BottleKeeper Standard 2.0 Beer Bottle Insulator Review

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Durability 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Easy to clean 4.6 
Giftable 4.5 
Easy to use 4.5 
Value for money 4.2 
  • Lifetime guarantee is also available on it.
  • Best for travelling.
  • Comes with a shock absorption.
  • Vacuum insulator is missing.

BottleKeeper Standard 2.0 Beer Bottle Insulator Product Description

A Shark Tank favorite, the BottleKeeper is available in 15 different color choices, and it keeps 12 oz beer bottles cool for up to six hours (but who spends 6 hours finishing a beer?) It is made of durable 304-grade stainless steel, which is built to last. Moreover, this glass bottle is protected from damage by the cap because it seals the enclosure. A lid is attached to the bottle so it can be completely covered between sips, preventing breakage if dropped accidentally. Additionally, it is able to be personalized and engraved, which makes it a great groomsman or Father’s Day gift that any Dad will like. The built-in bottle opener makes it pretty handy, too. Bottle keeper standard 2.0 While this will certainly keep your beer cold and fit most bottles, there are some beer bottles that will not fit.

  • BEER KEEPS COLDER, LONGER - Insulated cap keeps your beer cold while protecting it This glass goes with standard shaped twelve ounce beer bottles such as Bud Light, Corona, Coors, and many others.
  • PADDED BASE AND INSULATION - The BottleKeeper beer holder is insulated to keep your beer colder and longer than ever! It keeps your beer cool even in the hottest weather or at The shock absorption pad keeps glass bottles safe and secure, giving you no need to worry about breaks.
  • CONNECTS TO A BOTTLE OPENER - The BeerKeeper cap seals the bottle allowing it to stay fresh longer while keeping the bottle secure.
  • This BottleKeeper Standard 2 is the perfect gift for those who love beer. This would make a wonderful groomsmen gift or a great beer lover gift. A truly unique gift, the BottleKeeper is made of high-quality steel and can be engraved to give a truly personal touch.

Questions & Answers

I won't be able to fit my bottles in it, so it's not worth the money. I have not yet found a bottle of the right size. Returning them is not possible at this point in time.
I don't think it really keeps the bottle cold, but it keeps it cool.
There is no way I could know. imagine you would be able to either purchase another one from the seller or have it replaced as a courtesy from the manufacturer. Please accept my apologies for my lack of ability to provide more help.
The only beer bottle I have tried is a bottle of beer.

Selected User Reviews For BottleKeeper Standard 2.0 Beer Bottle Insulator

This cap will not fit Stanley water and beer bottles (1/5)

It is a waste of money to buy this product! Reviewing is usually not one of my specialties, but I felt compelled to this time. I bought this for my husband as a gift. A standard beer bottle and a skinny plastic water bottle won't fit inside. I wasted 35 in this way. You are wasting your money by spending 00 bucks on a great idea that has very poor execution in the design or final product. Don't.

Jocelyn Winters - 11/04/2021
Works with longnecks but not with shortnecks? It is not good for your health to wear longnecks (1/5)

It's all right. I received the package As we use a Corona light longneck, the lid does not screw back on. This has been happening repeatedly since I installed it.

Ryann Hendrix - 19/05/2021
Is made to do what it was made to do (5/5)

My order was shipped immediately, and I received it two days after it was placed. Keeping your beverage cool and protected is all it says it's going to do. is a bottle cap made for beer bottles (12 oz typical bottles) It cannot be a water bottle or any other unique bottle. Keeping that in mind is very important. There are no other benefits that are marketed with this product except that it can be used with usual sizes. The bottle opener Last but not least, you're covered by a lifetime warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don't be afraid to return it if it's not right for you. The company's customer service team appears to be very reactive to negative reviews, and they are striving to ensure their customers are 100% satisfied with their products.

Marceline Barnes - 27/03/2021
The quality of the goods is poor (2/5)

What we're looking at here is nothing more than a cheap thin metal water bottle with a piece of foam inside. It is a pity the quality is so bad. It was not the plastic bottle I expected the water bottle was insulated steel, like a S'well My disappointment would not have been as great if this had cost $10. 39, but not 40. Is it 199? The funniest thing I've ever heard! I don't like the way the cap screws on and off. It makes annoying noises when it does. Even though the cord that holds the cap to the top is a smart idea, it will stop you from screwing it or unscrewing it! it on Shark Tank and it sounded like such an awesome product. I bought it for my husband for Christmas but I am I can't give this as a gift because of the poor quality.

Hadleigh DODD - 29/07/2021
Choosing this product is cheap, and the lid sounds like nails on chalkboard when My purchase of this product was one of the worst I have ever made It's absolutely impossible for this bottle keeper to be worth more than $10 (if any at all) (1/5)

My bottom part couldn't be reassembled after I unscrewed the bottom part, so I couldn't get the grooves to align and screw it back in completely. I will definitely be returning and asking for my money back. The material is too thin and sounds like nails on a chalkboard when you unscrew the top. If you are thinking about buying it as a gift this holiday season (or any time in the future) stay away from it!.

Larry Wilcox - 24/01/2021
This thing is awesome! This is the best product ever! This would make a wonderful gift for anyone - everyone I have shown it to is in love with it (5/5)

You screw off the bottom, then place a regular sized beer bottle inside the canister (there are other sizes available to fit different sized drinks*) and then attach the lid so it will prevent an open beer from spilling to double as a beer Additionally, the canister is insulated so the beer stays cool so it's perfect for summer use (which is why I got it in the first place). In the first couple of days after buying this product, I took a walk along the beach and dropped it almost instantly with a Corona Light inside, but nothing happened to it. Definitely a must-try if you're a tailgater or summer beer lover!.

Corey Rivers - 27/05/2021
You'll leave it on the shelf somewhere in your house as it's overpriced and poorly made (1/5)

I urge you not to buy it to save money and disappointment. While I read many reviews of disappointed customers, I decided to give it a try because sometimes people can be picky and what is good for one person may not be good for everyone. In retrospect, I admit I regret not listening to the reviews before I bought this bottle. It is very overpriced based on what I got. Besides being remarkably difficult to open, the insulation material is not as good as it should be, which means your beer will not stay The beer inside the bottle was kept for 30 minutes and the other was left outside. It's the same temperature for both. Despite not returning it, I have thrown the tags in the garbage with the garbage, and it is certainly not used at all by us. You're the one who has to decide. You can save your time and money if you ask my opinion, but I'd suggest that you stay away from bad reviews because I know how damaging they can be to a business. Nonetheless, if you really want to keep your customers, your business needs to pay attention to price and quality.

Aiden O’DONNELL - 25/04/2021
You don't want to buy something of low quality with a What I expected wasn't what happened (1/5)

It is not on par with our yeti or hydroflask bottles and cups, which we actually love. I did purchase this for my wife. As a result of the chemical smell from the neoprene used as "insulation", I almost had to throw up when my wife tested it once. There is no double wall insulation here, like with the Yeti. It is just a metal frame and a neoprene sleeve that you are unable to remove, and it stinks bad. If you enjoy a beer while smelling of neoprene, you might not be enjoying it much. This is definitely not a recommendation. Getting a yeti cutter and adapter will be more efficient, and you can also use it for cans. You can even fit an energy drink in the Yeti using an adapter.

Gary Daly - 27/06/2021