Commercial Triple 3 Brush Bar Glass Washer for Sink with Suction Cup Base Kitchen Review

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Suction power 4.3 
Easy to use 3.9 
Value for money 3.6 
  • Unique shape helps cleans up the very inside of the glass.
  • Usage may differ on the pressure applied.

Commercial Triple 3 Brush Bar Glass Washer for Sink with Suction Cup Base Kitchen Product Description

A unique brush set consisting of two short brushes and one long brush is perfect for scrubbing all kinds of glass sinks, both low and deep. A sturdy suction cup enables a good grip, allowing the brush to be mounted securely. The faster and more secure way of washing glasses saves a lot of time and is so much easier. Amazing how quickly you can wash many cups at a time. The brush is made of thick PVC material and is made to last. It is heavy and durable, ensuring a long life.

  • SUCTION CUPS WORK WELL This suction cup attaches well to bathroom sinks since it has good suction.
  • The speed you are able to wash plenty of cups with security while saving time is amazing. IMPROVE EFFICIENCY Save time and make washing glasses so much easier.
  • A thick PVC brush that is made to last for three years. It is both heavy duty and durable, and we guarantee the brush for three years.
  • Premium quality brush that will last longer than three years, insures your peace of mind.

Questions & Answers

There is a possibility of replacing them.
My apologies, but I have no idea. The battery in my current one has not needed replacing yet.

Selected User Reviews For Commercial Triple 3 Brush Bar Glass Washer for Sink with Suction Cup Base Kitchen

These brushes aren't for cups that are wide (2/5)

I chose this brush set for the height of the middle brush, and also because I thought that having a brush on each side would make cleaning My 30oz cups were unable to be washed using these brushes when I attempted to do so with my first cup because the distance between the outer brushes was too close. You need to specify those cups with an outer diameter over 3 if that is the case. You might want to check out brushes with two brush heads if your doorway is 5 inches. As long as the middle brush is longer than the outer brushes, it may function with large cups if one of the outer brushes is removed, and it would just function as a two.

Calliope Maynard - 08/04/2021
I almost got this, but it's just not the right size (3/5)

The three brushes are just a little too close together for my tall cups to fit down onto the middle brush, and the side brushes aren't tall enough to reach the bottoms of my tall cups. Therefore, it's not useful for tall cups, which is the main reason I bought it, but it does serve a useful purpose for smaller cups and dishes.

Samira Novak - 05/05/2021
Brushes that demonstrate a high level of efficiency and thoroughness (5/5)

The bristles are strong and make this product ideal for cleaning glasses, silverware, ramekins, baby food jars, etc. It cleans all of these items quickly. Effortlessly cleans dishes as well as makes dishwashing faster. When washing glasses, there is a small learning curve. When you wash your glasses, make sure you turn them the right way around to prevent the brushes from unscrewing. The screws can be unscrewed so that they can be cleaned.

Rory Shields - 28/07/2021
A daily use of this item is not recommended (2/5)

A broken one was delivered with the first order. Despite a rush delivery, I received the replacement the next day. It cleans glassware well enough. The replacement item broke within less than a month of daily use in the exact same place as the original item (the black plastic base). We recommend that you do not use.

Amelia Burnett - 24/06/2021
There is no reason to spend money on this (2/5)

had it 10 months, and it has only been used in a small club bar 4 days a week, and it has already broken. Screwing the middle brush into the hole no longer holds it in place.

Xavier THOMSON - 17/06/2021
I would consider this OK, but it seems to be lacking in The two main brushes have already broken the threads at the base after only a week or two of use (3/5)

One of our employees may have overtightened it or something, but no such incidence occurred on the previous one, which had been used daily for over 8 months.

Adonis Gonzalez - 18/07/2021
Get that glass moving! The event is not part of Bike Week (4/5)

*br>Bar accessory and well used to decorate glassware and other.

Valeria Hampton - 10/01/2021
Keeping your home clean has never been simpler (5/5)

It is not possible to rotate the glass in more than A screw will unscrew if this is not done.

Maximilian Schmidt - 02/05/2021