Craighill Ripple Bottle Opener Review

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  • Solid Stainless Steel is used.
  • Specifically Coated with Nitrocarburized.
  • Slippery.

Craighill Ripple Bottle Opener Product Description

An intelligent beer bottle opener that combines comfort and ease of use is the key to its success. With all four fingers resting on the head of the gun, it has a great grip for all four fingers. C-hooks surround and lift the cap of a bottle simply by placing them around the bottle cap.

  • The dimensions are 7" x 5/8".
  • The material of construction is solid stainless steel or solid brass.
  • A coating composed of nitrocarburized metal.
  • There is a weight. A 5 pound weight loss.
  • The grain is primarily sourced from The coat was applied in Maine. The finish was applied in New York.

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I really enjoyed it (5/5)

A great product.

Abdiel McCann - 30/01/2021