Circleware Arrabella Bourbon Glasses Review

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  • Common-use glass design.
  • Perfect size.
  • Trendy look.
  • Gets chipped.

Selected User Reviews For Circleware Arrabella Bourbon Glasses

This pair of glasses is extremely sturdy, as far as I can tell (5/5)

Because Amazon did, I am able to tell you this. These glasses are definitely very sturdy, so I can say that they are worth their price. Amazon packaged the product poorly, and I know it because it failed to meet my expectations. In the box, these glasses were flying all over. The attached photo shows how this is done. They didn't break at all! I can't believe it! A 5 out of 5 rating for the glasses 1) Amazon ratings 0 stars (* Oh, and I love the colors too!.

Alessia Oneill - 21/05/2021
In a nutshell, THE GLASS BOX turned out to be the needle in the haystack (5/5)

The product we purchased was custom-made Several of a set of 10 oz "highball" glasses that I purchased several years ago in a discount store had been broken due to use over time. If there were a similar product offered by another company, I wondered. A heavy bottom, a bubble in the center, and a heavy bottom were the keys to finding the perfect glass. The delight I felt when I discovered this product on Amazon can't be expressed We are pleased to offer the Oslo Drinking Glass by The Glass Box! In addition to restocking our shelves, we are extremely happy with this purchase. **thumbnail* **thumbnail.

Memphis Krueger - 23/03/2021
These brandy glasses have a capacity of 20 ounces, so they are perfect for cocktails (5/5)

For planteur, these glasses are perfect. Although it might not be as elegant as those with more prestigious brands, this set offers more than you might expect. It would be terribly uncool to serve cognac or brandy in these glasses, but they are perfect for cocktails containing brandy, cognac, I love how large they are and how stylish they look. The tea towels should be hand rinsed and dried. Best to wash them and dry them by hand.

Rosalie Phillips - 14/01/2021
It has a great sheen (5/5)

A quirk of these glasses is that they are just the right size, proportion, or width. In addition to the Shiny Effect, the iridescent shimmer brings a little extra glam.

Bodhi Ramirez - 20/01/2021
Sturdy and heavy, the bases are built to last (5/5)

The glasses I am wearing now are my second set. Sturdy and heavy, the bases are built to last. It is extremely unlikely that you'll get lost if you chug a few too many drinks, but it could happen occasionally. It is so hard to choose a favorite so I bought five sets. Once they got dirty or I had friends over for whiskey night, I wanted more. Having these on hand is a must for any.

Sage Kaplan - 19/01/2021
This was a very good purchase (5/5)

happy with them, they look good, seem sturdy, and feel good in my hands. I love how lightweight they feel in my hands, yet sturdy enough for my needs. The drink glasses are very nice at an excellent price.

Jensen Cortez - 29/04/2021
The quality of the product is good (5/5)

It's nice and sleek to have cups like this. The glasses slipped out of my hands while I was washing the dishes and did not break. A chip was not found after I accidentally banged it in the dishwasher. It is surprising to see the quality of this work.

Moshe Sloan - 13/05/2021
If you're on a tight budget, this is a good starter (3/5)

The glass is a good weight, but it's printed with "Made in China," which had to be washed away after washing. I hope the imprint was wiped away, since I couldn't find it again after washing. Budget-conscious consumers will find this glass to be a good choice. In a decent hotel you could find something like this. The price is not spectacular, but if you are on a budget, it should suffice. The box it came in contained cardboard separating it from the rest of the product so it was well packed and it arrived on time. The weight was surprising good and it will do for the moment until I can find one I like.

Haley Norman - 15/03/2021