Coravin Wine Aerator Review

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Score By Feature Based on 24 ratings

Flavor 4.5 
Easy to use 3.8 
Value for money 3.7 
Giftable 3.6 
  • Improves the taste of wine.
  • It's high quality.
  • Doesn't leak wine.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Cleaning takes time.

Coravin Wine Aerator Product Description

Coravin wine aerator is a unique piece of equipment that will transform your wine experience in a big way. It improves the wine by mixing with the air as it drops in the glass to deliver an incredible taste.

You’ll enjoy the taste of the wine and have peace that your favorite drink is perfectly preserved. We love the design of this aerator since it fits perfectly on the bottle’s sprout and doesn’t spill. Therefore, it delivers a top-notch performance and yields smooth wine.

  • The way you experience wine will never be the same again with a device that Immediately mixes the right amount of air with the wine as you pour it.
  • Drink It Right Away - If you want to enjoy it right away, do not let it breathe for too long.
  • It ensures that the contents of the rest of the bottle remain intact.
  • The wine opener is designed to fit securely on the spout of all Coravin wine preservation units.
  • Performance - Wine streams are exposed quickly to the air, resulting in wines with incredible fruit flavors.

Questions & Answers

Suitable for pouring from 750ml bottles (that's most likely what you will be doing with this attachment). It is strongly poured in order to aerate the wine, but it is difficult to say how many gallons are in a total 2 gallons.
The answer is yes!
You can use the Coravin Aerator on any Coravin model, including the 8 and 10.
The two appear to be sold separately, but they might come in a bundle. Using it without an aerator works fine. The product I purchased is awesome!

Selected User Reviews For Coravin Wine Aerator

The product works, but it's a bit overpriced (3/5)

This unit should be considered a basic unit. Worked for me. The reason it gets three stars is because of that. The reason it is functioning correctly is because it does its job. In any case, it is way overpriced, even by Coravin standards [and by world standards]. A difficult game to win. To be frank, this feature should have been integrated into the core unit itself, so the added purchase should not have been necessary. It's true that I am moderately irked. The system works, though. You'll see a noticeable difference in one drink if you're using your Coravin quite commonly [as we are, since one of us is not drinking at this time]. In the long run, even a few moderately valuable bottles can make up for the overpriced wine.

Madilynn Morgan - 22/01/2021
Works poorly and does not do what it is advertised to do (5/5)

Added updated information. I am re-evaluating my review and giving it As soon as Coravin received the email, it sent me a replacement aerator that actually works as described in the video. A clean stream that does not require a lot of gas (I was pleased to see they asked for the old one back to examine it, which I took as a sign that quality control was being carried out). We were delighted with the level of customer service we received There will be mistakes made, but the critical thing is how you respond to Coravin, thanks for your kind words! This is why I love my Coravin so much The last bottle I consumed was over two years ago, but it still tastes as good as when I first received it. While the aerator sounds great, as others have written, the "flow" from mine does not resemble the video in the least! It dribbles out and requires so much pressure from the unit that I am afraid of cracking the bottle in the process. Occasionally, an audible hiss can be heard from the Coravin if it is still inserted in the bottle after removal of the aerator. Since I understand that an aerator takes an hour out of decanting, I now pour an hour earlier than I normally would. Rather than wasting $20 on a cartridge, this is a better option! The aerator you sell is crap! I'll be a customer for life, but you'll be my only provider!.

Koda Hendrix - 04/08/2021
There is a problem with this product (1/5)

It cost me 70 dollars There is a problem with this product. Rather than watch wine drip out of the Coravin at a normal rate, I paid a whopping *70 for the privilege. As well as wasting a capsule trying to figure this out, I wasted my time with it. It drips out around the unit, following the process of other aerators that divide and spread the flow. In the accompanying video and instructions, it is not explicitly described how this aerates. Disclaimer Consumers should be aware of the following Take note of the group of 5 star reviews from one day, November 14. My purchase should have been viewed with more skepticism.

Emery Dalton - 26/02/2021
Do you find that it aerates well and It has been just under a month since I've had this product, we use it virtually every day! Our wines tasted great right out of the bottle in the beginning for a couple of weeks until this little device went bad (2/5)

Is it very hard to clean this little knob? I rinse it in 20 seconds, and its clean. In the ensuing months, only a month and ten days after purchase, it seems that the openings are now clogged and not open. The aeration process. According to a few reviews I've read, the same issue is present. It would be great if Coravin had a solution if this was occurring regularly. The Coravin- It would be great if you would contact me, as I would like to continue using your device (I just bought my second wine pouring tool) but I need this issue fixed as soon as possible.

Harley Jones - 10/01/2021
Aerators such as the Coravin Wine Aerator are incredibly clever and innovative (5/5)

It is great to come up with clever solutions to problems. In this case, it does not break any ground, but it provides a basic solution to a common problem with Coravin needle wine access systems. In conjunction with Coravin, the wine is not aerated and thus cannot be decanted to avoid losing the argon protection it offers. An aerator like this creates a variety of air bubbles Neat! When dispensing, there is a stream of water that pours out.

Angela Cooley - 22/01/2021
What a great idea (5/5)

It is impossible for me to express enough how wonderful Coravin products are. There is no doubt they are on the expensive side, but you are getting what you pay for Moreover, we can also talk about research and development. With our Coravin system in particular, we love this aerator. Using this, we did not have to decant for five minutes, so the wine was aerated The time is fifteen It is just a matter of sipping and chugging.

Josiah McPherson - 23/04/2021
It is the last step in creating a Coravin wine preservation Highly recommended Works extremely well, is of high quality, and is easy to use (5/5)

Neither clogs nor sediment issues have presented themselves to me to date, but I haven't tried it on wine with a lot of sediment. Although it is expensive compared to the cost of other highly rated wine aerators, it is nice to have a Coravin system with integrated and comprehensive features.

Erick Huffman - 23/03/2021
YES! I love it! This accessory is a fabulous addition to an incredible product (5/5)

With Coravin, I can enjoy a glass of wine at any time and the wine stays fresh for weeks! Now I don't have to wait for company to have a glass of wine. I can enjoy a glass at any time and the wine remains fresh! While you pour the wine, you can run this cute little baby shower head over it to aerate Great job, I love.

Melani Reyes - 29/05/2021