Coaster Home Furnishings Serving Cart Review

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Value for money 4.5 
Easy to assemble 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.4 
  • Great for small spaces.
  • Stylish art deco-style look.
  • Three (3) clear tempered glass shelves with safety railing.
  • Wheels don’t roll as well as other models on our list.

Coaster Home Furnishings Serving Cart Product Description

Despite its purposefully curved design with chrome frame and frosted glass shelving, we think it is a very nice piece of furniture. Small enough to fit neatly into small spaces, the cart features stemware and wine glass racks. The wheels on it are a little wobbly, and there is not as much storage space as in other models. In spite of this, the item is overall of great quality and makes a lovely addition to any room.

  • There is one (1) serving cart included with this package.
  • The frame is made of heavy steel and chrome plated.
  • Shelf equipped with safety guard rails, with three (3) tiers of clear tempered glass.
  • Easily move about with casters.
  • (Each shelf can support a maximum weight of 10 pounds).
  • It needs to be assembled.
  • 32. Measured with a tape measure. The dimensions of the mural are 50" wide by 19" high. The depth is 25" and the width is 31".

Questions & Answers

I just wanted to let you know that the top shelf Providing 13-digit codes The length is 3/4" x the width is 13" The width of the part is 1 1/4 inches x the thickness is Height of 2".
No problem, it should be fine. It is easy to move outside when I keep it outside with plants.
It is true that the assembly must take place. A total of 1 hour and a half is needed to get it done. The skills required are not too hard, but the process isn't.
Approximately 11 wheels are used for the large wheels. You will find 5 to 11 below. The diameter is about 75 inches, and the thickness is about 1 inch. The thickness of the wall is zero inches. There is no rubber on the tread of the wheels I think it's a kind of There is no articulation in the back wheels, they travel only straight, but the front wheels steer well. Despite carpeting, the cart takes only a little effort to roll.

Selected User Reviews For Coaster Home Furnishings Serving Cart

Very good value for the money! A great cart that has held up for a long time! This is something I strongly I dropped my blinds on top of it (and the blinds Even after I opened the blinds, the cart and all the drinks/stuff on it remained intact (I only lost one glass when the blinds fell on it) (5/5)


Jane Bradford - 01/08/2021
This is a very beautiful and classy dress (5/5)

Carts like this are much more appealing than they appear in photos. This piece is just stunning. The instructions are clear and straightforward and it's very easy to follow. This is exactly what I was looking for to display my tea set on. One thing I would like to add though is that I am extremely pleased with this product. The bottom of the cart has two posts, one longer than the other, one next to the large wheels. There are two different screws listed in the instructions the shorter screw is for the longer piece and the shorter screw is for the longer piece. As such, my husband put the smaller screw into the shorter piece and the longer screw in the taller piece in order to make it more stable. Now that it is stable, it is ready to be released.

Malayah Williams - 11/06/2021
Despite a rear axel defect, it has been very useful as long as it has been mounted tightly and has been used for two years The back wheel of one bicycle has broken because the center axel of the bicycle is spot welded to the frame and the welding In short, it's a cart that we like a lot, but it has a weak point of construction that creates problems of finding it (3/5)

It would be more economical to purchase a new welder rather than repair It is not a good idea to design the axel detail.

Emory Roy - 01/04/2021

The set arrives compacted in one small Getting frightened for the first time. The kit includes a large number But with a little patience and paying attention to the directions, it did not turn out to be a problem. I was surprised it came in such a small box for a cart of such size. It is really stunning after assembly. I like it a lot. As for the price, it's not bad. You should definitely try.

Priscilla Fischer - 01/04/2021
I am very disappointed! This handle has scratches on it and appears to have been damaged (3/5)

I am very disappointed! There are scratches and signs that damage has been done to the handle. The handle on my door needs to be replaced. What is the best way for me to get In spite of that, it meets my needs. The attached photo provides a better understanding of the issue.

Myles Johnson - 25/02/2021
I enjoyed the assembly process (5/5)

The item is excellent once it is assembled. As far as I could tell, the biggest challenge I encountered was sifting through the different sized screws (bolts) and I was able to put the item together easily once I got them sorted. The product came in good condition and was There was no reason for the parts to be injured. My glass was still intact. I was very pleased with this purchase from.

Royal HERBERT - 12/06/2021
Great job, I love It is the best cart I have ever seen (5/5)

It was well packaged. I received the product quickly and it is sturdy. " & " The kit was very easy to assemble. Getting it fully stocked is on my list.

Kingsley Vogel - 28/07/2021
The screws are wrong, and the instructions are hard to follow (2/5)

As stupid as the instructions are, I ended up spending more time trying to understand them than actually constructing the task. The process took about three hours and a half Not all of the screws were included with the sellers. My hardware store didn't have the screw I needed, so I bought it myself. The pictures are cute, but the hassles are not worth it.

Aries Shea - 27/07/2021