Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact Refrigerator Review

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Noise level 4.0 
Energy efficiency 3.8 
Temperature Control 3.5 
  • The door is made up of spotless steel.
  • Modern and solid look.
  • Door may get dents.

Danby DAR044A5BSLDD Compact Refrigerator Product Description

With the relaxation time coming, how about a cold beer? With an appropriate beer fridge, you’ll be able to store some refreshments in your cave. However, if you want to keep snacks and other non-alcoholic refreshments cool, a mini-fridge with some room for a few cans or bottles may be the better option. It has eight dedicated can/bottle holders, as well as six glass shelves that can be adjusted to different heights for displaying additional beverages or snacks. While this compact fridge has not the most space for beer cans and bottles, it has enough space for all types of drinks and snacks. You can also store an assortment of alcoholic beverages in a customizable setup in order to accommodate different brands and container sizes.

  • There are 4 cubic feet in this product. It's about 5ft. The (126 L) compact all fridge has all the features you need.
  • Compliant with the Energy Star program. R600a is an environmentally friendly A defrost system that operates automatically.
  • The glass shelves can be adjusted to 2 full widths and 1 1/2 widths. A door shelf with tall bottle storage is incorporated into the door. Dispensers can be found throughout the CanStor product line.
  • This mechanical thermostat has a dial. It is lit from within.
  • The door handle is integrated into the A door hinge that can be reversed.
  • The door finish on the stainless steel door looks identical to real stainless steel, but without the smudges. A worktop that resists scratches.

Questions & Answers

We recommend you leave a clearance of at least 5" on each side of the unit as this is a free standing model.
Thanks for your question. Hello, thank you very much for your question. Glass shelves are used on the shelves.
Glass makes up the shelves.
It has been almost two years since mine was outside and I still love it! Cold drinks and it looks like it just came out of the packaging. The plant is off the ground and under cover, but it is on the patio so it does well!

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Now there is no need to defrost blocks of solid ice in the freezer! It still works! It's still running on 2019/8! This was the week of December 2015 In lieu of a combo unit, you can buy a single unit, but I doubt you would use it (5/5)

This freezer and another similar (or smaller/larger) freezer are great choices. What motivates you? In the past I have gone through a couple of mini combo's and I am here for the same reason super mini freezer section of the mini fridge is a terrible design. While the Ice Thing and the HagenDaaz both melt, the top/bottom thing stays half frozen. After a while, it becomes completely iced over and the milk has a strange, warm feeling to it. This means it has to be defrosted. What are your plans for the whole package out where it can properly defrost? Are you going to throw away the rest of the I'm not asking you to do that. give it twenty minutes, get impatient as it drips, and think of wasting a Saturday on this, when you reach for the butter knife. After a few hits, you think, "Last time was just a fluke. This time is different!" The great chunks of ice coming out, which you will NOT have to wait for, and the Saturday afternoon that seems open and full of possibilities leave you feeling elated. Once you have hit it, you need to I hear the familiar sounds of hsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. It's now that you are on Amazon checking out this review, perhaps after Google's search for "all refrigerators". Here's what you need to know. Rather than spend an arm and a leg on gallons of ice cream or running to Costco, get a tiny over-the-counter freezer, a chest freezer (or a similar under-counter freezer like this in all-freezer version) and call it good. Now, could this be built as a unit that sits almost flush against the counter with little It can be done, yes. The plant will die, however. There has to be a place for the heat to go, hence the 4" clearance. The problem is. Build it like a wind tunnel, with an inch of clearance on all sides, and DIY it up with a fan (computer fans work great, are quiet, and use If you build it right, you'll be replacing the fan rather than the cooked compressor in a few months or years. The counter inch counter is about 34" in the front and 33" in the back of the cabinet The edges are slightly bevelled. In case the project dies before March, I'll update you. The fact that I offered a fair and honest review was not rewarded with a penny's discount, so what about one helpful.

Diego Winter - 05/02/2021
RV or Off Grid use will be a breeze with this! To test the effectiveness of an off-grid lifestyle in the wilderness, I purchased this unit (5/5)

Considering we are going to be on solar and wind power, I wanted a refrigerator that was as energy efficient as possible. A 120-watt power supply is featured here. The unit runs at 1 amp. Nonetheless, in many cases, when a compressor is running, it consumes a lot more energy. As much as 10 amps may be used each time it cycles on, according to what I read. As a result, I was hoping that it would operate using 120 watts on An inverter with 600 watts is what I used. I figured it was due to high start power because it started easily but after few hours a red alarm popped up. My 1500 watt inverter is perfect for this task. Even after running for 12 hours, there was no issue. What was shocking was the power consumption. There was only a 50-watt draw on the system. A temperature of 37 degrees was reached, yet a single storage battery was not stressed. After six hours, I switched back to the 600 watt power inverter and the alarm stopped ringing. In my opinion, after the compressor had been used a few times it was more lubricated and it used less energy. The RV fridge is highly recommended if you are looking for a refrigerator to use off the grid. Despite its quietness, the unit is extremely energy efficient.

Jeffery Bates - 30/03/2021
My opinion of this product is that it is very cheaply made and would not recommend it to anyone (1/5)

Put the warranty out of your mind. As much as I would like to give this a better rating, it arrived damaged but not so badly that I would consider returning it to Amazon for a refund since I needed it at that time and did not want to wait for another to be mailed out to me. As a result, I contacted the maker who happens to be located in Canada about this problem, and they sent me a replacement adjustable foot that was exactly the same as the one that was already on the refrigerator. They also sent me a replacement plastic part for the shelf that had broken. They then called me back and told me that this would not fix the problem with the refrigerator not sitting flush and they wanted to wash their hands of the whole thing and not honor the warranty, and told me to send it back to Amazon for a refund since there wasn't much else they could do. This is from Kenai in Alaska and I hope this helps. Thank you for your kind words, This refrigerator's advertising alone is misleading as it makes it seem as though this refrigerator has a stainless steel front cover when in fact, the metal cover on the front is not stainless steel, and after only a few months it has already shown signs of rust on the bottom edges. In my opinion, this is so confusing because even Home Depot sells this refrigerator and it states in the description that it is stainless steel, so even they have been duped. It was packaged well, but the first time I set it up it wobbled on the floor no matter how far I set it from the wall. It was not damaged in shipping, as other reviewers have experienced, but what mine did have was a problem once I set it up. Although I screwed out the adjustment feet on the front of the unit, the glass shelves in the refrigerator were still not sitting flush, even when I screwed out one of the adjustment feet all the way. One of the plastic pieces in the refrigerator was completely cracked and damaged.

Fernando Proctor - 24/05/2021
Keeping cold food cold won't work (1/5)

It is not possible for the refrigerator to maintain a temperature below 45°F I have a 50 degree temperature. In order for food to be safe, the temperature needs to be at least 45 degrees. My call to the company was ignored. They told me to reboot, which did not help. Although I wish to return it, I would have to pay as much for shipping back as I paid for the original item. The task of packing and shipping cannot be done with me and I would have to hire a professional to handle it. It is more likely that I will have a Big Box store haul away the box when they deliver a new one. We are not supposed to believe in such cheap offers. There is just nothing I can do to improve.

Felix Kuhn - 08/01/2021