Bzyoo PA-Free Dishwasher Safe Durable Reusable Plastic Champagne Flute Review

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  • Strips in bottom adds charm to it.
  • Light-up your party.
  • Complaints of getting defected product.

Bzyoo PA-Free Dishwasher Safe Durable Reusable Plastic Champagne Flute Product Description

The material is made from durable high-quality materials that are 100% BPA-free, odor-free, and toxins-free for maximum health safety. Spend less time cleaning dozens of glasses instead of wasting your time and energy. It will be very easy for you to clean it with the dishwasher to make it very fast and easy. You can rest assured that odors won’t be retained in it. The exclusive design makes it the ideal way to enjoy champagne and any other sparkling wine. Take advantage of it at your dining table or cocktail parties to serve anything you prefer. A combination of elegant appearance and thick design provides a durable and sturdy feel. You can add it to your dinnerware to complete the look of your dining room table.

  • BPA FREE & TOXIN FREE MATERIAL Made with durable high quality material, 100% BPA free, odor free, toxin free, and odor free to ensure health safety, more durable.
  • The time and energy you waste on washing glasses in the dishwasher can be cut in half. With the dishwasher, you can easily clean it as it is very quick and easy to do so.
  • With its sophisticated, elegant design, this high-end beverage glass is ideal for sipping champagne and other sparkling wines. When they are served at your dining table or during parties, it's always the most elegant drink on the table.
  • These elegant appearances and thicker designs make a statement. Sturdy material and elegant appearance make these the perfect addition to any party.
  • This set adds a unique twist to existing dinnerware whilst blending into existing decor, so it's suitable for any occasion. Our products and services are tailored to your specific needs, from banquets to parties to upscale catering.

Selected User Reviews For Bzyoo PA-Free Dishwasher Safe Durable Reusable Plastic Champagne Flute

This is a great quality product (4/5)

The glasses are sturdy and appear to be well made. Despite being plastic, they should be able to be used again and again. It's still not time for me to put them in the dishwasher. This pair of plastic glasses is nicer than many other ones I have seen. One of the glasses broke from the base of the packaging, but I did not notice it until the next day. Unfortunately, the box had to be replaced right away. As far as I could tell, the box and packaging were fine. I have no idea how one glass broke. This being said, the replacement box was shipped very quickly and the items appear to be in good shape. They will be great for Christmas morning mimosas.

Carl Pineda - 12/04/2021
The flutes are made of plastic (1/5)

It was different from what I expected.

Kaisley Summers - 27/04/2021
This is a great Mine is beautiful! I enjoy having it at my table and in my home (5/5)


Ariel O’DONNELL - 20/02/2021
This is a misleading and disappointing title (2/5)

The reputation these cups have is not good, and I was curious why that is. Those are beyond cute and say they are made of glass and that they are wine glasses. The glass is not what I saw in the title and description, though they claim to be. They have a glass like appearance and come in a packet of 6 lights. However, the lights can be painted in and do not connect entirely, so they don't look as if they went all the way The cups have a front and back side, making them a good choice for bachelor parties, get-togethers, or just a small celebration. Yet, you can wash them and reuse them as needed. Simply put, they aren't my style or what I had in mind. It has been a pleasure working with.

Julian York - 13/07/2021
This long stemmed champagne flutte glass is made out of plastic (5/5)

This product was manufactured with durable, high quality material, 100 percent BPA free, toxins free, and phthalate free The air is free of odors. There are two glasses in this set and they stand at two inches. The dimensions of the board are 2" by 2". The size of the paper is 2" x 9". The height of this article is 4 inches. can be washed in the dishwasher and are *br>This set is perfect for all types of upscale occasions, banquets, parties, catering, and at It gives them that "popping" look to have the black stripes around the glass. It was well worth the price and more!.

Warren Matthews - 16/02/2021
The junk mail -- I returned home (1/5)

Purchases should not be made.

Nevaeh Stafford - 07/01/2021
With a slight blue hue, they are white stripes (5/5)

There is an elegant stripe pattern in white that is not symmetrical, but is balanced, and they have an elegant design for sparkling wine. They are a little bigger than I expected due to their design, but are not a negative if you enjoy sparkling wine. These stemware are fancier than your run of the mill plastic ones. Our plan is to use them for wine tailgating at the vineyard (we have a DD and set up a social distance and mask to be seen! The plain white box and substantial portions of bubble wrap are a great gift addition if you are buying these for a gift. They are securely wrapped in a plain white box and come with Amazon's gift wrapping.

Zuri Booker - 14/02/2021
It can be washed in the dishwasher! Cleans up easily and leaves no mess! There is no worry about glass or anything breaking, and it is dishwasher-safe (5/5)


Justice Lucas - 17/03/2021