Chateau Plastic Champagne Flutes Disposable Review

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  • Funky and glittery design.
  • Gold-rimmed look.
  • Very flimsy.

Selected User Reviews For Chateau Plastic Champagne Flutes Disposable

I used it for an engagement party and it worked perfectly (5/5)

At an engagement party, the flute glasses worked perfectly for a champagne toast. The stems of the bouquet are wrapped with curl ribbon. It gave the whole thing a festive feel. It is also important to mention that the bottoms stayed on in a perfect manner. Unlike other reviews that mention falling off, none of them fell off. You only need to apply a little pressure for it to fit well.

Reginald Flynn - 14/04/2021
I love how it turned out (5/5)

The items arrived today and are exactly as pictured. They will contribute much to our baby shower and we are looking forward to.

Niko Atkins - 12/07/2021
I had a great time using the glasses at While I dislike using plasticware for wine and champagne, I also hate doing the dishes after parties (5/5)

As a result, I decided to go on the hunt for some NICE champagne glasses for my bridal shower. I bought two Mimosa variation books with these and they turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. In addition, I received an adorable digital book along The touch that was added was really nice.

Marcelo Barron - 23/07/2021
Flutes with an elegant design (5/5)

There is something very pretty about the flutes. Look at how elegant they are. There is a high quality to them. In the end, we only glued the base to the body so that it would stay.

Alexa Rios - 08/04/2021
It's not a bad looking flute for toasting, but the glass needs to stay in place a little better in the base (4/5)

The set was purchased for our 25th wedding anniversary. Although it looked nice, some of the bases did not stay attached to the glass, we had to apply a little glue to fix this. In general, they do what they need to do pretty well.

Marlowe Pitts - 20/03/2021
Exactly what I was looking for! My bridal shower will be so stunning with them! I am so glad I found them for my bridal shower! The deal you have here is amazing! (5/5)


Emma Blake - 20/05/2021
I love it! The birthday card I designed for my mom was beautiful and perfect for her Only I wish the gold part of the bracelet would last longer, as it seems like it will slip off easily (5/5)

If you plan to do dishes, the service is still strong enough to last for a couple of uses. It's hilarious, lol.

Cohen Charles - 27/04/2021
Exactly what we were looking for for our summer wedding (5/5)

I've been searching for champagne glasses like these for my Despite being quick sparkly gold, they add a nice touch to the party. Sturdy enough and big enough to hold a lot of stuff! Our order for 3 boxes was placed today!.

Mauricio Montoya - 14/04/2021