Cuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower Electronic Bar Blender Review

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Easy to clean 4.0 
Easy to use 3.7 
Blending power 3.7 
  • Low-cost and lightweight.
  • Simple UI with seven speeds to choose from.
  • The base is fairly well-designed.
  • Glass pitcher of excellent quality.
  • Blending capacity is limited.
  • Blades and gears that are less durable.
  • Plastic base that has a cheap feel to it.

Cuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower Electronic Bar Blender Product Description

It’s easy to blend with Cuisinart’s SmartPower 7-Speed electronic blender. It gives you more power and capacity than you might think possible. This high-quality blender from the line of high-performance blenders includes seven speeds for any task you throw at it. This 500-watt motor produces 40 ounces of spectacular fruit smoothies in record time. A preprogrammed speed control is located alongside an oversized on/off switch, so users can easily control the machine’s function. Put a few touches on the button, and you’ll be able to pulse, stir, mix, puree, chop, liquefy, or crush ice. The lid and jar can be put in the dishwasher right away.

  • It can be used for blending, pureeing, mixing, or liquefying.
  • The touch pad controls the speed at seven different speeds and has easy-to-read indicators.
  • Pouring into a 40-ounce glass jar using a dripless pour spout allows you to serve without mess.
  • Add ingredients to the pour lid with measured ounces while blending with the 2-ounce pour lid.
  • This item measures 13-1/4 inches by 7-1/3 inches by 9-7/8 inches.
  • A blend, puree, mix, liquefy, and stir machine that is ideal for blending food.
  • The touch pad controls the speed at seven different speeds and has easy-to-read indicators.
  • Pouring into a 40-ounce glass jar using a dripless pour spout allows you to serve without mess.
  • Add ingredients to the pour lid with measured ounces while blending with the 2-ounce pour lid.
  • Electrical Products Built to North American.

Questions & Answers

Go to the Cuisinart website, or buy parts for Cuisinart.
It doesn't say it in the manual, but one of the DONT's is never to use any container or accessory not recommended by Cuisinart. *Br>Join their website here. The answer to your question may be located at cuisinart. com. Hope you have a good time!
There is a replacement part list on their website.
It's not clear to me. Having never owned one myself, I can't comment on it.

Selected User Reviews For Cuisinart SPB-7CH SmartPower Electronic Bar Blender

Six months were all it took (1/5)

Despite my continuous use of the blender for only six months, the motor gave out. I am very disappointed, and the seller did not provide a replacement for me. Perhaps this was not a brand new blender when I bought it? Cuisinart blenders were known for their reliability.

Santos Obrien - 20/05/2021
This was definitely not what I expected from Cuisinart (2/5)

I used to have a similar product from Cuisinart with a glass bowl and the same speeds. The product stopped working too often this year, so I repurchased the product with the expectation that it would continue to work for The quality of this video is completely different from the original. My PC has died more than a dozen times since I purchased it in June '17. Almost every time, it has been caught in the middle of a job. An example of the type of preparation 1) Smoothies made from yogurt and juice, with mostly fresh ingredients, not frozen A slow, sluggish program runs for 90% of the job before it stops as if it was blown. • 2) Smoothies made with yogurt, juice, and frozen ingredients -- The job will not be completed It will not budge as if a fuse has blown, and it will be Cools down after being heated. *3) Soups that have been cooled a little bit The job will not be completed This means the process completely stops, is hot to the touch and won't restart until a considerable period of time has passed. The 4) product is hot Because of the temperature, I would not even consider buying these since when I rinsing the bowl with hot water and soap (running the machine to clean it) it quit. *br> 4) Iced beverages It works if the drink is placed in the bowl first and then the ice so that there is a medium for the ice to move as it crushes, but if the ice is placed in the bowl first, it gets hot and the speed isn't right. It was used for a party one night, and we ended up getting a second blender because the first one kept breaking because it got too hot while we were making drinks. I will donate this blender, and do more research before repurchasing any product if it has anything but clear liquid in it. The speeds are reduced when there is more than clear liquid in the bowl, and at low speeds, there is less difference between low and puree as I would expect.

Jordan McCarty - 19/05/2021
If you purchase this blender, you will be disappointed (1/5)

The blender I received was disappointing the day I received it. The device was cheaply made and mostly shiny plastic straight out of the box. In order to clean or remove the blade assembly, you have to remove the cowling, which can make it difficult to grip. As a result, the blade is embedded in a well in the bottom of the pitcher and cannot fully engage with larger items. When you chop or blend chunky fruit for a smoothie, air pockets are created and the smoothie does not blend evenly. Due to the fact that the fruit cannot fall into the well, the motor will rev up. Despite my purchase of this blender, I will not buy another Cuisinart blender until it dies (which may not be long, per other reviews).

Kingston GODFREY - 25/02/2021
The first Blender was 15 years old (5/5)

In the past three years, I have purchased a blender from this brand. It produced enough snow cones for my son that I was able to make them with my original ice crusher. I bought it nearly 15 years ago and it continued to perform well. In the beginning, my blender broke after my son dropped it. It became loose where the glass was at the bottom. Due to a leak that wasn't repairable, it lasted a long time. I ordered a second blender that included a food processor attachment in addition to the blender I bought previously. In addition to the original, which is an extremely powerful motor, I am going to keep it as well. My next step will be to let you know how this goes. The lid of this package is made of hard plastic. Plastic lids are durable and flexible, and come with the original product.

Emani Finley - 23/03/2021
It is made of thin plastic and is of poor quality (1/5)

There is very little power usage, and it shuts off after less than 20 seconds with just spinach, blueberries, bananas, and milk. I had to unplug the machine to restart, once I blended it again, I got large chunks unblended. Garbage going to the landfill. There aren't as many things made anymore as there once were. I think it was 80 dollars or something like that.

Crosby George - 07/03/2021
This blender meets the standard for good blenders (4/5)

To use it, you need to know exactly what you're doing. Quite reliable, as long as you keep it light on the throttle and switch it off when the motor starts to warn. A spatula has to be used to mix by hand to prevent chunks. Layer ingredients, then stir by hand. The best way is to gradually work up from blending to pureeing, while pulsing fitcomes, and then let it go on its own for a while. Liquid is necessary to keep it going.

Ari Yang - 08/01/2021
(Literally) They don't make them like they used to (1/5)

The old blender we had for nearly two decades finally stopped working and had to be replaced. My joy was increased when I learned the blender was still produced. Glass pitchers are beautiful, and our older one has served us well for years. In spite of this, the blender was incapable of making a fruit smoothy without overheating and shutting down. I have tried it a few more times since and it has failed.

Ariel Prince - 11/02/2021
If used daily, the product does not last long (3/5)

The item was purchased on October 3, 2013. The green smoothie I make using it every morning is my favorite. There is no power, it starts smoking, it runs slowly, and it locks up frequently. Over the course of almost 3 years, I got a lot of OK, I guess I can live with that. As a result, I will look for a different brand to this one now that he is more durable. It is the second one I have Similarly, the first one also died after daily use for about two years.

Sadie Casey - 14/07/2021