Deco Gear Countertop Ice Maker Review

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Giftable 4.7 
Easy to use 4.7 
Flavor 4.6 
Value for money 4.2 
Noise level 4.0 
  • Affordable.
  • Sleek modern design.
  • A bit noisy.
  • Small size of ice.

Deco Gear Countertop Ice Maker Product Description

A beautiful ice maker, this model is easy to install and will serve your needs for ice making. This is the perfect ice maker for your RV, boat, or small kitchen. The unit is compact and portable, and you can plug it in anywhere there is an electrical outlet. Just add water, plug it in, and enjoy a batch of ice made within a span of seconds.

  • It is a sleek, attractive ice maker with no need for installation that will more than meet your ice making needs. This ice maker is portable and is perfect to use in an RV, boat, or small kitchen. It will work anywhere there is an electrical outlet.
  • Within six minutes you can enjoy a batch of ice by simply plugging in the unit, adding water and rotating the blades. Up to 26 pounds of weight can be produced. When you use bullet ice cubes 24/7 per day, you will never have to deal with pesky ice trays.
  • Integral storage bin that holds 1 can be insulated and is well-suited to use in cold environments. The weight of the bag is 5 pounds. Use this control to turn this ice maker on or off and choose the level of ice that you want to make at the same time.
  • You will see an indicator on the unit when the tray reaches capacity or when the reservoir's water level is too low. You can see the contents of the ice tray without having to open it thanks to the clear window.
  • In the box, you will find a compact electric ice maker, a tray for ice, an ice scoop, and an instruction manual.

Questions & Answers

Melting into the water reservoir will return it to its original state/
It measures 12 inches on top, 9 1/2 inches on the sides and 12 inches on the bottom.
For the large setting, this is equivalent to an inch square. In reality, the first few rounds of cubes are thinner during the first few turns, until things get going and then they become This machine is amazing. I make enough to fill my ice maker tray in my freezer and then store it until I run low on it To use my machine, I use distilled bottled water since I have well water.

Selected User Reviews For Deco Gear Countertop Ice Maker

Wow! I am highly Despite its early arrival, the ice maker has been working perfectly (5/5)

My decision to purchase was influenced by reading a review of someone who had tried many different brands prior to making my purchase- This brand is superior to other brands. As soon as the box was unpacked, we reviewed the instructions. It was easy to follow (VERY simple instructions). The ice was very fast to make. This is a very quiet machine! (Eight minutes for the first batch) The taste of bottled water is better to me, so I use that. (It takes about half an hour. A gallon to fill the machine)*br>*br>I tend to read reviews before making an online purchase, as they often warn of poor quality or design. Currently, I have not encountered any of the common complaints that other customers have mentioned while reading reviews on various makes/models of countertop ice makers. (Noise, freezing not thoroughly, cheaply made, etc. ) if you are on the fence about spending $100+. You can rest easy. The computer does what it is designed to do, and that is solid. I only regret not getting it earlier. We are using it so much that we don't want to give it up!.

Esme Neal - 09/02/2021
Small spaces won't be a problem with this solution! It took me hours to look through dozens of the most reasonably priced ice makers, as well as the thousands of reviews that accompanied Having learned so much about the world of ice makers, I realized that nearly all of them sounded the same with the same positives and negatives, so I decided to narrow my search to ice makers based on the color I like best (5/5)

Deco Gear mini fridges are red), so I settled on this one. When it comes to purchasing something with low reviews, I usually am not interested, but I took a gamble on it and I am glad I did. I really appreciate this ice maker because it's perfect for my needs, and if I have a friend over, it'll provide us with enough ice for both If you were having a party yes you would certainly want to run it the night before and bag the ice. Despite the fact that it does make ice fairly quickly, it will not be enough to keep up with the volume of ice needed for Choosing the right size of ice is important, and while there is no weird plastic taste or texture, the ice tastes crisp and amazing A taste for it Whenever I use water from my Brita pitcher, it is always filtered). Though the instructions specify to unplug it when not in use, I leave mine plugged in even when it's turned off at night. When I went on my summer work trip, I accidentally forgot to unplug it. When I got home a week later, everything was still working. There is a surge protector on the outlet where it is plugged in. I would recommend wiping it out with a dry cloth once the water is drained if you don't use it all the time. It is the first thing I do before I leave for work travels, and I never come home with mold or a musty smell! My personal opinion is that an ice maker like this is not I would say that it's even quieter than most in-house systems You can make ice in a refrigerator. I find the sound to be cute when the ice falls off the freezing rods (the little plop plop plop sound) and when the scoop dumps the ice into the bin, but unless the bin is completely empty, it isn't very My studio apartment is always within reach of the ice maker, and I live in a studio apartment. I have left it on for many nights and it has never woken me up. It doesn't interfere with watching television or listening to records and I usually turn it off before bed, but I have left it on many times before. Additionally, I have found that the ice maintains its integrity within the machine bin quite well. When I turn it on in the morning, the ice has melted but there is still roughly half a basket of ice left. That it recycles melted water is also very pleasing to me!.

Shelby Cortez - 19/07/2021
This is a worthwhile investment (5/5)

This is exactly what I was looking for. The brand is the first that we have tried after buying many cheap brands previously. With this machine, you can make small or large cubes, depending on your needs. We've had others that make ice quite slowly, but this makes ice rather quickly.

Rhea Mejia - 19/02/2021
It's an awesome ice machine (4/5)

As a result, I acquired this guy (machine) and I am The ice is ready within a few minutes! It is awesome for working in the heat at/in places that do not have freezers, this can solve the problem as I can cool off with my refreshingly cold drinks. My company has one and I use it at work and now I have ice at the ready, which is such a comfort. I know it's meant for RVs, but I'm glad that I can use it at work. There are two sizes to choose from, small and large, and it's quick to put on. There is no bad taste here The only water I use is bottled water. I think my brother will buy one too. He liked it so much, he's going to get These are the only reasons that I did not give it 5 stars Observations 1. It would have been nice to have more insulation so it would stay cold/not melt the ice over time but hey, it uses the melt water to make ice so I guess that's good. 2. *br> *br> *br>*br>It would have been better if it had a larger tray to hold more ice. *br>*br>I am happy I bought it,.

Case Wang - 01/05/2021
The replacement was received as follows for a while? I was very satisfied with the customer service I received (5/5)

UPDATED, April 2021. A replacement has been received. The company holds true to its I was expecting to receive a discount, but honestly, I purchased this at full price and I'm not even expecting one. For an honest review, I didn't get anything for free. The ice maker was my favorite, but once it stopped working, I was very sad. I purchased this item on July 23, 2020, but it stopped working on When I called customer service, I was unable to figure out whether or not there was a warranty, but the gentleman I spoke with, Josh, was very polite and said he would try and find out whether I could get a replacement. I have been notified of further details regarding customer service by the company. UPDATE *br>I provided the proof of purchase during initial contact. My email notification from Josh it is that they are going to send me a replacement within a few hours, I'm very happy with that. It's the companies who stand behind their products that make the best. I would buy from them again and highly recommend them,.

Jakob Sullivan - 09/03/2021
This is not a reliable source! My apartment's refrigerator freezer is too small to store ice, so I did not need to purchase it (1/5)

The stainless black appliances blend well with the sleek black cabinets. I made a tub of ice (it was wonderful). After closing the machine and turning it on again, I was able to make another tub of ice a few days So disappointed to learn that the ice would not be made. You will now have to return and locate We are afraid to make another purchase after all the negative reviews.

Violeta Goldberg - 03/04/2021
I expected it to do what it did (5/5)

On the eve of my wife and her birthday, twelve of us gathered with my family. There is no way any refrigerator icemaker can keep up. Having an icemaker like this is great. Once it's finished making ice, you can forget to empty it and it will keep it frozen for up to 18 hours. A big thumbs up to this one.

Rosemary Bradshaw - 15/06/2021