Cocktailor Chilled Bar Top Food & Condiment Dispenser Review

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Easy to use 5.0 
Easy to clean 4.9 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Durability 4.4 
  • Comes with an ice holder.
  • Provides great chill to your fruits.
  • Lid sides may become loose.

Cocktailor Chilled Bar Top Food & Condiment Dispenser Product Description

Your condiment station should be filled with ice, then your trays should be placed on top to keep your food fresh and chilled. Fruits, vegetables, sauces, dips, toppings, and condiments are placed in this section. A transparent bag lets you see the tasty treats and savory sauces or condiments inside. Features 4 spacious, wide trays that can hold up to 2 12 cups of food, as well as liquids, candies, and food items such as fruits, vegetables, and some other items. Make sure food is chilled before serving by placing a thin layer of ice underneath.

  • Preserve and serve your food by covering your condiment station with a layer of ice, and then placing your trays on top. Fruit, veggies, dips, toppings, and condiments store in this compartment. A clear plastic bag lets you see the tasty treats or savory sauces and condiments inside!
  • The TRAY HOLDS UP TO TO 2 12 CUP OF FOOD There are four spacious, wide trays that hold up to 2 1 2 cups of food, liquids, candies, fruits, veggies and other foods. Make sure you put a thin layer of ice on top of the food or keep it chilled before serving it.
  • A GREAT IDEAL FOR EVERY OCCASION They are ideal for any event for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. They can also be used outside for a barbecue, picnic, wedding, birthday, bridal shower, graduation party, family gathering, or for catering. You can even use them as coffee bar organizers, taco bar party supplies, ice cream bars, mimosa bars, and juice bars!
  • WASHABLE Made of durable plastic and molded with ergonomic finger grips on each side. Wash by placing the trays in the top rack of the dishwasher and wiping down the rest once a week.
  • The premium version comes in a size of 14" x 5". The size of the document is 5 The height is 5", and as such, most saladbars and buffets are fit for it. Suitable for wedding receptions, house parties, corporate events, and social events, this premium acrylic condiment holder is absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Fresh, cool, and delicious things stay fresh and cool longer with a hinged lid!

Selected User Reviews For Cocktailor Chilled Bar Top Food & Condiment Dispenser

I find this container very useful (5/5)

A condiment station for water will be purchased. Provided oranges, lemons, limes, and cucumbers if water was not available. Despite its size, the container is remarkably well put together. The containers are removable and are divided into four sections. Considering its thickness and durability, plastic is a good choice.

Blakely Morrow - 21/04/2021
My experience with these is that they do break very easily (5/5)

I bought one for camping and dropped it in the sink, and I broke it. They keep the condom cool for a long time and also keep vegetables cold if you want to keep them there without refrigerating.

Kylo Greer - 19/05/2021
I just wanted something like that (5/5)

The tray is very well made. It can be used with any cold food serving. The surface is easily cleanable.

Dallas Moran - 03/06/2021
Chill your condiments in this bar fridge (5/5)

The item I ordered was just as described, the perfect size.

Luka HODGSON - 11/03/2021
This would be perfect for a I'm so happy I purchased it, because it's just right for what I need (5/5)


Apollo Wong - 15/02/2021
The product is fantastic (5/5)

The material is very sturdy and it works well.

Eric Lawrence - 16/07/2021
Compartments with a lot of space (5/5)

There are many compartments in this product, which is a nice feature.

Yareli IQBAL - 16/06/2021
They arrived in a broken state (1/5)

They arrived broken after I ordered 2 of them. There was a crack in one corner of the lid, and the latch on the base was broken. The same exact damage was done to both parties. There were no damages to either box.

Ben Stanley - 12/03/2021