Country Cottage Pearl Beverage Dispenser by Twine Review

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  • Glass has been used in the making of this piece.
  • Chilled Beverages are ideal for this.
  • The cost is a little exorbitant.

Country Cottage Pearl Beverage Dispenser by Twine Product Description

This dispenser is perfect for wine thanks to its teardrop shape, but can also be used for batch cocktails and sparkling punch. It is the bronze spigot that adds a touch of class and eases crowd hosting. The jug has 320 ounces of capacity, or approximately as many glasses as there are in it. Handwashing is recommended for this glass set since it is made from quality glass. There are few to none dispensers like this one in the market, with a glass cup that shows off whatever you are pouring in style. Design cues are taken from decanters, where the smooth glass is contoured to allow the wine to breathe, and a cork top nods to the world of wine. In addition to keeping bugs and other nature out of your drink, the cork closure keeps bugs away as well.

  • Any backyard celebration can be made even more memorable with this elegant drink dispenser in a teardrop shape! This smooth glass- and cork-topped carafe comes with a small bronze spigot and an easy-to-open cork top for serving two. I will make pink lemonade for five gallons, sparingly.
  • Up to two people can be accommodated. The following is translated from English to Chinese.
  • Glass crafted from the finest materials.
  • The top of the container is cork.
  • Cooled drinks go well with this product.

Selected User Reviews For Country Cottage Pearl Beverage Dispenser by Twine

I don't want you to do that (1/5)

Please don't do it. I think it is poorly It broke the first time it was used, so you should save your money.

Julie Hester - 25/05/2021
I was unable to use it because the glass was fragile (1/5)

As I was using my new dispenser for the first time, the liquid began spraying everywhere from broken glass around the spigot. I figured it was just me, but it turned out there was a malfunction. A party right before an impromptu trip was not in the plans. It has been requested that a replacement be provided to me by the sellers. Unfortunately, I received a defective container instead of a beautiful.

Oakley Braun - 29/07/2021
Water crock of beautiful design It is not enough to have a good spout if the quality is good (4/5)

Crocks like this one are very attractive. This is a good product. My experience with this glass is that it is a little thinner than I would like, but it is still strong. The artistic appeal is also a result of this. Besides being attractive, the spout also fills a glass faster later than your usual bulky flip-up plastic spouts. However, since it's streamlined, the opening is shorter so it takes a bit longer to fill the If you design a spout with a smaller opening and still has appeal, I recommend you restrict the opening width to allow for a wider opening.

Callie Glover - 09/05/2021
It is broken (1/5)

Upon arrival, the delivery was damaged.

Jayson Duke - 21/04/2021
The money was a waste (1/5)

I am very unhappy with the But it's empty! It looks lovely, but it's not! There is no liquid in this bottle, and it leaks. Your money is too valuable to be wasted!.

Scott Arroyo - 15/06/2021
The quality of the product is terrible! So much water drips out of the faucet within minutes that the entire floor is soaked! Even in person, it does not look as nice as it does on the screen (1/5)


Houston Barr - 11/05/2021
The seal leaks but the product is nice (4/5)

The dispenser is really stylish, but it drops occasionally, which is why I gave it a Four-Star rating. It's not a big leak, but it doesn't look so nice to place something under it, like a paper towel or a drip bowl.

Elias Silva - 14/07/2021
This is stunning (5/5)

The pictures are absolutely In order to not overtighten the spigot, I took measures to not overtighten it. There were no leaks on any of the six I.

Deborah Nunez - 03/02/2021