Corona Key Stainless Steel Bottle Opener Review

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  • Made up of pure stainless steel.
  • Eye-catching Design.
  • Multi-purpose opener.
  • It's a bit Slippery.

Selected User Reviews For Corona Key Stainless Steel Bottle Opener

My reasons for not recommending it are as follows (2/5)

In this no-touch door device, a very important component is missing, making it less effective than it could be. The end of the handle is angled, aren't you? Can you see how it grips the It will not "grab" the door handle very well since it is smooth and no small protrusion rests at the end of the angular line. There is a tendency between this device and other ones to have the door handle slip out of their grasp frequently. Look at the angular protrusion that grips the door handle on other devices if you are not sure what I mean. If you pull the handle open, you will see that there is some kind of bump or curve you can hold onto to help grasp and grasp it. If I had known that before buying this device, I would have purchased it. This feature is crucial for the "no touch" device to work effectively every time. It has been a learning experience, and I am sharing it with.

Rohan Church - 16/07/2021
The quality of the product is good (5/5)

We are considering getting some more in order to hand out as a One of these is going to my mother - She has been happy using the product for her sister-in-law who suffers from a compromised immune system. What this product does is exactly what it should. By avoiding contact with common surfaces, you can avoid unwanted injuries. This belt loop attachment has a slot on one end which allows it to be fitted easily and quickly to a belt. Now I plan to buy some for a few other people, as well as inquire with the seller about ordering in bulk and getting them branded so I can use them as a promotional item or to hand out to clients.

Myla Landry - 16/01/2021
The end of the blade has an extra notch (5/5)

The feature on the end of this key that allows it to open those pesky, germ-filled containers made me choose it over many others Locks on public bathrooms appear to be ridden with bacteria. Because I never liked interacting with them, now I am not inclined to do so.

Marilyn Cruz - 18/03/2021
It is functional (5/5)

What I like about this is actually quite good. I found it to be functional and works smoothly.

Emberly Travis - 22/01/2021
The purchase was a good one (5/5)

Despite its light weight, this is a strong piece.

Scarlet Reynolds - 06/07/2021
It is made from stainless steel and is of very high quality (5/5)

I like how light it is and how well made it is. The design looks like it was made in.

Iris Turner - 03/03/2021
This is helpful! Beautiful! I'm in love with them! Thus far, I have purchased four (5/5)


Hugo McConnell - 17/04/2021
Build quality is good (3/5)

The product I am reviewing is decent, however I would like it to work with credit card terminals and touch-screen devices A screen. There is no such thing.

Atreus Fischer - 06/07/2021