Chillake Rustic Burlap Coffee Bar Mat Review

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  • Color wise.
  • One side print.
  • Washable by hands.

Chillake Rustic Burlap Coffee Bar Mat Product Description

Chillake Rustic Burlap Coffee Bar Mat is an amazing addition to your kitchen or coffee shop, at 16 inches wide. For added protection, it has a waterproof layer, while its outer layer is made from jute, making it durable as well.

  • This jute mat has a retro texture that makes it a perfect addition to any coffee bar. You can use it to decorate your home's coffee bar with a coffee cup or coffee machine. Believe to add fun and color Besides being a great gift that you can give, this mat is also great for your home use. Especially suitable as a birthday or housewarming gift for a loved one.
  • The size of this piece is approximately 16 inches long 12 inches wide a thickness of The thickness is 1 inch. A clear OPP bag was used to package the item.
  • This bag is made from 100% natural materials, such as jute and burlap. Besides being natural and environmentally friendly, this material is also extremely You should keep in mind that jute has a natural taste and a touch of roughness.
  • WE'VE ADDED A WATERPROOF LAYER - To further protect your table, we've added a waterproof layer to make the mat more practical. The surface is easily cleanable. If the fabric is cleaned, it may be slightly curled. In spite of this, the mat will always return to its original flat shape after use.
  • The mats are specially designed by a professional designer who incorporates a rustic theme. There is a printed message that says, "But First Coffee". The mat can be used for coffee bars or for coffee machines. Please note that the mat is printed on one side only.

Selected User Reviews For Chillake Rustic Burlap Coffee Bar Mat

The cutest thing ever (5/5)

The coffee area is nicely completed despite its size. I wish it were larger yet it still does the job.

Landyn SYKES - 07/04/2021
I like it (3/5)

Although it is adorable, it does not absorb spills well if you need it to do so.

Onyx McIntosh - 11/04/2021
I would like it to be a little bigger, although it looks pretty (4/5)


Bruce MAHMOOD - 04/06/2021
Then don't let it get wet (1/5)

Cute, but don't let it get wet. Curls will forever be visible on the edge as the fabric curls up.

Maximilian Crawford - 30/07/2021
My work has been praised so much! The price is reasonable, and the product is (5/5)


Dillon Stanton - 05/04/2021