Chef Works Unisex Bronx Bib Apron Review

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Giftable 4.2 
Durability 4.0 
  • Trendy look..
  • Denim build-up.
  • Short-life.

Chef Works Unisex Bronx Bib Apron Product Description

As part of the new Urban Collection, which combines street-inspired trends with tough functionality, the Bronx Bib Apron is part of the collection. Bronx Bib Apron is made of denim material which is durable, while at the same time being soft. An apron that incorporates riveted pockets, an adjustable metal neck buckle, reverse ties with belt loops, an exclusive chest pocket, and double front pockets with selvage edge pocket details are every bit as stylish as it is functional. In this Bronx Bib Apron, you will find a stylish design and durable construction to handle any job task. Sizes available for the Bronx Bib Apron are 34 inches long by 30 inches wide.

  • - a 100% cotton fabric.
  • A cotton denim shirt with 100% cotton fabric.
  • There are two pockets on the front and one on the chest.
  • The metal buckle at the neck is adjustable.

Questions & Answers

A cotton product that provides 100% comfort. Despite their durability, they are still quite popular.
We have the standard size, so you should be able to find them here.
34"L x 30"W is the size of the apron.
Definitely long enough to tie in front of them and cross behind them.

Selected User Reviews For Chef Works Unisex Bronx Bib Apron

This is apron art at its best! The apron I purchased was long enough to fit me, a tall woman, because I wanted one that would last a long time (5/5)

My favorite thing about this apron is that it has pockets. Six feet five inches is my height. Most of the aprons that I buy are not even close to reaching The majority of aprons make me look like I am wearing some sort of mini skirt. A full range of adjustment is available on this apron. You won't have a problem with this if you are short (as long as you are under 6 feet). The top of my kneecap comes right up to the top of the cushion with everything adjusted to the maximum. Here are the places that I like my aprons to come, but this may not be the case for you. As this apron is made with what I would call a light denim material, it is pretty light and extremely convenient to wear. I don't feel like I'm wearing jeans if that is what you are wondering about. It has a lot The small one on the upper part of the chest is where I like to keep my thermometer, so I really like it. In conclusion, if pockets are your thing, there are plenty of them to choose from. They are not too big either, which is another thing I like about these pockets. You won't see them far out in front of you, by which I mean they won't stick their heads out at By doing so, we don't get snagged on everything. An apron is a must for me since I cook a lot. It has clearly made it to the top of my list. -* For your convenience, ladies, I have an apron you can buy for your husband if you are looking for one. An apron like this is perfect for barbecuing. This product is made from durable materials, so it will last you for a long time. There's no way you can go wrong with this price point. You'll enjoy it! This item was a full price purchase for me. As a result, I will let you know the honest opinion I have once I have tried out the product. really hope someone was able to come to an informed purchase decision after reading this. This item gets the TWO THUMBS UP from me! The ONE ITEM EVERY Kitchen Cooking Item You Need!.

Frankie Coffey - 20/07/2021
It's so cute, I just love it (5/5)

Previously, I reviewed another denim apron similar to this one, but it works equally well for this one as well. If there are changes to be made, I will customize them for you. As a rule, I do not write reviews, but WOW this apron is amazing. This is what I wear to work, and I keep a pen, a marker, and an Exacto knife in the pockets. ) because the apron itself is fine, but there is a hole in the pocket! I am SO happy with this apron, and the denim fabric is much more durable than my normal cloth aprons. This is an extremely fashionable apron, so it may not be everyone's cup of tea It would work for either a man or a woman, but I enjoy that aspect. The backpack has two sturdy pockets of a good size, and a small pocket at the top that is great for pens. It would be impossible for me to give a higher recommendation.

Fisher Lyons - 22/04/2021
The design is good, but the construction is poor (3/5)

The program will be useful to me, but I'm not in love with It is an apron I have mixed feelings about. This is a really good looking design, but there is absolutely no way to build it properly. Within just a few seconds of usage, the buckle that allows for adjustment of the neck strap disintegrated. My hands literally fell apart when I held this metal. Denim was used for the bulk of the apron - it is extremely thin and soft You may also want to try the neck &amp shoulder I don't like the stiffness of the waist straps. As soon as I bought it, I thought it would be my apron of choice and I would keep my older one for my husband to wear when he enters As a result, I use the other one most of the time due to its It is an interesting design that I do really like, but it's not very well represented here since photographs just don't do it justice. I would describe the color as a dark bluish-brown rather than black. While its design certainly looks more masculine, which I'm all for, most of the corners were cut and the end result was mediocre.

Juliana Lam - 13/04/2021
This is the best apron I've ever owned (5/5)

I don't look like a man dressed like a 1950s housewife when I wear this apron. It's thick and full coverage, and I don't look like I am cosplaying. The waist straps are plenty long enough for me to wrap around both my back and my front with plenty of room to spare. I am 188 pounds and 6 feet tall. Even a much larger person could fit in this space. As well as being very adjustable, the neck strap has many ways of adjusting. This is a very good product. Just in case, I will probably pick up another one.

Brian Sawyer - 29/03/2021
The item is well made! The fabric is so nice (5/5)

You did a great job! His name was embroidered on it. He loved it and I embroidered it even more. I could not care less that I spent more on the apron, but it made him so happy that I had no complaints. I may get another one!.

Blaise Galloway - 05/04/2021
I was really impressed by the stitch quality and the material was very nice (4/5)

An apron designed in the "Bronx Bib" style I purchased from Chef Works was purchased recently. In the beginning, it looked like the stitch quality was great and the material was great. My job is as a Chef, and I am always on the lookout for cool aprons to add to my collection, and this one is definitely an eye catcher. The chest pocket is perfect for pens or tweezers, but I would prefer it if it were stitched into two pockets that would keep tweezers secure. The only thing I have to complain about is that. One of the other biggest factors for me when buying an apron is the way it fits around my neck. This apron fits snugly around my Chef coat and doesn't ride up *br>*br>I would definitely recommend the chef works apron, as well as many of the other products. An apron in a variety of colors and patterns for about $30 looks sharp and is durable.

Madeline Rivera - 31/03/2021
The design is good (5/5)

It was good to hear that everything was exactly as it should be. My impression of it was that it was thin, but it seemed to be thicker from the advertisement. As long as it stands the test of time, it should be good It is important to wash frequently!.

Adelyn ROBSON - 21/03/2021
I was very disappointed with how thin this apron was, as it was too thin to last (2/5)

That bag is so thin that it would last me for no more than The brand I sent back will not be bought again by me.

Simon Dennis - 27/01/2021