Dceyaor Stemless Thick Martini Glasses Review

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Easy to hold 5.0 
Giftable 5.0 
Sturdiness 4.6 
  • Design wise.
  • Durable.
  • Small capacity.

Dceyaor Stemless Thick Martini Glasses Product Description

Taking a classic glass and giving it a contemporary look is the goal of this cocktail glass set. This table features a heavy base and a stemless construction that enables it to stay stable. With its thick base for a solid foundation and dishwasher-safe properties, this home bar glassware is the right choice.

  • The set consists of four pieces. This Martini Cup features a classic A modern twist on a classic glass, this cocktail glass set makes for a delightfully refreshing cocktail. An elegant stemless construction enables it to be stable despite its heavy base.
  • Its heavy base makes it an ideal foundation.
  • The perfect bar glassware for your home.
  • It would make a lovely addition to your existing collection of barware or as a gift.
  • Drinks such as wine, whiskey, cocktails, juices, or water will taste great in these glass cups.

Selected User Reviews For Dceyaor Stemless Thick Martini Glasses

This is a good product (5/5)

This is a good product. In accordance with the description. Desserts made with gelato are one of my favorites.

Della Ingram - 05/06/2021
Buying this product is a wise decision (5/5)

The set is very nice.

Astrid Bernard - 26/06/2021
I am so happy to give you this I purchased it as a gift for someone I knew who would enjoy (5/5)


Emerie Haney - 21/07/2021
The product is good, and the glasses are nice (5/5)

We were looking for exactly what we found.

Keanu Hayes - 04/08/2021
A couple of broken shipments (twice) (3/5)

The original shipment and the second shipment both contained broken glasses, so it would have been a nice set of It was a pleasant surprise to find another item packaged better after two returns.

Jeffrey Cox - 02/06/2021
Perfect, thank you (5/5)

I found some matches to my existing ones and loved them! This is a dessert that is made with several gelato flavors.

Leo PRITCHARD - 23/02/2021