BonBon Commercial Grade Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer Cleaner with Suction Base Review

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Score By Feature Based on 13 ratings

Easy to use 5.0 
Suction power 4.9 
Value for money 4.5 
Sturdiness 4.3 
  • Perfect for cleaning wide-bottomed glasses.
  • Avoid putting up extreme water temperatures while using.

BonBon Commercial Grade Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer Cleaner with Suction Base Product Description

The tough, durable PVC Plastic Base has 3 nylon brush bristles and it’s retained on the countertop with edge suction cups. The nylon bristles are curved towards the ends to scrub your glass edges firmly Keeps the Glass Cleaner securely in place on the counter.

  • The base of the brush is a hard wearing PVC plastic coupled with three nylon bristles.
  • BRUSH BRISTLES CAN BE REPLACED SEPARATLY - Every nylon bristle can be replaced separately.
  • Suction Cups on the edge of the Cleaner help you keep the machine firmly attached to the countertop.
  • CLIENT-FRIENDLY - The Bristles of the Nylon Brush curve towards the ends to scrub any edge of your glass that might be soiled.
  • The Bristles of this brush are made of nylon to maintain their long life under heavy.

Selected User Reviews For BonBon Commercial Grade Triple Brush Bar Glass Washer Cleaner with Suction Base

We have solved the problem (5/5)

In my house, we use glasses and cups all the time. I am more surprised than expected by the performance of this device. It's just right that the suction is There is a bit of firmness in the bristles, but not too much. The dishes and glasses are now clean and sparkling and clutter no longer collects in We have solved the problem.

Julianna Reeves - 25/04/2021
Too quick to wear out (2/5)

I find this glass cleaner to be far less effective and durable than the almost identical-looking alternative With a grey base, you can get a good-looking one. It has been just a few days since I used these and they are already wrinkled and matted. Grey-area needs to be addressed In place of that, I recommend using a model.

Luke Pope - 15/03/2021
Suction that works well (5/5)

Very effective at keeping suction to the bottom of the sink, can be used in a bar as a glass scrubber.

Janiyah Lancaster - 26/03/2021
Until I saw the old one I didn't realize how bad it There is a lot of enjoyment among bartenders (5/5)


Ada HARTLEY - 21/02/2021
I am pleased with the product (5/5)

The product is My stainless steel bar sink has strong suction cups attached to the bottom which act as a magnet when I wash different types of glasses in it. Cleaning inside and outside of glasses with this brush is a breeze.

Jared Silva - 06/03/2021
This is a very good item (4/5)

The item is a good one.

Xzavier PRITCHARD - 26/04/2021
I highly recommend it for its value as well as its functionality (5/5)

For our business, we will use this. have purchased a couple of these and use one at the bar and one in the casino. Excellent value for the money.

Vanessa Santana - 30/07/2021
It is broken (1/5)

It is broken. It is broken up into.

Landen Leblanc - 09/03/2021