Cocktail Picks 100 Counts Handmade Sticks Wooden Toothpicks Cocktail Sticks Party Supplies Review

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Sturdiness 4.7 
Durability 4.7 
Value for money 4.7 
  • Durable, eco-friendly and affordable.
  • Great decor for garnishes.
  • Color is yellower than gold.

Cocktail Picks 100 Counts Handmade Sticks Wooden Toothpicks Cocktail Sticks Party Supplies Product Description

Picks are an easy and exciting way to garnish and decorate appetizers. Let’s Spear A Few Small Pieces Of Food, such as fruit, cheese, vegetables, and meats, to create fresh mini skewers. You can use the point of the cocktail pick to dangle fruit, olives, or candies for a fun garnish. This product is strong and durable. A 100 count box of wooden cocktail picks with a gold pearl end. The size of this screen is 4.7 inches. A cocktail stick is easy to use and cuts food easily without shredding it or splintering it. We are offering 100 Count Cocktail Picks which would be suitable for a 20-person party with an appetizer to attract your guests. Stylish and useful, the Cocktail Stick strikes a balance between fun and practicality.

  • With a gold pearl end, the 100 count wooden cocktail picks are strong and durable. The following is the length of the article A 7-inch screen. Food can be easily pierced with a cocktail stick without shredding or splitting.
  • THESE COCKTAIL PICKS ARE A SAFE AND ADVANCED DECOR FOR FOOD They are easy to decorate and pierce through the garnish without damaging it. Cocktail sticks can be used to create mini skewers for appetizers, depending on the items being speared, such as fruit, cheese, vegetables, or meats. The pointed end of the cocktail pick can be used to spear fruit, olives, or candies as garnish.
  • Make your 20-person party more colorful 100 count Cocktail Picks for the appetizer could serve the entire party and draw guests to your party. A cocktail stick balances fun and practicality with its delicate appearance. You will find everything you need for entertaining and hosting a party here!
  • A RESOURCE THAT IS QUICKLY REVENEWABLE Cocktail picks are made entirely from bamboo, an environmentally friendly product. Bamboo cocktail picks are one of the most eco-friendly and convenient options. Bamboo cocktail sticks are completely biodegradable and can be thrown away with food waste.
  • Ideal as food picks, cocktail sticks, finger food picks, bento food picks and buffet food picks. CONVENIENT and SANITARY Perfect for all types of parties. Using cocktail sticks as disposable items helps reduce the time it takes to clean up after an event or party, or in restaurants.

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My sincere thanks go out to you for your inquiry! In our opinion, it is not a good idea.
It looks that it will work.
Yes, they are glued together. I think that would be ok.

Selected User Reviews For Cocktail Picks 100 Counts Handmade Sticks Wooden Toothpicks Cocktail Sticks Party Supplies

The material is very sturdy and the length is very long (5/5)

The sticks were intended for use as The mozzarella ball is topped with a balsamic reduction and cherry tomato, along with a small basil leaf. I couldn't use them as they were too long. It would be very convenient for someone to carry fruits like 5 or 6 pieces. Wooden poles would burn but are a sturdy material). Please make sure you understand the real length of the videos. I'm still going to use them, but I'll do it differently.

Luis Charles - 19/03/2021
It is elegant (5/5)

What a cute idea! We made a cheese board with some and it was a huge It is very robust and long enough for just about.

Isaiah Li - 24/07/2021
Hair is the perfect accompaniment to your cocktail when pandemic is on (1/5)

This is disgusting at best. In addition to the hair, the bag contains other gross things like dirt, and dirt and dust. We're in the midst of a pandemic, and you think I'm gonna serve guests with picks laced with their DNA? This seller sells broken pieces inside, so beware. Don't buy from him.

Zahra Wilkerson - 11/04/2021
This is an elegant and practical design (5/5)

This is perfect for people who wish to serve meatballs. To be served as an appetizer as well. These wooden food storage containers had a great look, and didn't fall apart. The wood portion of the container is fairly substantial, and so it won't break easily when picking up.

Zayd Lucas - 02/06/2021
This is a great product (5/5)

The skewers are made of plastic and are use for meat and cheese skewers attached to charcuterie cups. When we took them out of the package, I could not see any gold balls on the The cups looked great and they added a bunch more decoration.

Davion Johnson - 17/06/2021
The product is functional and cute, but no returns will be made (2/5)

With their sleek brushed gold look, they look more expensive than cheap shiny gold. It was a sturdy device. I would give 4 out of 5 You cannot return a product if you order too many. Therefore, I give 2 stars despite giving 5 stars in the past. The item is an Amazon's Choice, which makes it rather frustrating. This needs to be made right by Amazon.

Rayna Ray - 24/06/2021
This may be cute, but it probably won't work for The cocktail picks are expensive for what they are, but they are what I use at work, and I know they are not meant for using with martini olives, but that's what I use them for (4/5)

They are very sturdy and are thicker than most cocktail picks. Instead of using them for a bar, I'd use them for actual food. It is still really cute to see them.

Knox Ellison - 23/06/2021
I am very pleased with my purchase! Picks for cocktails of excellent quality! The punch I made for my daughter's graduation party was dressed up with them (5/5)

On my table, I set out the punch in a bowl and then placed the party cups with fruit on the picks around it. I really liked how these looked and how they added an extra touch to our It has plenty left over I will use at another time or around the holidays if I can.

Summer Nguyen - 25/04/2021