Chefman Electric Wine Opener Review

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Score By Feature Based on 53 ratings

Easy to remove 5.0 
Easy to use 4.7 
Giftable 4.7 
Battery life 4.5 
Value for money 4.4 
  • Awesome durability.
  • Approved by ETL.
  • Sleek look.
  • Battery doesn't work for long time.

Chefman Electric Wine Opener Product Description

With Chefman, you can quickly and easily remove a wine cork with the push of a button and advanced safety technology. With a stainless steel body and blue LED lights, this charging base is elegant. An integrated rechargeable battery allows for 30 bottle openings on one charge. On Amazon, the Chefman Automatic Corkscrew ranks number 10 in the category of Corkscrews.

  • Easy and quick removal of the cork in seconds without damaging it is made possible by a push-button operation. With one quick twist, the seals can easily be removed with the foil cutter.
  • SUBTLE DESIGN WITH LED LIGHTS This wine opener features a stainless steel housing that's surrounded by a transparent shell that contains the corkscrew mechanism, as well as an elegant charging base with blue LED lights.
  • With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can open 30 bottles on one charge - no batteries are required. This unit can be used with North American plugs and is 110-240 volt compatible.
  • An excellent gift for any occasion Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day, and Graduation are all perfect occasions for giving this wine gift!
  • ASSURANCES OF RJ42-SS Complies with cETL standards with advanced safety technology that is long lasting and environmentally friendly provides one-year warranty from Chefman, so you can buy A PDF User Guide can be found below if you need information on using your product.

Questions & Answers

There is no way to change the internal battery since it is built in. You do not need an AAA battery or an AA battery. The device is already built in and is connected to a charging cable.
The best electric power is this one. I think I have ever tasted a better wine opener. It comes with its own charger, so no batteries are needed.
A 110 volt plug is required.
I don't think the opener needs to be reset. As far as I can tell, mine is identical and works fine. In my opinion, the blue light may simply be an indication that the computer is on.

Selected User Reviews For Chefman Electric Wine Opener

The energy bunny is not you! I am going, I am going, I am Father's Day was a good time to give it to my husband (1/5)

There was no better way to describe We could not get it to work today. There was a one-month shelf life for this product. This is not a purchase I would make!.

Mikayla BIBI - 13/03/2021
Definitely do not buy, and I don't recommend it! This opener has probably been used 6 or 7 times The last 8 times it worked fine, but today it just stopped working (1/5)

A fully charged battery does not respond to the switch. It now serves as a paper weight since the auger won't move. A few dollars were spent on it. In order to make this device functional, it must be opened 100 times before it becomes ineffective. It is not something I can recommend or recommend you try, since I did not have a great experience with them.

Mariah Garrett - 24/01/2021
The thing is a total waste of time! It didn't even last a month after I bought it! Suddenly it stopped charging, and when I checked the base I noticed one of the connectors was The assembly to hold the charge connector on the base failed, resulting in the connector floating free and not connecting to the wine opener (1/5)

Had to take the base apart to find out why. I ended up throwing it away and buying another product. Such a waste of money.

Emmanuel Roy - 28/06/2021
Worked for the first five uses but then stopped working Ignore this junk! A gift for Xmas - bought two A brother of mine gave one to his son who used it five times then it failed by the third The only thing that goes in reverse (to drop the cork) is fully charged (1/5)

After contacting Amazon, I learned that there was no contact information for the seller, and I was told it had gone past the 30-day A google search led me to Chefman and I sent an email requesting We contacted the company about a warranty but didn't hear back. In speaking with the other recipient, I learned that hers had also stopped working after a few times but she had been embarrassed to tell me when she did. In this matter, despite the original love for the gift, it seems to live up to the phrase "you get what you pay for. ". You need to get rid of that! I do not recommend it.

Arjun Cain - 30/06/2021
I was quickly broken (1/5)

lasted for a month before it stopped working. I cannot return it at this time. I bought two at once, which makes things worse It seemed like a good idea to give one as a gift since there were positive reviews. As a gift, I will give someone an insulated wine opener that will last for one It was a real disappointment.

Juelz Hart - 03/02/2021
I can get about 200 bottles out of it (4/5)

I was able to use this right out of the box. Our corkscrew was great it looks good, holds a charge, and worked as advertised. It turned out that after about 11 months use, the plastic piece that holds the metal screw broke, so we found that we would need to buy Although I expected the battery to last longer for $23, it was actually quite durable.

Shawn Cook - 05/07/2021
What a great idea (5/5)

The shipment arrived on time as promised. I love it. The box was nicely packed and it arrived on time. It works easily with no effort. I like the clear bottom as you can see when the cork is out and when it's working. It is recommended that the battery be charged for 8 hours in order to achieve A very nice and quiet day. I like the stainless steel Handel because it is easy to clean.

Branson Holloway - 19/04/2021
As far as I can tell, performance is consistent (5/5)

My old Oster opener had to be replaced with this As a matter of fact, I have owned two Oster door openers. The Oster openers lost their charge so often that I finally got tired of them. In my opinion, this opener is hefty, feel heavy when held, and has substantial weight. So far, I have opened more than a dozen bottles with it. My impressions are as follows My only complaint is the blue LED I'm not a big fan of the stainless steel design. Since the corkscrew on this opener is much thicker than on the Oster, it causes a lot more damage to corks. Despite its compact design, the Chefman is a high-speed machine that opens consistently and can handle corks as well as synthetic corks. I am one of the first people to get a foil cutter that cuts through foil properly with this opener. * I find it a bit cumbersome to get the Oster back on the charging stand. The Oster would click into place while this one sits more or less on top, and the tacky blue LED will light in the event that it makes good contact with the stand. The plus/transformer is a bit large to place behind furniture, so you'll need to attach an extension to keep it from getting in the way of the piece of furniture (i. e. This is my wine cabinet this is). *br>*br>Overall, I am disappointed I am impressed with its ability to hold its charge and open smoothly. As of now I have not used the Chefman long enough to know how long the battery will last. However, I am happy with its appearance and performance so far. I like the fact that it does a decent job of opening wine bottles.

Alejandro Lehman - 22/04/2021