below the pre-installed ones An additional layer of protection is provided by drilling holes for We actually liked the look of the stain only finish more than its gloss finish. I found only one criticism of this product, which is the thin shelf is a bit flimsy due to its heft and how it is constructed (three screws It is from there that I got my four stars. The two shelves are able to hold multiple bottles and glasses thanks to two flower pot holders that I modified (cut up) and welded to a piece of 1/8" flat stock steel. Fastening that assembly to the wall, and then to the shelf proved to be the final step. To finish the shelves, I attached two more pieces of flat stock to the outer edges. As long as you don't make the thinner shelf braced in some way, you can't put much weight on it since it sags from the weight of the board. You can see from my photo how I secured it to make it so strong. This is all- The product is great and will last for a long time, but its usefulness can be greatly improved with some engineering. It would be well worth the price increase to add several extra inches of bracing to the product. I hope the crafters see this and think about adding some extra support.

Kaison MIAH - 28/05/2021