Cuisinart Champagne Stopper Review

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Score By Feature Based on 49 ratings

Value for money 4.9 
Easy to use 4.9 
Freshness 4.8 
Giftable 4.8 
Leak proof 4.7 
Durability 4.6 
  • Leak proof
  • Reasonably priced
  • Airtight
  • Keeps the champagne bubby
  • Reasonably priced
  • Its not dishwasher friendly

Cuisinart Champagne Stopper Product Description

The Cuisinart Champagne Stopper works similarly to a WAF stopper to make sparkling drink fresh for up to three days, and it’s about half the cost of the professionals’ choice. If it doesn’t work as advertised, a lifetime warranty assures your satisfaction. Designed for hand cleaning only, this carbon steel stopper is made of carbon steel.

  • Seal that prevents leaks and keeps air out
  • It is possible to keep champagne bubbly for 3 days or even longer
  • Operation is simple and can be done with one hand
  • The product comes with a lifetime

Questions & Answers

I've always rinsed it off with water because most likely it is. There is no real need to clean the top in the dishwasher since it doesn't become dirty enough to warrant it.
I’m sorry I can’t address that since I threw away the packaging. As far as I am concerned, it is the best campagna stopper I have ever owned, and I can assure you that the bubbles will stay in the bottle for up to Designing it in such a way that it will not slip off as other similar products
It's difficult for me to explain - The first time I tried it was on wine -- Take a look at this and see if it works - My champagne tastes great when it is used with it!
Despite the fact that the bottle cannot be flipped, there is no risk of This is my favorite way to keep sparkling drinks You'll enjoy it!

Selected User Reviews For Cuisinart Champagne Stopper

Flat Bubbly is a thing of the past (5/5)

Whenever I drink bubbles, I feel happy. Honestly, I have an entire shelf devoted to bubbly in my refrigerator. It's okay for you to have only one or two glasses when you're cooking. To drink or not to Then you're left with a half bottle of sadness and regret with a judgmental gaze on your fridge door. Since I've used clamp style stoppers for years, either my stoppers are worn out or something has changed as to the design, because lately I notice they don't grip the bottle as firmly as I would like, allowing all that effervescent joy to escape. My initial reaction was to try this cuisinart because I thought good quality would mean it was good. That's right, this is what we need. The bottle will need a word of safety. Now I can enjoy just a glass of bubbly when taking a bubble bath without the worry that I will find a bottle that is disappointing to me. Invest in this champagne stopper so you won't have to use any other. Thanks for reading!.

Alaina Merrill - 03/06/2021
It is very easy to use with arthritis hands (5/5)

It has been years since I have had this champagne stopper. I used to be able to operate it with no trouble until my hands became too sore due to early-stage It occurred to me to try this when I planned to buy and leave a bottle of champagne with my 98 year old grandmother The year is Over the holidays, she spent time with her mother. When it comes to opening cans, bottles, and jars, she finds them very difficult (although other products have been purchased from Amazon for this purpose). As I closed and reopened the bottle for the first time, I was surprised at how easy this champagne stopper is to use. In addition, the bubbles don't stop for a few days to a week when using it.

Jason Bradford - 17/05/2021
This is a tried and true formula (5/5)

Since I get such great results from these specific champagne stoppers, I have purchased THREE of them thus far. This third one will go into my travel bag which I'm keeping for myself. The first two were for me, the second one was for my sister, and this first was for my sister. Could you please tell me what you think? br>A bubbly addict here! *br>"Do NOT be fooled by the other versions that are deemed "Amazon's Choice" or "Best Seller". One of those didn't stay sealed when I tried it. The previous one would literally pop off the champagne bottle as it sat perfectly still in an ice chest. I threw that one away and ordered this one since I knew it would work. This was a 10/10 on my part. Whenever I need a champagne stopper, I will turn to this tried and true product. not waste your money on the other style with the two "wings" that go over the rim of the bottle.

Samuel MISTRY - 09/07/2021
Cork made to perfection for bottles (5/5)

My champagne has remained fresh and bubbly for more than 5 days since I bought it. The longest I have ever kept a bottle is three months. Despite its durability and ease of use, it can be pretty messy. A great brand that you cannot go wrong with.

Drew Huffman - 20/02/2021
Thanks! It works like a charm! There's nothing like a champagne stopper when you've got leftover champagne or prosecco (5/5)

My prior wine vacuum stopper did not work at all, so I purchased this one. The tool has been used a few times so far & it works great As a result, the champagne stayed fresh & sparkling for a long time a bottle of bubbly for four The food will keep for five days in the refrigerator.

Kylo Castro - 01/04/2021
You can always rely on Champagne Pop (5/5)

I love that this keeps champagne fresh for 4 days There have been 5 days since the last post. Every time you open a champagne bottle, you get the champagne pop. A second one is on its way to me.

Fox Warner - 03/08/2021
It is a very effective Champagne stopper (5/5)

It is simple and easy to use. Champagne pressure cannot blow the stopper off because the lock keeps it in place. I was having trouble keeping a bottle in the refrigerator, and now it is solved.

Greta Winters - 17/01/2021
Every day is a mimosa day (5/5)

My husband and I are the only ones in the house who drink champagne, and I never finish a bottle in one It works great for a few days, then bubbles up.

Rohan Stevenson - 13/05/2021