Canopy Street Personalized Cосktаіl Nарkіnѕ Review

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  • Personalized print.
  • Does not absorb moisture well.

Canopy Street Personalized Cосktаіl Nарkіnѕ Product Description

Depending on the occasion, these 3-ply napkins can be made to be personalized for a baptism, graduation, anniversary, or other special event. Easily create and print your own custom beverage napkins by choosing from a range of styles, or uploading an image or pattern to our customized beverage napkin.

  • 3-ply napkins.
  • A pack of 100 ivory ecru 3-ply paper beverage cocktail napkins with dimensions of 4 34" x 4 34" is included.
  • This design shows the phrase 'Best Day Ever' two times, with the maximum of 25 characters per line, in the font and foil color of your choice.
  • The bright shine of metallic foil, in a color of your choice, is sure to add sparkle to any event. A variety of colors are available, including gold, silver, rose gold, black, red, royal blue, teal green, and violet.
  • Use these festive beverage napkins to create an atmosphere of celebration at your next event. It is the perfect choice for a small gathering, engagement party, wedding, bachelorette, baptism, baby shower, anniversary, or any other occasion you wish to make the best of.
  • The product will be delivered within The product is manufactured in the United States.

Questions & Answers

It is possible for us to imprint the logo in royal blue. I like it better than navy because it's lighter.
In the case that you place your order today, Monday, the order will be sent from Idaho by UPS ground on Wednesday.
We do have one color printed on the napkins. Hello, yes, the napkins are all the same Depending on what color you choose for the personalization, the design will change.
It is printed in a color that matches the design and your personalized message.

Selected User Reviews For Canopy Street Personalized Cосktаіl Nарkіnѕ

A preview of this page is sorely lacking in accuracy! Although these napkins are of good quality, you should be aware that the phrase "Best Day Ever" can change according to With the preview, this was not apparent (1/5)

These are for my wedding, and I am going to use coral and silver colors. Due to the lack of coral, or even anything like it, as a color option in the napkins or ink, I chose grey napkins and thought the large letters could remain black, using pink for the personalized names and date. All of it came in a bold red color. You can't use them in any way. You should be careful when you order.

Ella Wall - 12/03/2021
It has been a real pleasure working with you (5/5)

It was such a pleasure to create these and I just couldn't help The presents are just one of several surprises I have in store for him as part of his birthday celebration. Also, they last a very long time. I was very pleased with how things turned out. It is likely that you will be skeptical if you customize it. This is because it still looks dull and plain rather than popping out at you. If you see the final product, it will be shiny and pretty, as if a fairy godmother put her finishing touches on it. This is the dark blue one I got. It is impossible for me to comment on.

Gage Hahn - 31/01/2021
I used these for a dinner after my wedding (5/5)

They seemed to be good for the price. Despite the beautiful cloth napkins and the quantity that we had, we ended up using them for a long time afterward. It was a great combination of lettering and color. This time, we used rose gold letters on navy blue backgrounds.

Bobby Dillon - 12/07/2021
I am very pleased with how they came out and how promptly they arrived (5/5)

Nice cocktail napkins that can be personalized. During a wedding reception, we ordered them. It was the bride who chose the design and color of the bouquet- It made her happy that they loved her. The order was for three identical packs containing 100 each. A nice feature of the website was that it let you preview how it would appear when customized. It turned out to be a great project. Both of these) are printed in the same colored The gold standard. Both of them match, which is good. I am not sure if the description was clear enough to ensure the color of the lettering would.

Abdullah Dalton - 23/07/2021
This is a high-quality product (5/5)

The napkins are of good quality. There were no mistakes in the engraving and the color was true. This product makes me happy and I'm very pleased with it.

Castiel Ali - 13/06/2021
I love it! Personalized cocktail napkins (5/5)

All I can say is these are a must - Ordered without knowing what to expect because the name does not appear when it is personalized. The first thing I noticed was how pretty they are once I opened the box. It is said that Best Days Ever are the best.

Braylen Daly - 04/02/2021
It turned out so much better than I had I wasn't expecting these to turn out as well as they did! There was only one frustrating thing about the order, which was that the order process got a little confusing, but the product itself is really excellent and the price can't be beat! (5/5)


Mikayla Brock - 02/08/2021
Perfect, thank you (5/5)

This turned out to be a great design. It was my sister who asked me to find her navy blue napkins for her wedding and she was overjoyed when they This little touch is very fun without being intrusive. In the end, they arrived exactly when they were supposed to.

Kamdyn Vaughan - 24/04/2021