CastleWiz Whipped Cream Dispenser Review

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Easy to clean 4.6 
Easy to use 4.3 
Durability 4.2 
Value for money 4.2 
Sturdiness 4.0 
  • Great value for money.
  • High grade aluminum built material.
  • Small capacity.

CastleWiz Whipped Cream Dispenser Product Description

The professional grade aluminum dispenser is made of high quality materials to allow you to create delicious cocktails topped with a creamy, foamy coating. The body and head of the whipped cream maker are made of high-grade aluminum, which is solid and guarantees safety and long shelf life. The grip on the handle is also designed to be comfortable and hassle-free.

  • This dispenser features an easy grip top piece, a silicone grip for easy screwing and unscrewing, cleans easily by simply rinsing the headpiece under running water and comes with a brush to remove any extra residue in the nozzles (cream chargers are not included).
  • We are so confident of the quality of this premium grade canister that we offer a 1 year manufacturer guarantee If you are not happy for any reason, we will make it right so that this is the last and only whipped cream maker you will ever need to buy.

Questions & Answers

I would put it between 8 and 10 There is a limit to how much whipped cream you can add to each coffee, but it really depends on how much you add. It is the dispenser I use most often when I drink coffee and tea I clean the bowl after finishing the dessert and make another batch as soon as it is empty. Since I follow a keto diet and always have it on hand, it can help me in times of need In my daily diet, I take liquid stevia (sometimes flavored) & The vanilla in this recipe is alcohol free.
A batch of enough should last for a day or two, but I make only enough for the day since it's more efficient to make a new batch every day.
This is something I imagine If I were to do the second, would the pressure be equalized since the first might go in? If you want to try it, I don't see why there is an issue with.
It's extremely important.

Selected User Reviews For CastleWiz Whipped Cream Dispenser

Consider rethinking (1/5)

Since I have owned a coffee shop, I have had a container with the ISI symbol. It's my fourth time buying one and I've been disappointed again. I am dissatisfied with the plastic attachments for the whip cream and they are not even of good quality, but the one thing that really got me was when I opened up the container tonight to rinse it I noticed that it was missing metal flakes throughout the whole thing. The inside of the container did not look as though it had been coated. It has only been 2 months since I bought it. It would have been risky to keep it for a year, even if I had it for a year, and I would suggest rethinking.

Vance Porter - 16/03/2021
This is a great dispenser! Nothing could go wrong here! Since my wife and I started following the keto diet, we have become very disciplined in our eating habits (5/5)

In our household, we have made whipped cream a daily ritual for our coffee. There are no stores in this area unfortunately We have relented and been prepared to pay money for homemade whipped cream. I almost always find whipped cream in a jar with added sugar. There is an additional cost of 4 times as much for a brand that does not contain added sugar The cost of a can is $6. It was whipped ourselves or we bought it That's time consuming! I have been exploring the whipped cream dispensers recommended in a keto cookbook for the past few weeks. The cost of these dispensers was high, so I found this one from CastleWiz and decided to try it. AWESOME! Thanks so much for the info! Other than the tips and rubber gasket, this device is made entirely of metal. My guess is that it will last a very long time! I have received immediate responses to my queries and comments from Customer Service concerning my order. Usually I don't write reviews, but I had to fill this one out! You won't be disappointed if you give it a try!.

Kellen Simmons - 07/03/2021
I'm in love with This has been my go-to mixer for the past 10 months when I've been on a keto diet (5/5)

I've made keto whipped cream and chocolate mousse on this. I love how silky and smooth whipped cream is. The whip cream that came out from the dispenser I used to have always had a metallic tinge to it - I don't like tasting, but this is different! Furthermore, I like that it gives a smooth, steady flow of air and isn't choppy or too fast, as was the case with the other dispenser (my kitchen would be a complete I have not yet had a leak from this one. I have not experienced any problems in terms of quality. What more could I want from a canister, besides its sturdy and impressive appearance, and its great price? This product is the best I have ever used.

Drew SHARPE - 22/07/2021
The product is really solid and versatile for both whipped cream and This canister is compact and convenient for nitro cold brew cold coffee, and I used it for this purpose (5/5)

As an aside, if you're like me and looking for an N2 charger for a cream whipper for a similar purpose, you should NOT buy the NO2 charger. There is no cream or milk in the Nitro for coffee at places like Starbucks, because it's pure Nitrogen that creates the small bubbles that give the coffee the creamless-taste Carbonated coffee with a creaminess effect. The NO2 bubbles are too large and result in a carbonated coffee taste.

Christopher Hodge - 20/04/2021
The cross threaded shavers are made from metal shavings! This is not a good buy! The past four or five canisters I've owned have been unopened (1/5)

This is the first time I've purchased It seemed affordable and I decided to take a shot at it. I would not recommend this at all! When I received my first one, I immediately noticed the threads were not correct and the cap was causing metal slivers to come off when I put in new cartridges. You also left a metallic residue on your hands after handling the cartridge and threads (not very hygienic). As with the other cap, this too dropped shavings and slithers until it became unusable. In addition, this second canister shot small metal particles into the first batch of glass! As my fiancé has told me, I can only expect it to arise on the first batch of valves because of the metal shavings that were left behind by the machining process. A few days later, the metal pieces were no longer visible. As a result of the threading, leakage, and shavings, I won't be replacing my unit with this brand. Instead, I will buy a whip it for the extra $10! Like the canisters I have had in the past, these last a long time.

Danny George - 16/04/2021
I think this is a good idea (5/5)

I like the fact that an extra gasket is included so it's a good dispenser. Having spent 25 degrees in the sun, I washed, filled, and charged it, so it was at its best even though it was out being warm. Worked like a charm for me. There is one issue that is not related to the product. The delivery note says the package has been This is far from the truth. There was a mail box on the street next to my house where anyone could have gotten to it easily as they passed. The same thing was happening with other items on my street that had the Amazon logo on the package. There may have been some hesitation among the delivery person to walk the 20 steps to my front Unlike many other times, the Amazon delivery person did not take extra care with this delivery and indicated incorrectly that the item was left in a secure location for the first time in years. There is no way that could have been right.

Athena Villarreal - 28/06/2021
Exactly what I was looking for! The best part is you just need to add all the ingredients, shake it, and voila! This product is unbelievable! Whipping cream freshly made at home! There is no need to buy store bought whipped cream that can't last more than My other dispensers did not have such great quality, were flimsy, leaking, and the cleaning was extremely difficult this dispenser did not have all of those problems Use the included cleaning tool to clean the tips (5/5)

Put some soap and water on the brush to get rid of stains. In addition, the large capacity is also great for those of you and your kids who cannot This is a highly recommended book!.

Juan Wade - 15/06/2021
One more professional chef product is hitting the market! Just to have fun in our home kitchen, I purchased this whipped cream maker (5/5)

We are pleased with the results. There are no changes to the parts Having received the nitrogen chargers from another vendor, we followed the instructions for assembly and after a good shake, we were ready to go! That's what I'm talking about! Start off with a small amount on a flat plate rather than a test dollop. There was a person that did that in our kitchen. It sprayed like a fire hose onto Little cream specks were all over the place. Although the machine did not have a problem, the nozzle needed to be cleaned and placed in the refrigerator after we squirted the lovely froth onto our desserts. As soon as we had family over again, we pulled it back out of the basement for berries, and collected some fresh fruit to dress it up It only had to be frothed a second time. That was simple as pie. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Aubrie John - 03/01/2021