Cool Stones Bourbon Glass Set Review

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Giftable 4.8 
Easy to clean 4.7 
Value for money 4.6 
Sturdiness 4.4 
  • Sturdy in design.
  • Comes with a chilling stone.
  • Have some quality issues.

Cool Stones Bourbon Glass Set Product Description

Almost everything you need for having a good time drinking bourbon is included in this bourbon glass set. Also included is a glass with chillers that keep drinks cold without diluting them. With everything you need included in the set, the Cool Stones Bourbon glass set is a must-have for anyone starting a home bar. This set of bourbon glasses is way better than expected, according to a customer review on Amazon. A second shopper was also glad to know her friend who received the gift appreciated it.

  • GET DADS THE GIFT THAT HE WILL CONSIDER FOR YEARS - Give dad the gift that he will remember for years to come on father's day (or any other day). It is sure to bring a smile to his face after receiving this set of whiskey glasses and whiskey rocks!
  • INCLUDES WORLD'S BEST WINE - This beautifully gift-boxed set contains everything he needs to enjoy chilled whiskey, including two glasses and eight granite chilling rocks.
  • A SET OF ICED DRINKS "ON THE ROCKS" - This clever gift set plays on the idea of drinking an iced drink "on the rocks.". The granite chilling rocks, however, won't let any water into the drink, unlike iced drinks.
  • WON'T CRACK YOUR GLASS - Whether you choose to use the glasses included with the pack or not, the granite rocks will never scratch your glasses.

Questions & Answers

As a twist glass, it is about 4 inches tall and 3 inches diameter. Though its width is hard to measure precisely since its diameter is not fixed.
There is a clear glass in the picture.
There is no lead in this product.
The word BG translates to X.

Selected User Reviews For Cool Stones Bourbon Glass Set

This is a really cool gift set as long as you don't As far as I'm concerned, it was a great production! When I bought it for the guy that I was dating, he turned out to be a loser and left me right before Christmas, so I had to return it because I don't drink whiskey (5/5)

Although I let my boyfriend drink all of the whiskey that came with this set, I still allowed him to enjoy it. It would be nice to buy again, but only if the guy wasn't In March, he tried to ask me out again, but I put him on hold.

Kyler Hess - 28/02/2021
The product isn't worth the price (1/5)

This was an excellent idea and the box was well presented. It does appear, however, to have been in use. There seemed to be some wear and tear on the granite cubes, and the glasses looked dirty and worn. I am extremely disappointed! We'll be sending this back to you As much as I would love to give it zero stars, I can't.

Jocelyn Hatfield - 01/02/2021
This is stunning (5/5)

I wanted to give it to my brother, who is a big whiskey fan like all of the guys in the family and I wanted to do something to show that love of this As far as I can tell, the box is real wood and looks great. The glasses were in excellent condition, with no smudges or cracks, which may be attributed to the wrapping. In my case, the bubble wrap was placed inside a smaller box, which was then filled with more bubble wrap and placed inside the Amazon box. In the end, it is a great gift for anyone who enjoys a few drinks as an adult.

Justice Pacheco - 23/03/2021
I am totally disappointed (1/5)

A friend gave me this as a gift for their 50th birthday, and I was extremely disappointed when There is a white smear on the top of the box. There is a film and dust on the glasses. Despite their scratches, the ice tongs aren't usable. I thought it was supposed to be new, but it doesn't.

Lexie Duncan - 26/05/2021
This is a fantastic gift idea for a whiskey aficionado! Buying this gift early for Father's Day was a very great idea! Occasionally, my husband enjoys a glass of scotch whiskey but we don't always have the right glasses on hand or the right rocks to drink it from (5/5)

It was obvious to me that this was the perfect gift for him once I saw it. has already used it once since he received it three days ago and is very pleased with it. I was pleased with how well the glass cleaned. There is nothing fancy about the coasters, but they do the job. In addition to the stones to keep the drink cold, these are also a good idea. Does anyone want to look? You have given a wonderful.

Carl Hayden - 27/01/2021
The gift was beautifully presented and of excellent quality (5/5)

Upon arrival, the glasses arrive in bubble wrap encased inside a presentation box like the one shown in the advertisement. Besides the rubber coasters, the glass is also covered with two rubber mats. All the tongs and stone ice cubes are cut out in their own places. The ice cubes are placed in a velvet bag that is included with the set. It's a very nice gift that was on sale at the last minute, so it made a great last-minute gift. I like the quality of the glass, and it is well built.

Hanna Mendez - 12/05/2021
My husband received this gift on Father's Day and I thought it was a fantastic value for the price (3/5)

Upon arrival, there was a black mark on the top that looked almost like dried paint. There was an odd odor to it at first, but it has since diminished. While it may take some time for the rocks to cool, the glasses are really They are great for old-fashioneds or bourbon, and he uses them for them regularly.

Adaline Ross - 23/05/2021
Quite nice - I bought this for my husband for his return from 7 months of As well as myself, I got this for my dad for his birthday, and both of them This is not an inexpensive piece of glass, and the box it comes in adds to its appearance (5/5)


Cairo Horn - 08/05/2021