Carlisle 4046103 Sparta Triple Glass Washer, 8″, Black Review

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  • This quality-made brushes avoid chipping and breaking glasses through temperature changes.
  • Durability may differ from usage.

Carlisle 4046103 Sparta Triple Glass Washer, 8″, Black Product Description

Plastic is the only material used in the construction of the Sparta plastic handle triple glasswasher from Carlisle. In sinks or on countertops, the positive-suction base makes it easier to seal out moisture and provides more stability. Unlike regular bristles, the dome bristles are densely filled and resist frequent use and extreme temperature changes, keeping glasses from cracking or chipping. In addition to cleaning pilsner glasses, hurricane glasses, and standard glassware thoroughly and safely, the machine also does a good job of cleaning cup holders as well.

  • Construction is made of plastic with a strong positive-suction base that enhances stability in sinks.
  • A sturdy, flexible brush made of high quality polyester that cleans efficiently in foodservice environments.
  • Dome top with densely filled chamber holds up well to frequent usage and extreme temperatures.
  • You can rely on it for a variety of glasses to be completely cleaned and safely disinfected.

Questions & Answers

Dishwashing would be an issue I would be worried about considering the glue that secures the brushes, and heats and abrasives at play in the Cleaners can be easily applied by hand, and it is easy to sanitize with the same solution.

Selected User Reviews For Carlisle 4046103 Sparta Triple Glass Washer, 8″, Black

The chore of washing glasses annoys me a lot The device makes it easy for you! My glasses needed to be washed more often, so I paid almost $30 for it (5/5)

My kitchen sink is a composite granite sink and I stick this to the bottom of it when I start washing dishes to push through the dirty glasses first. I remove it when I've finished washing my glasses and I can move on to I can easily twist this back and forth to clean my glasses with only a few twists as suction cups securely hold it in place.

Aidan Henderson - 19/05/2021
Mugs are well cleaned with this product (5/5)

Brushes that are strong and durable. Based on the weight of the base, it does not require a suction cup at the bottom. It can be used primarily to clean coffee mugs, and it easily removes light coffee stains dried to the mugs. Stains that are more difficult to remove should be laid in cold water with a light amount of bleach added before being washed in hot, The brushes on glass cleaners are tall, so it's easy to clean. This product has been very helpful to me.

Raphael Walton - 04/01/2021
I'm really glad I bought it (5/5)

This device was purchased 2 years ago, and has been in constant use ever since We've been stopping in a busy tavern every day and I'm pleased to say the first brush is on its way out. Who am I to be My brushes lasted for two years in my bar, and with heavy use they are still in good shape, This is well worth the price even though I wasn't expecting it to last this long. I'm ordering another one right now.

Orion Wilkerson - 23/06/2021
Efforts to stick to the wall do not succeed (1/5)

Whether it sticks to the sink or not is not important. The bristles of the brush are good however, the suction part should never stick to it. This product had been used for a stainless steel sink for one week before it stopped sticking. In this way, it floats wherever it pleases. There is no waste at all.

Nash Moreno - 06/07/2021
It is a must-have for fans of Tiki (5/5)

It is much easier to clean up after a tiki party if you do this. The brush is long enough to clean tall glasses and gentle enough to not scratch their.

Charli Wall - 30/03/2021
The product seems to be of good quality so far (5/5)

In the end, I won't be worried about paying a little bit more for a product that gets constant use from me. I love how stiff the bristles are and how well they suction. In addition to that, these brands are also slightly taller.

Daphne GRIFFITHS - 02/06/2021
There's no doubt about it (5/5)

There's no doubt about it. It does not stay attached to the bottom of the sink like others that look the same.

Kaleb Rivas - 22/07/2021
The best of the best (4/5)

Our experience with the seller was excellent the product was excellent and it came on time. Thank you kindly.

Poppy Mills - 10/06/2021