Comfy Package White Beverage Napkins Review

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Durabilidad 4.0 
Suavidad 3.2 
Excelente inversión 3.2 
Absorbencia 3.2 
  • Well absorbent.
  • Cheap price.
  • Very simpe design.

Comfy Package White Beverage Napkins Product Description

The inlaid design on these cocktail napkins is attractive, but they are still white. Therefore, they are suitable for just about any event you can think of, such as weddings, retirement parties, and birthday parties. Additionally, the napkins are absorbent, and spills on them do not cause problems.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • Napkins, 1 ply, prefolded, white, 500 pieces.
  • The napkin measures four inches wide and four inches long. 4 times 5 is the sum of 5 pieces. The folded paper measures 5 inches, and when unfolded, it measures 9 inches. There are no zeroes or nines in the equation. A measurement of 0 inches.
  • It is ideal for use in restaurants, takeout orders or private use under snacks, beverages or desserts.
  • To clean up spills or dirt on the hands, use small, thin napkins.
  • An absorbent material is used to reduce mess caused by beverage spills.

Selected User Reviews For Comfy Package White Beverage Napkins

The toilet paper is great

When you wipe them off, they will not rip. They make excellent toilet papers. Every American citizen bought all the toilet paper, so we bought it for wiping.

Krew Deleon - 18/05/2021
The amount of napkins that were included was ridiculously small! Totally overpriced

How do you justify $9 for an item as small as a cocktail napkin? Cocktail napkins were too expensive for such a small package. The package was smaller than a tube of toothpaste. It is extremely thin and does not have any fiber The absorbent nature of the material makes it unrecommendable.

Harper Terry - 13/04/2021
There is no such thing as a thick enough paper and the price is astronomical!

This item is not worth buying. I am amazed at the thinness of the paper. If you want to wipe your mouth, you will need multiple sheets of paper. As well as being expensive, it has a lot of restrictions.

Pedro Hayes - 26/07/2021
You won't find inexpensive beverage napkins at the grocery stores, but these are great to have

A set of these is useful to protect from drips from a cup of coffee in the morning. Compared to buying small packages in the aisle devoted to party supplies, this jumbo package works well for me at a reasonable price.

Catherine Moon - 01/04/2021
Buy these "nappies" and don't use them

These were bought in the middle of last year When the Covid-E was rolled out in March, As a result of this hysteria, 19th-century paper goods were scarce, and every household was without regular dining room napkins. It doesn't matter. In other words, I got these for a stop-gap measure This is a gap measurement. It's too late. Good There is a similar paper in these napkins that reminds me of napkins I have used in countries I am not going to discuss here It has a weird soft texture that only absorbs a very small amount before being useless as a napkin. The babies are quite small. They are four inches tall. The size of the document is 5 The dimensions of this square are 5 inches. In fact, they're not even a good stop after all Sadly, this is just a stopgap measure. One of the positives is that they're very I suppose those soft beverage napkins would be useful, but who needs them? I do not use them for nose tissues, and they wouldn't be extremely effective in this function either due to their small size and tendency to melt quickly during use. Meh, I didn't get any of Though the screens weren't expensive, I didn't think the product was worth the cost considering what I received. However, I was in a bit of a bind for napkins at the time.

Thalia Lang - 25/07/2021
Do not buy this if you are not going to use it in one night

Those napkins are fine, but no box is included, just a parcel that is shrink accompanied by a shrink sleeve. They will be all over the place as soon as it is opened up. It was convenient when I bought bulk bar napkins because they all came in the same.

Layton Acosta - 19/04/2021
We are lacking napkins of the appropriate size

You can't expect a large package of napkins these are small, small enough for you to place underneath a glass, the package is 9 inches long by 6 inches wide these aren't for anyone having a meal as they are thin and.

Georgia Larsen - 29/01/2021
There's an odor coming from perfume! It seems these napkins have an incredibly strong perfume smell

If I was aware of that, I wouldn't have ordered them! There is such a strong odor I set them in an open bag outside to allow them They smell like a bottle of perfume has been You heard it here first!.

Bristol Duke - 22/01/2021