CAPLORD Bottle Opener Wall Mounted with Magnetic Cap Catcher Review

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  • Stainless steel material.
  • Powerful magnet.
  • Hard to find the right angle for the opener.

Selected User Reviews For CAPLORD Bottle Opener Wall Mounted with Magnetic Cap Catcher

It works and does what it says it will (5/5)

The time has come to grow a beard on your cap. A nice-looking box arrived with it. If you want to be trapped in a hellish marriage, you put a wedding ring in the kind that says "I do" to your fiancee Before divorcing her and giving half of your possessions to her, you needed to face a demon. Nevertheless, what can you do to help you forget about that marriage, and what won't take away your prized possessions? The bottle opener in this picture. All of the things I need to line up correctly took me about 15 minutes (I have OCD and am anise). The bottle was popped. I put the cap on the mystical disc (magnet) and it fell directly on top of it. The next time I drink I will have a glass. It goes on and on. Caplord, thanks for your kind words!.

Laylani Holt - 28/05/2021
I am so excited to receive this It all arrived when it was supposed to (5/5)

Taking into account that it is a gift, I opened the Amazon package rather than the packaging itself, but cannot see any indication of damage. It was easier to select this selection than other options since the set came already packaged together and matched. It would have cost about the same to buy a magnet and an opener separately, but a matching set (even though separate products) would have been even cheaper. The gift was presented in a special way because it was a gift. However, I would have preferred to have found a set where I could have personalized the opener with some special message. In any case, I think this will make.

Maren Medina - 26/05/2021
Very well done! Bottle openers like this one are great (5/5)

This metal fence was purchased for our balcony and even though it was hard to drill through the metal, we managed to install it. There is no doubt in my mind that this magnet works extremely well. On the table, we have a 7 ounce bottle of Corona.

Clyde Rivers - 17/04/2021
The first time I tried it, it worked (5/5)

Please see &nbsp" 304 Stainless Steel makes this product very durable. A huge plus is that even the screws included in the kit are stainless steel. It is simple to install and does its job well.

Paislee BULL - 03/01/2021
This bottle opener is great (5/5)

Despite its small size, the magnet is incredibly Over 30 bottle caps have been placed on it at one point, and it has now become a bit of a game where we are trying to see how many we can put on it. The one complaint I have (and this is a mild complaint) is that when I gave the box to my husband, he was so excited at the sight of the box, but then his expression changed to disappointment when the box was opened. I deceived him into thinking I got him a smart watch by making it appear like a watch case. It's safe to say he's grown to love it.

Murphy ASHTON - 03/01/2021
The perfect beer gift for your friends who drink beer (5/5)

The shipping will be done if you order it. We are a family of serious beer drinkers here in Florida, so nothing has made our back porch happier than our mountable Caplord bottle opener! It's easy to use and has helped us open our bottles with ease. " Our bottlecap challenge is a result of that powerful magnet every now and then, we challenge ourselves to put the cap back. Can you tell us about the record Now that we're remodeling the man cave, I've ordered a second opener for that space as well. The majority of family and friends think it's cool, and we think the same. The novelty item for our house is the latest hot ticket! The guy loves it! we can now find it at any time.

Alana Lang - 16/04/2021
The expected result has been reached (5/5)

Please see &nbsp" The installation is easy and takes less than 10 minutes. I find it to be perfectly functional.

Raylan Velez - 07/01/2021
A product and seller that receives a score of 10 out of 10 (5/5)

I'm amazed at what a great seller and product you have! In addition to performing as advertised, the gift is brilliantly packaged as an affordable gift and is simple It has been a pleasure doing business with Caplord. Their staff was friendly and responsive. *br>*br>The product was shipped from the US to Australia and arrived on the scheduled delivery date. This is an overall 10 out of 10 product and seller from my perspective. There are not enough reasons for me to recommend it. Caplord's team deserves a big congratulations! I'm Jon Hutchins from the Australia.

Kiaan Proctor - 14/04/2021