Creative Converting Paper Beverage Napkins Review

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Sturdiness 4.4 
Absorbency 4.3 
Durability 4.3 
Value for money 4.2 
  • Price wise.
  • Well absorbent.
  • can be easily torn with a little moist.

Creative Converting Paper Beverage Napkins Product Description

Paper beverage napkins from Creative Converting Value Packs are a great addition to parties, family meetings, and holiday events. You can choose your favorite color or just the one that complements the pattern you selected.

  • A 200-count package of 2-Ply paper napkins with glittering gold accents.
  • When folded, it measures approximately 5 x 5 inches.
  • This product was made in the United States.
  • Color-coordinated plates, cups, cutlery, and tablecloths are the best choice.
  • The products from Creative Converting Touch of Color are consistently of high quality, color matched and feature attention to detail.

Questions & Answers

There is a description stating that it is approximately 7 inches. 4 times 5 is the sum of 5 pieces. I am 25. A folded inch is one inch. Therefore, unfolded 7 would be the result. This is a 5" by 8" sheet.
both folded and unfolded state.
A folded six-inch square measures six inches. This is a five by six. It is 5 inches long. When the silverware is rolled on the diagonal, I think it will look nice with the tops visible. How does this help you?
It's definitely an ivory cream color, not white! I ordered the ivory napkins, and they are definitely ivory cream!

Selected User Reviews For Creative Converting Paper Beverage Napkins

The device is both durable and easy to use (5/5)

These were purchased for my Christmas party and I made designs with I am extremely happy with how this turned out! Despite the fact that they did not serve as decorations, they were durable and of.

Enzo Jennings - 07/05/2021
Napkins that are decorative and good! You need to be careful if you serve messy food with them - they are very thin (5/5)

They tend to become easily disintegrated when eating anything oily or anything required to be eaten by hand. However, at this price, you cannot expect the highest quality so I give this product a five star rating based on price vs quality. During our wedding rehearsal, we used these rather than cloth napkins. (We used cloth at the wedding, however. The services they provided were excellent and I would use them for another party or get-together.

Selena Ray - 30/01/2021
Quite satisfied with the results (5/5)

A sturdy and attractive design.

Mario Noble - 24/07/2021
We had an 80th Birthday party for a family member with a gold, black and white theme (1/5)

Glimmering gold = brown with a hint of mustard. They are actually a very mustardy brown color that I got when I bought the Glittering Gold napkins. They're not glistening or gold in any way. In the end, we decided not to use any others because we didn't have any other options, though I'm not even sure anyone As a cocktail napkin, it's not very useful. The surface feels slick to the touch so I'm not sure how absorbent the towels would In order for this to be considered gold, you should not be looking for the real thing. When you need brown with a hint of mustard (baby poo? When it comes to that) then this is the perfect color!.

Colin Stephenson - 14/06/2021
One of the two plys is poor (2/5)

There is only one ply on this, it is very thin and slick, not at all absorbent. They were cheap enough for me to know they were a total waste of money. There might have been a better time in the past, but it's no longer an option. **CORRECTION ** In spite of the two ply, the individual ply is so thin that you can see through them. My head spun when I saw how thin paper could be! It is indeed a waste of money to purchase these services.

Lucia Henderson - 06/02/2021
A beautiful shade of pink! I have bought napkins from paper products before (5/5)

They are the same high quality as the others. It's good to share the plates. You can choose from a great selection of colors at this company. Very reliable as well Due to a mailing error, I didn't receive my napkins, but I received them again As soon as they were done, they were shipped. The tablecloths I have go so well with that.

Yara Jacobs - 18/04/2021
It was just the thing for the We are having a party on 4th of July, so these napkins are perfect for it (5/5)

I was very happy with the shipping process and how quickly it arrived. This is a sturdy product and was pleasantly surprised as I hate it when a napkin becomes toilet paper after a little condensation. The situation with these wasn't like that. am very happy with my purchase and will definitely make another one in the future.

Raven Hicks - 20/03/2021
It was great to have a napkin (5/5)

Party napkins were a huge hit for kids who were three and six years old. I did not see any rips or tears, like with traditional napkins.

Carter Moyer - 16/01/2021