Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware Review

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Versatility 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.4 
Durability 4.4 
Value for money 3.8 
Easy to clean 2.7 
Easy to hold 2.7 
  • High-quality product.
  • Awesome durability.
  • Economical price.
  • Flimsy.

Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware Product Description

The Bodega glasses by Bormioli Rocco are an institution for many reasons, and they are priced at such a low price that it is hard to resist. Although the price is not a quality indicator in this case, the fact that these tumblers are made of ultra-durable tempered glass, and that they are simple and clean are also useful. They can be stacked into one another, so that they take up less space in your cabinet. In addition to cocktails, water, wine, and even light candles are ideal for the mini 7.5-ounce size. Also available in other sizes, these dishwasher-safe glasses can be placed in the dishwasher.

  • Bormioli Rocco offers the bodega collection of drink tumblers, an elegant addition to your dining table and glassware collection! Sleek and contemporary, this two-piece collection adds a touch of elegant style to the world of dinnerware and glassware. The base of these drink glasses is thick and sturdy.
  • This collection of glasses is suitable for all types of drinks if you want to enjoy different beverages or if you want to present food, use these glasses. If you enjoy water, juice, or a delicious cocktail, our tumblers will give your drinking or dining experience a whole new level!
  • Bormioli Rocco's 7 is made from an incredibly durable material. We use tempered glass for our glasses because it is of the highest quality. Our cold drink tumblers are resistant to thermal shock, breakage, chipping and dishwasher wear thanks to this heavy duty material.
  • There are 7 tumblers that will always be crystal clear. You can wash these seven by hand. If you want to put 5oz glasses in the dishwasher, you can do so. You can wash these tumblers daily without the glass getting cloudy or losing its lustrous finish, since the tempered glass is crystal clear without any absorbent material.
  • Suitable for hotel and restaurant owners as well as bar to restaurant owners this two-piece drinking glass set is suitable for use in bars, pubs, and restaurants. In addition to using the mini-sized glasses at home, they can be used to host parties or dinners with your family. Measures 3 inches. I have a 25-inch tall.

Questions & Answers

Without a doubt! A variety of sizes of these glasses are available to me. For the smaller ones, I stack them three high, for the medium ones, I stack them two high This is a 2-deep box. Due to their ability to fit together, they can be stacked higher. Even after being used daily and stacked for over six months, mine are still going strong.
The height of this person is 2 The size of a quarter There are 10 inches around the circumference A diameter of 3 inches is measured.
Yes, they can be used to heat up hot drinks, such as espresso, since they're made of tempered glass, which is 2 mm thick. It is 5 times more resistant to breakage.
It's hard to say. It is possible to stack them.

Selected User Reviews For Bormioli Rocco Essential Decor Glassware

Bormioli Rocco IS NOT the same as There are NO Bormioli Roccos on this website (1/5)

On each glass was a candlemaking label. The candle making labels came in an unmarked box. They say they are made in China, include instructions on how to safely make candles, and say that they are made in China. This is such a disappointment. They have been returned. I would not advise you to It came in the correct box, was undamaged, and was the right weight of glass. I purchased a set of these from Home Depot (same price).

Kaysen Hahn - 05/04/2021
These seem to be fakes to me (2/5)

The 17 oz and 7 oz I purchased are both working well for me. The 5 ounces jar contains 54 In addition to these 17 oz in a beautiful box from Bormioli, there is a smaller box of three. There are seven of them. Plastic glasses in the size of 5 oz were packaged with a label that read "Essential Decor & Design" It goes beyond. The products are also manufactured As I hold the smaller glasses next to the larger ones, you can see the difference in colors. The same "made in China" glasses were sent to me after I asked for a replacement. The materials I kept were used at an event later on. The actual Bormioli glasses will probably be used as bowls/candles holders elsewhere if I can find them.

Waylon CONNOLLY - 25/06/2021
This is NOT an authentic product (1/5)

Both the Bodega 16 oz and 17 oz glasses were beautiful (both in quality and presentation) and came wrapped in authentic packaging. I opened them and found them very dusty (not too bad), but I also found the quality of the glass to be different - not as delicate, and the base was clunkier and darker in color. It is indicated on the bottom of EVERY glass that it is made in China (in other words, it is not the Bormioli Rocco that is My hand-washed clothes and all the stickers were in a bad state even after washing. I removed all of the stickers and hoped they would be reusable, but the difference in quality was still evident. If you're looking for quality, further down the road you will find it. As others have mentioned, you may have better luck in other areas. These would work well for you if you just need cheap, decorative 7oz glasses (and don't have the other sizes in the set).

Yamileth Peck - 04/01/2021
There are NO Bormioli Roccos on this website (1/5)

Those are fakes! There is no such thing as a genuine one among these. On the bottom of the containers is a label that indicates that they are for making candles. They are made in China.

Katie McCarthy - 11/05/2021
I wish there were millions of The originality and beauty of these is outstanding! I like the originality of these! Because I read some terrible reviews on other products, I felt it was especially important for me to write this review (5/5)

Although I am not sure what happened with some of the prior orders, the glasses I received (September 2020) were genuine, thin but very strong, carefully designed and were ideal for every aspect of my vision during.

Pierce Acevedo - 20/06/2021
You are not looking at tempered glass here! It is made of durable, tempered glass, so if you think that it is durable, stay away from it (2/5)

In the listing and on the box it is described as follows It will not go well for you. I didn't buy this thinking that it was "tempered" however when I received it and found the 12-month warranty, I realized this is not tempered As soon as I noticed the bottom pack box on the additional box, I thought "Well, that's poor packing by Amazon". *br>I then opened the case containing the glasses and found that one of them was damaged. As I looked at them, I thought, "Good grief, that's poor packing on Amazon's part. ". *br>I then noticed that the box stated that the glasses were "TEMPERED" and as soon as I saw that the glasses were not originally plastic, I grew suspicious. My attention was drawn to the order description which also said they were Let me tell you what's wrong As far as I know, Tempered Glass does not break like those Despite the fact that Tempered Glass is relatively safe when it breaks, it shatters into a pile of rounded bits. In the unlikely event that tempered drinking glasses break, the entire glass must go *poof*, not just a portion It can easily cut you if ordinary "SODA LIME" glass breaks into shards. Shards of glass break off from this object. In the attachments, I have attached pictures of the broken glass along with a comparison picture of how Soda Lime glass compares to Tempered glass I think I understand the situation pretty well. So, are these glasses real Bormioli Roccos or false advertising?.

Matthias Mullins - 25/04/2021
There are shattered pieces of glass everywhere (1/5)

A total of five of the twelve glasses were broken when they arrived. The packaging is clearly to blame for this. Each of the glasses was stacked vertically on top of the other without any other thing A dangerous situation could have resulted from this.

Lilliana Carson - 31/01/2021
In theory, 5 oz of liquid can be carried (4/5)

Having only received these a few days ago, I can't comment on their durability, but they seem fine. However, I was hoping to use them as my children's milk glasses at night, since they drink about seven ounces of milk before going to Nevertheless, if you want to get 7, you have to fulfill the requirements. In these tiny glasses, you fill it all the way to the brim so you have a spill before you can even drink anything - 5 oz is a little bit too much. That is not a thing anyone will do. There is enough room for 4 people to sit comfortably in them. A little over five ounces of liquid, maybe five ounces. There is no need for more than that. As well as ordering the next size up, I ordered the next size up a half-size bigger hopefully that will be more of a fit. Unfortunately, the description of the volume of these glasses is misleading. For that reason, I have removed one star from the review.

Malaysia Ortega - 29/07/2021