Brookstone Compact Wine Opener Review

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Ergonomic 5.0 
Easy to use 4.6 
Giftable 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.3 
Durability 3.8 
  • Sleek design.
  • Can remove cork smoothly.
  • A bit pricey.

Brookstone Compact Wine Opener Product Description

Designed with its compact but mighty size, ergonomic grip, streamlined metal construction, and extra-long lever to provide maximum leverage for easy pulling, you can pull any cork (natural or synthetic) with little to no effort in just three seconds.

  • This compact Brookstone wine opener makes opening wine a snap.
  • The only wine bottle you'll ever need to open.
  • An easy-to-operate lever pull opens the door.
  • An extra-long handle makes it easier.
  • Corks of natural and synthetic origin can be used.

Questions & Answers

In addition to synthetic corks, it can also be used with natural You shouldn't have any problems using the handle as long as you don't put a lot of pressure on it.
The quality of the product is excellent. The entire construction is made of metal. A few openers come close to this standard of quality out there. It is very difficult to use Metrokane openers. Plastics even constitute the majority of the parts in their VIP models.
My arm is too weak to remove the cork from it however, it works when it is inserted. My wine uses a synthetic cork, so this opener isn't ideal for this type of wine.
It doesn't look like it recorks to me. When I open a bottle with my Wine opener, I simply turn it over and push the cork down. I have given several as There is no doubt that the event was fantastic.

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There is also a warning on page 8 of the instructions not to use it with synthetic materials. On the item description, it states that it will work with natural and synthetic cork. It's true that I don't come across synthetic corks all that much, but I was surprised to find a synthetic cork in the first bottle I grabbed to put it to the test. I was able to get the worm into the cork fairly easily but it just slipped right back out when I was trying to remove it. This is what I have to say Cork WAS NOT coming out of the gun after making adjustments and trying again. This was my first attempt at a bottle, and this thing 0'd After reading the description which said this can be used with natural and synthetic corks, I checked the enclosed manual. I was surprised to see only two things are recommended for "care" of this product. (See your attached image for more information) In no way should it be submerged The following two points are important to note. Use with natural corks only. Do not use with So, yeah, the seller made completely false claims. Had it actually removed the synthetic cork I probably wouldn't have read the small manual and probably wouldn't have known. However, when the product itself warns not to use it on synthetic corks, and the manufacturer says it will not work with them - I was not surprised. It's going back to the factory.

Mallory Patel - 14/05/2021
The interface is solid and user-friendly (5/5)

In addition to being durable, it is also easy to clean. The 4th wine opener of this type I have owned in the past. In fact, we have owned a number of them. They have been purchased for us by friends. Garage sales are sometimes where I find them. Because we drink wine weekly, and many of the bottles still have corks, it makes opening a bottle more comfortable not to have to twist your wrist so severely. Some models appear not to be very durable*br>We wondered for a long time why restaurants did not use these types of openers and then noticed why after our first two broke. In the long run, they aren't designed for success. The same seems to apply to this one. This one is the one we prefer. One of the things we like about it, is the one-handed In order to use it, you hold it upright, place it above a bottle with your left hand, grip it with that hand, and then pull down the lever with your right hand. With some bottle openers (such as the Rabbit), the top needs to be held by pulling horizontally two metal handles into the bottle. Those people just have too much on their plates. When you lift up, you'll feel lighter. Despite the fact that this one always makes the cork pop, it's funny. It's never been done before by the others. The bottle will be released once it is opened you will then release the bottle, let the lever descend, and then raise it After you release the cork, the cork will fall out. I have opened probably 20 or so bottles with this opener. It feels solid and will last a while. The chrome surface and heavier feel components make it feel like an opener that will last a long time. The openers from other seasons have generally not worked out by this point, so we're optimistic about.

Beau PARRY - 03/05/2021
I just wanted to let you know what could happen (3/5)

In light of mostly excellent reviews, we chosen this item on 5/3/2016 as an item that was likely to be the last one we ever need. Our decision was based on the fact that synthetic corks can be used with the product. The device ceased to function as of 11/22/2019, no longer pulling out the cork. Our house is mostly repaired by me, from electrical to electronic to mechanical things, but sometimes I destroy things as well. China's diplomatic relations with the United States This item (printed on the inside of the small chrome paddle) was never intended to be repaired, so I can't fix it, since the molded soft metal part in the picture (see black arrow) is not a item that can be exchanged. This is the part that binds in between the lever and the rod that is used to pull the cork up. As a result of normal use/wear, the hole in the part has changed shape into an oval and will not bind against the rod as it used to. Following 3. , the process will be completed. Except for rarely occurring parties), we are using the 20+ year old That's all I have to say!.

Braylen Buck - 27/07/2021
Despite being used for just three months, the device broke (1/5)

I've only had this for 3 months and even though it is extremely easy to use, it broke this evening when I was trying to release the cork from a bottle I'd just removed. The opener cost me quite a bit and I was hoping I would get my money's worth out of it. That was a big disappointment.

Miriam Madden - 29/04/2021
The two of them are both bad (1/5)

There was an old one that had 2 levers on each side that you pushed down to penetrate then the 2 large levers to remove the cork, and it worked perfectly. There is no longer a way to purchase it. I could teach my wife how to use that opener. This is a bit of a challenge for her. It could be four inches longer if the lever was four inches Here's an update These are two of the things I have. In some cases, the screw goes in without removing the cork from the cylinder. As long as I squish it the heck out of it, that isn't a In both cases, it is done.

Keith Henry - 12/01/2021
It was the best I had ever seen In the past, I have owned quite a few (5/5)

In the past, I used a similar model wine opener that broke after hundreds of uses, and I wanted a replacement that is similar. However, I discovered this much better model that I was unable to find the same model as. A sleek design doesn't stop with getting rid of corks it also does so much more quickly and with less work. Another advantage is that the foil cutter works the first time and doesn't require several passes to get the job done. The product is highly recommended for anyone who enjoys wine.

Charli Solomon - 18/03/2021
The bottle opener works well and is easy to use (5/5)

The lift handle of this opener has consistently broken even after we have loved this style of opener. As for our current model, we have been using it since we placed our order and so far find it to be user-friendly and of good quality. In order to keep hold of the handle, it's a good idea to pay attention to the actual screw piece, since when it becomes dull, it becomes more difficult In any case, both of us have had hand surgeries, so it really helps when these openers are made well.

Clara WHITEHOUSE - 03/01/2021
This is a heavy, sturdy bag (5/5)

The opener is a replacement for a plastic one we had previously. This one died after more than five years of heavy residential use, roughly four years of heavy outdoor use The average person drinks 5 bottles of wine per week. There are nearly no plastic parts in this, which makes it incredibly heavy and As the screw is expected to wear out several times before the rest of the unit does, I anticipate it to last much longer. Although it's a bottle opener, it's still a bottle Do you know how it does A great deal of work goes into it. We have no other opener faster than this, and that's saying a lot. Corkscrews, both single and double hinged, butterflies, rabbits, and simple 2 prong pullers were all used to open the boxes. Throughout our lives, we have owned and used two types of pressure openers, one cartridge style opener and one pump style opener. Furthermore, this opener is available in plastic as well. Over the past 3 years, we have used all those openers to open over 900 bottles. You should know everything you need to know from the fact that I just paid $40 for it. Sure, a model with a double hinge or two prongs is more portable, but also slower, but in terms of speed and ease, there is no comparison to this model. This will be the first thing I reach for every time. You will not.

Cyrus Cabrera - 17/06/2021