Crafthouse by Fortessa Stainless Steel and Glass Cocktail Smoker Review

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Easy to use 4.2 
Value for money 3.1 
Giftable 3.0 
  • Durable.
  • Smokes cocktail effectively.
  • No accessories included.
  • Very expensive.

Crafthouse by Fortessa Stainless Steel and Glass Cocktail Smoker Product Description

Real wood smoke is used in this smoking box to bring complex flavors and depth to your classic cocktails. With a black walnut interior base and a stainless steel and glass construction, this cabinet is strong, durable, and made of quality materials. If you are entertaining yourself or want to add some drama when presenting a cocktail to a guest, you can use it either way.

  • Box will revitalize your familiar cocktails with a quality of complexity and depth that no other product can offer.
  • "Pass through" doors allow for a dramatic and interactive Cocktail experience choose from various types of woods, herbs, and spices for a great smoking experience great for roasting hot dogs and smokin' burgers.
  • A glass and stainless steel frame with a rich black walnut interior base and drainage channel make this construction sturdy and long-lasting.
  • This kit is accompanied by an enclosed smoker and wood smoking chips designed by world champion bartender Charles Jolly, whose collection Crafthouse by Fortessa is based upon.
  • This measure measures nine inches. It measures 5 x 10 inches. Wash by hand or with a mild soap, not recommended for the dishwasher 75".

Questions & Answers

There is smoke in the house because of the smoke gun. It is both needed if you want to smoke a drink or cheese or any other small item. Obviously you can RIG up a box, but this presentation is more effective and will get the job done!
You might want to try Fog Hat smoke chips on Amazon. There is a flavor for everyone. Hope everything works out for you.
Using a toothbrush is my usual method of brushing my teeth. It is important to gently loosen the ash from the Blowing away is then the next step.
They can be found on Amazon with Fog hat.

Selected User Reviews For Crafthouse by Fortessa Stainless Steel and Glass Cocktail Smoker

I used the gun three times before it stopped working (2/5)

The first thing I thought about this purchase was how incredible it was - Drinking the first few drinks was an amazing experience, full of rich smoke flavors. In the following weeks, there were no more smokes produced by the smoker. In this case, the chips would not stay lit and there would be no smoke in There must have been something going on since the motor seemed to be running, but smoke was not being drawn through the chamber to the My recommendation would be to purchase a different smoker with a high-quality heating element This smoke gun is of excellent quality.

Finn Crawford - 03/08/2021
This gun doesn't work for me (2/5)

Using the handheld to smoke cocktails is a great idea. However, it breaks down after a few uses. A new set was sent to me after I returned the first. As well, I had the same problem. If you do not return the gun box, you won't get a replacement. Honestly, I am so disappointed in myself.

Autumn Cortez - 18/03/2021
Using the gun for only two times led to it not working Buy it! It's a scam! This is a very disappointing experience (1/5)

We gave this to my husband for Christmas, and he used it two times and it stopped working. It is not worth the time or money spent on this product. I keep calling the customer service, but I get no answer.

Evangeline HAYWARD - 15/02/2021
The box is great, but the gun is cheap (3/5)

This glass box has a nice finish and a good I liked the way the gun was so cheap and light. A much much better $100 unit for $100 was purchased instead because this one leaked smoke from every open area, including the on switch, etc. I threw it away and replaced it with a better $100 unit.

Vanessa Clarke - 03/02/2021
The unit I received was a used one! A new unit is being installed (1/5)

Smoker was used with burnt chips left in the smoker and things inside the unit which were dried on. I am trying to find Hopefully they will send a new unit as advertised rather than a used one.

Frances Frederick - 07/01/2021
There is a problem with both the original and replacement (2/5)

In a nutshell, I used to work as a bartender. The gun I received came with sharp chipping plastic on the sides of the new model after drinking a cocktail with my husband. The original gun had the exact same design as the one the bar had. According to what appears to be broken plastic, it appears as though the metal portion of the handle has been screwed on too tightly. Yes, no problem, I'll switch it out for another one. . . However, the replacement gun did not quite measure up to An item of this price range is not cheap. The problem with it is that it is cheaply built. That's the case at least with the gun. Due to the craftsmanship of the glass case and the fact that it functions perfectly, it gets two stars. A gift of this nature was given to mark an anniversary. Moreover, it is so expensive that I cannot justify keeping a broken (and potentially dangerous) product in my hands.

Jorge Alexander - 08/01/2021
You need this for your whiskey / bourbon collection (5/5)

In a nutshell, Particularly if you are a whiskey connoisseur, this product is highly recommended.

Shepard Zuniga - 29/06/2021
This did not work (3/5)

However, it was well put together. I like the way it smokes and how easily it works. The glass gets dirty and doesn't taste smokey at all. I assumed this was a high quality product because it gets dirty inside. There may be something wrong with our approach. All kinds of methods were tried to get the smokey flavor of the bourbon. As you saw in the video, I did it the same way.

Eric Joseph - 27/04/2021