Bossin Beverage Refrigerator Cooler Review

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Style 4.9 
Temperature Control 3.6 
Noise level 3.0 
  • Offers accurate temperature for your beer.
  • Spacious.
  • Glass may get smoky.

Bossin Beverage Refrigerator Cooler Product Description

The four different sizes of beer fridges offered by BOSSIN address any space and capacity requirement – 1.6 cubic feet, 2.9 cubic feet, 3.2 cubes, and a whopping 4.5 cubes. Integrated double-pane glass protects your precious beverages from UV rays in all of our models with transparent doors. Additionally, to being a great beer fridge, the larger models of the BOSSIN beverage refrigerator are also perfect for wine storage, with variable temperatures, ample space, and blue lighting to prevent bottle damage. With all of its beers fridges, BOSSIN also offers one year of hassle-free service.

  • Single zone beverage mini refrigerator is equipped with easy touch temperature control that allows the fridge to be set from 40°F - 61°F.
  • A large, undercounter beverage cooler equipped with five adjustable and removable chrome shelves has a large capacity and lots of storage. An organizer that conveniently holds up to 113 standard sized bottles of soda, water, and beer or up to 60 bottles of white wines or red wines at the ideal humidity level.
  • In addition to its ability to block harmful UV rays, a double-paned glass door can also regulate the level of humidity inside the building. In addition to displaying the beverage or wine beautifully, LED interior lighting adds a lovely glow to the room.
  • Equipped with a cooling system, this is designed to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature without causing a disturbance. Dimensions 17" x 7" x 5". Five inches wide (across the front) by 31 inches long. The dimensions of the poster are 5" H (top to bottom) x 19" W. The width of the frame is 7" It is not recommended to use this cooler to store fresh foods, such as meats, fruits, vegetables, etc. Instead, it is recommended to use it to chill beverages only.
  • You are provided with one year of friendly service without worry. Anytime you have a problem with one of our products, you should feel free to contact us.

Questions & Answers

A 115*/60Hz/0 circuit.
This wasn't mine, but I didn't realize it had one in the description. was wishing I had a defroster when I needed it to defrost.
Located in my bedroom next to my bed, it's the perfect place to catch up on sleep. Quite a bit of quiet has settled in. My attitude towards it is unaffected by it

Selected User Reviews For Bossin Beverage Refrigerator Cooler

Exactly what I had been looking for (5/5)

The wife and I have always wanted to have a refrigerator for our drinks because it seemed like a practical and convenient solution, so after reading some reviews, we decided on this one, which I believe is the best choice, it is quiet and it looks good in the living room, I recommend 100%.

Elliot Gonzalez - 05/05/2021
It is used to store drinks (5/5)

This is great for our beverages including beer, pop, energy drinks, and protein drinks It is excellent! I am very happy with it! Lights inside the box are kept on all the time and the door lock works. Lites up drinks in a really cool way (I would describe it as having almost a glow to it) Comes with almost too many shelves, so could be used for a great variety of situations & situations There will be a variety of sizes of beverages available, but some will have to go so that bottles of beer stand on their own. The setup was incredibly easy, all you had to do was plug it in &amp go Put on a cooling jacket.

Junior Cherry - 25/05/2021
I don't believe this is As far as the cooler itself is concerned, it works very You should realize however that this is nothing more than a cooler (4/5)

It is not a refrigerator, just to let you know. However, aside from that, it is a great product and functions perfectly.

Memphis Vincent - 16/07/2021
This cooler is excellent (5/5)

It took me a pretty long time to choose this cooler since I read reviews of many different ones. There were dents upon arrival, according to some people. The temperature was not reaching the desired level for some people. There were a few other things mentioned as well. Considering I have only had mine for a month or so, i have not experienced any major problems with it. The item in front of you is NOT a refrigerator, but a cooler instead. The temperature of mine is always 39 degrees and it stays that way during the As far as the noise goes, I keep mine in a cupboard in the kitchen and it never bothers me. Never has it been so bad. I love the blue light that makes it stand out. Changing the power on and off is not a There are two things I would like to touch on. i did receive my cooler with a scratch on the side, but i keep it inside a cabinet, so that doesn't bother me at all, as it's in a cabinet anyway. Another thing to remember is that this is not a refrigerator and should not be used as one. A cooler is what this is. The beer (for which my unit is designed) will not be ice cold after you put it in. I would say it's cool enough to drink, but not quite freezing. All in all, I give it five stars except for the packaging, which I gave four out of five stars.

Jameson Russo - 22/07/2021
I am not a fan of the loud noises and the temperature control does not work at first (4/5)

Excellent mini fridge, however it is very noisy to me. The sound is located in my master bedroom, where I have hardwood floors. Maybe it's because of the floors that it's louder at night or maybe I'm I hate to say it, but it is loud. In addition, I discovered that when I initially set it up, the change temperature button was not working, so I disconnected it and reconnected it and it finally worked, almost The program works well aside from that.

Henley Booth - 26/05/2021
I love this product, the price is great, and the customer service is excellent (5/5)

My order for one of these was placed about a month ago. The package was damaged in transit, and I was upset about it! After discovering the damages, I got in touch with the seller right away. Tony contacted me within 10 minutes of my email and took care of the matter within 24 hours. I received a new license within 48 hours of my email. Then I absolutely fell in love with It not only matches its description, but also performs well! I like how quiet it is on hot days and how well it works. It would be a good idea to purchase.

Winnie Luna - 08/06/2021
I am pleased with my purchase (5/5)

Although drinks do not get extremely cold, the description stated they are cool regardless. It is a relatively bright LED light, but it makes noises. It is not too loud, but you can definitely hear it.

Taylor STOREY - 28/01/2021
It is a beautiful unit (5/5)

There is nothing fancy about my fridge, but it fits nicely into my room. Customer service answered my inquiry almost immediately when I contacted them with a question about the unit. Thank you for responding so quickly and solving my problem. I am extremely pleased with your service.

Hattie Roth - 23/04/2021