Chefman Mini Portable Black Personal Fridge Cools Review

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Peso ligero 4.7 
Ideal para regalar 4.2 
Durabilidad 3.9 
Nivel de ruido 3.9 
Control de temperatura 3.7 
Excelente inversión 3.7 
  • Elegant look.
  • Perfect for travelling.
  • Offers great portability.
  • Not suitable large beers.

Chefman Mini Portable Black Personal Fridge Cools Product Description

When you’re on the go, it’s hard to keep any beverage cold. It is especially difficult to sell beer and wine since many people are very particular about the temperature at which they like them. In order to keep drinks cool and to keep party guests happy, a portable fridge that is powered by a wall or car outlet will provide a great experience without having to be tethered to the house. Whether you’re camping, picnicking, or just wanting to keep a few beers cold while on the go, the Chefman Portable Fridge is a good choice. It has six beverage cans or small snacks as well as temperature settings down to 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be powered via a standard wall outlet or 12V car plug. In addition, you can use the fridge as a warmer for foods and beverages that are on the other side of the temperature range. This is the perfect fishing jacket for cool days.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • This portable docking station is perfect for personal space, travel, offices, dormitories, boating, camping, tailgating, commuting, and so much more.
  • Heats and cools by turning a switch that is covered by a cm cover. Includes a plug for a standard home outlet and hookup plug for a 12V car charger.
  • Its small size allows it to chill 6 12-ounce soda cans it features a removable shelf so it can store small objects, such as yogurt, milk, fruit juice, smoothies, beer bottles, cheese, coffee, and soup, and it is highly versatile.
  • Safe 100% freon-free and environmentally friendly CETL-certified and with advanced safety technology to ensure a long service life.
  • Resources and Warranty Each purchase includes access to Chefman's Club, which includes thousands of recipes, tutorial videos, and personalized help from a Chef. Chefman provides a 30-day money back guarantee, hassle-free guarantee, and 30-day risk-free guarantee.

Selected User Reviews For Chefman Mini Portable Black Personal Fridge Cools

The non-profit sector Connect the AC plug to the cooler to ensure durability

Despite being a good cooler, I have to downgrade to 3 stars because of the AC plug's flimsy construction. Approximately two months after its installation, it stopped working. When you leave the cooler plugged in in one place for a long time, I don't think there will be an issue, but if you take it out frequently, I think the plugs become less effective. The cooler plug will be duct taped around if I order another one, and I will leave the cooler plug in the cooler. In the process of moving it, I will disconnect the plug from the wall socket. There's a need for a stronger plug. Even when it was working without a click, I never heard anything when plugging it in. A loose slide makes it easy to insert and remove.

Kassidy Stone - 05/07/2021
Having a small personal fridge around the office can be very useful

A little personal refrigerator like this one is really helpful in the office I can store it right next to It is no longer necessary for me to bring ice packs to work to keep my food cool. A smell emanates from our office refrigerators, and various science projects are growing within them. As a result, I can now rest easy knowing I have a Chefman personal fridge. I really like the quietness of the refrigerator, and it keeps my food cold for a long time. A quart-cup of soup, celery sticks, Babybel cheese, and seltzer water are on my plate today. It's nice and safe - I don't have to worry about someone's dirty little hands touching and changing.

Hadleigh READ - 01/02/2021
The temperature is too warm

The description gives the impression that the device cools more than it actually does. In order to get more cool ambient air near it, I attempted moving it to a cooler part of my house near an AC vent. Temperatures were around 70 degrees F in the surrounding air. A temperature of 43F was never reached by the unit. There was a range of 43F to 55F indicated by the thermometer I kept in the fridge that keeps 24 hour high and low temperatures. No actual use was made of this. in a couple cans on the first day and monitored the temperature over a week as I left them in. *br>This was the reason I was so concerned about the temperature range Eating foods that have been stored above 41 degrees F is the main cause of food borne illnesses. A medication that needs to be refrigerated will remain less effective or even become useless if not stored at the proper temperature. As a result The purpose of this device is to chill your soda by your desk, so it should serve that purpose. I would be disappointed with a 50 degree THIS IS NOT THE ONE TO USE! Thanks for reading.

Rowen Scott - 19/01/2021
Worked for a while, but now does not

Despite the poor reviews, I'm surprised this is a good product. When I was going on a two-week road trip, I was excited to use the cooler, but it is so much better that I brought a cooler along, The drinks were NOT kept cold at all by this device. Things may have been slightly cooler in this cooler than they would have been in one without ice, but I am not convinced this product did what it was intended to do. My cooler has been iced up since I bought some ice. I tried to use it for a few days before deciding to give up.

Jaxxon Lowe - 12/04/2021
We are happy

It was exactly what I was looking for.

Huxley Kuhn - 25/04/2021
It is easy for me to pass the "me" test based on my experience

The experience so far has been impressive and pleasing. Since it was built, this little monster has kept a can of ice-cold Diet Coke at the same temp as a can of Diet Coke from my big fridge The fridge is fantastic! I'll be using it for the holidays to keep my dog and medicine cool during the trip. This fan creates a little white noise that is not very disturbing. It does not generate much heat from the motor. The counter does not skid without wobbling, thus it is on stable footing. This seems to be a sturdy, sturdy receptacle with metal hinges on the door and a 'no nail breakage' slot on one end to allow for carrying. During a visit to her mother on 1/4/18, the daughter 'adopted' it. There's a fridge It's back to less.

Callahan Lim - 25/02/2021
After two uses, the latch broke

During my absence, the computer was not left The fridge is at work and I've used it twice to keep It did not work on the third day when I went to turn it on. I am really disappointed.

Amari Bean - 04/03/2021
This is a great pump for pumping! Using this fridge to store milk at work is awesome! I pump milk at work and I use it to store milk

Teacher here - I can pump discreetly in the classroom while my students are not present. I'm also able to store my milk without having to always run to the fridge in the lounge. <extra_id_9> highly recommend it! A great way to keep snacks and lunches warm or cold would be with one of these. The motor is quiet and I appreciate how small it.

Hamza Hendricks - 15/05/2021