Crystalware Beverage Paper Napkins Review

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  • Cheap price.
  • 100% recycled.
  • Can be easily torn.

Crystalware Beverage Paper Napkins Product Description

This type of White 1-Ply Beverage Napkin is ideal for use with a variety of different types of drinks. Tabletops as well as other surfaces can be kept dry while your hands are shielded from condensation when using the cup shield.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • With this dependable beverage napkin, you can add a really great value to your catering business's restaurant, cafe, bar, and other business for a great price. In addition to using this versatile napkin for your catered event or private party, it also doubles as an economical alternative to small plates for snacks, desserts, and hors d'oeuvres.
  • An elegant border on one side of this Choice napkin sets it apart from other standard 1-ply paper napkins. Your beverage ware will look stylish with this added detail.
  • Feature Classic White Color - Due to its pure white hue, it makes the different shades of your vibrant drinks and garnishes pop. It is versatile and will complement any setting, so you can never go wrong with this color.
  • Suitable for just about any type of function. For instance, you can use the napkins for a birthday party, a retirement party, and even at As a result of being absorbent, the napkins are not affected by accidental spills.
  • Suitable for cocktail parties and other events in which larger dinner napkins are simply unnecessary. Compact Size - This napkin's compact size is perfect for cocktail parties and other events.

Selected User Reviews For Crystalware Beverage Paper Napkins

These napkins are suitable for cocktails

It is just a regular napkin. An excellent product.

Brandon Dickerson - 26/07/2021