Crablux Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Review

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  • It is made from high-quality materials so it is durable.
  • At first, there will be a strong smell from the mat, like any rubber mat.

Crablux Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Product Description

A perforated floor mat designed to prevent dirt from spreading, such as the Crablux Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat. If the mat has been dirty or greased, you can simply spray it down with water. The material used in this mat is of good quality and is durable and long-lasting. Consequently, the chance of an accident occurring in the bar or kitchen is reduced. The mat can also be used in bar, kitchen, restaurant, marine, or any other outdoor or industrial locations where moisture and heavy foot traffic are a concern.

  • Mats with holes and perforation that prevent dirt from spreading prevent fatigue, while the perforation and holes trap dirt and prevent Any dirt or grease on the mat can be removed by hosing it down with water
  • Mat are made from high-grade, eco-friendly rubber, and are sustainably and effectively lasted for years, we use good quality materials
  • Reduce the amount of slippery liquids and oils that are left on the floor with this anti-fatigue mat for the kitchen. Rubber that resists moisture and grease are ideal for keeping entrance mats secure, especially when she is used in heavy traffic
  • Uses Rubber Floor Mat, Perfect for the kitchen, bar, restaurant and outdoor areas, as well as warehouses and other industrial spots where moisture or heavy foot traffic are an issue
  • The kitchen mat helps prevent accidents, the size of the mat is 60" x 36" x 0". The best mats you can buy are 4", spend the least amount of money on these, you will not regret your choice for the mat you bought. With our products, you can enjoy premium quality without having to pay high prices, as many of our competitors do. This is the best floor mat you can get, and you will never regret your choice when you receive

Questions & Answers

Measures about a quarter of an inch
Rolling it up is not easy because it's heavy, but it's was definitely flexible.
If I were using it for a shower mat, it might be good inside a restaurant. There is quite a bit of space in it.
As long as it is the right size, you can cut it however you like.

Selected User Reviews For Crablux Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

There's a lot of weight to it (5/5)

This floor mat is not like my last one, maybe because my last floor mat was light and flimsy, but this is not the same. Not only does this mat have some weight to it, but it is also quite There is one of these set up next to my work bench in my garage, and I find it really helps The chair that I have out there is out there, but I haven't had to sit since I got the mat. My feet and lower back no longer bother me so I don't have to sit. I noticed that the box was heavy, so instead of opening it inside the house, I took it out to the garage. I lined up the spot where I planned to place it, then I It was much easier to unroll this mat once it was open, since once opened, it could be rolled wherever I wanted it to I no longer have to worry about losing anything if I drop a tool, nail, nut, bolt, screws or anything else because it falls within the mat and stops or falls within the holes of the mat and prevents me from losing the item. The floor is very safe and I can hose it off easily if I need to clean it.

Adrianna Silva - 03/05/2021
Surface mat to be used in wet conditions (5/5)

I find this mat to be of excellent quality from a commercial standpoint. Is stable and doesn't move when I walk on it like other ones do! I expected a smell, but it went away after two days. Good size, very good support and no smell. The floor becomes more safe on slick surfaces. My favorite feature is that it's thick, soft, and comfortable, and it's great at resisting slippage.

Colt Hardin - 24/07/2021
The floor mat is made of rubber (5/5)

Excellent rubber mat! I got it for my garage because my concrete floor gets wet during the winter months and I'm always afraid to fall on it if wet so this rubber mat is what I need for my garage floor so I won't have to worry about falling in the winter months.

Elle Boyle - 17/07/2021
This is a good product (5/5)

My dog ladder is made by stringing pool noodles under this mat and tying them with tie straps. Thanks! It works like a charm! The device floats on top so they can easily step out of the water.

Tessa Warner - 08/02/2021
I hate the smell (1/5)

It appears that these things are sturdy and have some padding, but they It was recommended that I air them outside for a couple of hours. I did The cleaners I used at different times in the utility sink don't seem to have made a difference. It's been nearly five months since I received them and I have tried everything reasonable to get them to work. It still smells horrible in there, and they give me a headache if I'm inside them.

Tori Whitehead - 08/06/2021
Pool areas will look great with these (5/5)

Like the mats they used to have at the bars and restaurants I worked at, these mats look just like the ones we used to have. My pool and slippery stamped concrete steps will be covered with these as well as an extra one to cut and place on my pool area. There was a huge impact on people coming in and out of the pool as well as on animals. The rubber mats are also great for my senior dog who gets wet after a rain so that he does not.

Amelie O’NEILL - 09/07/2021
A very good quality and a reasonable price (5/5)

Bought this for my store front door, which is very useful for keeping dust from getting underneath on rainy days or snowy days. Using this mat is not only durable, but also non-slip, which was just what I was looking for. Honestly this Water always soaks into it, so it is perfect for places where the ground is wet almost all the time. It stays very firm. The quality is outstanding and the durability is excellent.

Tomas THORPE - 15/07/2021
This is an excellent camping tent (5/5)

It was intended for use outside at the outdoor shower near our camper. It is perfect for hosing off after swimming in the lake without muddy ground beneath, as well as for washing large dishes outside. A great camping addition!.

Josiah Chan - 28/04/2021