DECO Unbreakable Margarita Glasses Review

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Score By Feature Based on 37 ratings

Light weight 4.3 
Giftable 4.2 
Sturdiness 3.9 
Sheerness 3.9 
Easy to assemble 3.6 
Value for money 3.0 
  • High quality.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Versatile.
  • Elegant design.
  • Has a visible seam.

DECO Unbreakable Margarita Glasses Product Description

A high quality plastic is used to make the DECO margarita glasses. In addition to being dishwasher safe, these glasses will never break. It has an elegant design and a light, airy feel to it. For use in the pool or on a camping trip, they are safe and easy to pack up. Having this glass set by the pool or at the cottage is the most convenient way to enjoy a margarita. Each glass is about 12 ounces, so it’s the right size for drinking it.

  • Unbreakable Margarita glasses, 12 oz per set, in a set.
  • Beer glasses that do not contain BPA and are shatterproof, reusable, and dishwasher-safe.
  • Various types of glasses are available for the Margarita, featuring 100% Tritan, a durable plastic-like.
  • Real glassware seems to be used here. The material will not shatter like glass, but will still be elegant.
  • A very durable material that will not cloud or discolor like plastic. Dishwasher safe. It's the perfect gift you can give either on Mother's Day or Cinco de Mayo.

Questions & Answers

When I started to cool them off, I put them in the freezer empty and they didn't have any issues.
A three-inch diameter.
It is a piece of glass, but it is not visible from above. Plastic is used for the product. As for the size of the bottle, I believe it was The scale.
Since the bottles are light, they would knock over in the event of a beer bottle impact.

Selected User Reviews For DECO Unbreakable Margarita Glasses

You are not looking at a glass! "Margarita glasses" are usually made of glass, as you would expect (1/5)

It is plastic that they add the word "unbreakable" to make it look like they are made of. It is a dollar store-quality 'cup' shaped like a margarita glass, thus, four of them should cost less than $4 instead of more than $20. The only way you will find out, like me, is when you receive them in the mail at the end of this You should let your guests know a day ahead of time.

Joanna French - 05/01/2021
The top is so heavy and messy that it's easy for spills to occur (2/5)

Our decision was to get these--that way we wouldn't have to worry about breaking our Due to the weight of these glasses, when you fill them up with tasty margaritas, they become top heavy, making it easy to spill, again and After about three sips, I decided to pour my drink into a regular glass instead.

Daniella O'Brien - 07/04/2021
The quality was not what I was hoping Plastic is what they are made of (3/5)

It is visible that the seam exists. My only concern with them is that they wouldn't make the best gifts.

Lionel Morrison - 21/02/2021
It appears that the glasses do not hold 12 oz as they claim (2/5)

There is only enough space for (barely) 10 oz of liquid in this glass. believe that you can put 10 ounces in and then walk around carrying A maximum of 10 ounces with good surface tension on a level table or stand is recommended. These bottles are labelled as 12 ounces, which will make a great Margarita with ice cubes or a frozen drink (crushed ice). I can't believe that 10 oz can do There is an error in Once I used them, I threw them out. The glasses I bought were real 12 ounces. However, they work much better than the nice ones. The glass margarita glasses I use are all 12 oz and 16 oz in size. When the sun is shining and we're at the pool or in our RV, the real 12 oz glasses work perfectly. Because these glasses are lightweight, they don't fall over easily just because someone looks at them (or doesn't look at them at all) There is enough stability in them.

Isla Hensley - 01/07/2021
Material that is thick and durable (5/5)

Prior to my review, I waited a few months to get the chance to use and wash them. The first few days have been great! We bought them to relax and eat outside on our patio and in the pool, and we are glad we bought them. It's made of a thick, durable material that won't easily scratch. It's even hard to believe that we take them to the beach and set them down in the sand, and still they look as good as.

Amari Best - 01/02/2021
Lights made of plastic are cheap (1/5)

Although the advertisement said that they were glass, the plastic they were made of was very flimsy.

Marcelo Molina - 20/05/2021
This was exactly what I was hoping for (3/5)

The sole purpose of my purchase was to take these to our local Mexican restaurant, which guests bring their own food. The purpose is served by them However, I wish I had gotten the one with a removable stem for easier transport. Having said that, these are much more sturdy than the ones my friends bring with them.

Brock Lancaster - 07/07/2021
It is clear, light, and one piece (3/5)

The bottom of these shoes is not a 2 piece thing that keeps losing its bottom. At least they are not lightweight. I have only used it a few times and it hasn't cracked yet. There is very little weight to it.

Miranda Ortega - 28/02/2021