Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Coupe Glass Review

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Giftable 4.6 
Durability 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.4 
  • Attractive.
  • Solid build.
  • Costlier.

Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Coupe Glass Product Description

A classic set is Thorp’s preferred option over a fancy or trendy one. Despite the fact that it comes in a six-pack for only $40, there’s no need to break the bank to buy this.

  • Cocktail glass with a 6 ounce capacity.
  • This product is designed for commercial use.
  • This dish is beautiful, durable, and dishwasher-safe.
  • This pack has six of everything.
  • This is a genuine Cocktail Kingdom product.

Questions & Answers

According to the gift recipient, it holds up to 6 ounces, but is comfortable to hold up to 4 ounces. They are on the list of a real mixologist.
Solidity is the main attribute of the stem.
The weight of the 6 oz and its height are 12 inches. Five centimeters are inside the opening, and the inside diameter is eight centimeters.
It's just less than two and a half.

Selected User Reviews For Cocktail Kingdom Leopold Coupe Glass

There is nothing more perfect than a There are many coupe glasses to choose from, but I found the Leopoldo from Cocktail Kingdom to be the perfect option (5/5)

Despite my expectations, I was not let down. I'm pleased that Cocktail Kingdom was quick to reply, and now I can offer a complete selection that I'm proud to serve to my *br>In my opinion, the quality is excellent. Although they can be put in the dishwasher, I would recommend hand washing them. There's no thin edge I'm concerned about breaking, but there aren't many thick bits either, so they're not as bulky as some of the cheaper ones. I think it is just the right.

Pablo Harrison - 23/06/2021
Martinis fit well in this glass! To find the right size for martinis, I looked long and hard (5/5)

These are the right ones. You can fit 2 to 3 shots of alcohol with a couple of ounces of mixer in the glass. The majority of martini glasses are too big. You will not find these glasses suitable for people who like huge glasses. It's an easy way to prevent spills because it's shaped that way. The quality of this product is very high. Not clunky, but sturdy enough not to be cumbersome. The second set has just been purchased.

Nellie Reed - 03/02/2021
In my opinion, a classic (5/5)

There's nothing better than this cocktail glass. It's the exact shape and style that one would have found in old Hollywood movies featuring smokey dives and happy soirees. Despite my disappointment, I am extremely pleased with the result. A good selection of sturdy and well-built products A balanced diet.

Landry Hutchinson - 21/05/2021
I'm in love with these sunglasses! Despite their thinness, they are robust and good quality you will not have to worry about them breaking easily (5/5)

We use them all the time. Without a doubt, I would buy them again!.

Thaddeus Livingston - 18/05/2021
The price is affordable and the design is to buy some inexpensive coupes that we could put in the dishwasher if we so desired (5/5)

The designs are elegant, yet have a great deal of practicality and are very reasonably priced.

Sterling Dyer - 22/04/2021
I like the size of this (5/5)

It's perfect for cocktails. It is recommended that you wash your hands. A lightweight glass breaks with ease, but this is understandable for a fragile material.

Jaziel Thompson - 15/06/2021
Glazing of the highest quality (5/5)

This is a good product. The feeling of the glass in your hand doesn't resemble that of a cheap coupe glass.

Callie GODDARD - 06/06/2021
Flexible negotiating is not an option (1/5)

There was a difference in size between the Martini glasses and my expectations. NO ACOMMODATION IS AVAILABLE FOR the request to trade up to a larger size.

Jad Vargas - 29/04/2021