BloominGoods Plastic Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes Review

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Easy to assemble 4.7 
Sturdiness 4.6 
Value for money 4.3 
Durability 4.2 
  • Classy look and design.
  • Best gift option.
  • Heavy in comparison to other plastic flutes.

BloominGoods Plastic Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes Product Description

These BloominGoods 6-Ounce Champagne Flutes are perfect for toasting a new couple, new homeowners, devoted husband and wife celebrating their anniversary, or ringing in the new year. Cheers are much more fun when you can enjoy your toast with elegant glasses that won’t break and can be easily thrown away. The BloominGoods Disposable Flutes are made from sturdy plastic to resist breakage and snapping for long service life. The 100% food-grade material is free of BPA and other toxins, so it’s safe to consume beverages. With a pack of 50 to choose from, you will never run out of glasses for guests when it’s time to toast. Additionally, each glass has a capacity of six ounces of champagne, which makes it easy to hold in your hand. The flute brings the perfect level of sophistication to a celebration so that each guest can raise their flute in honor of the special day. Beautifully accentuated by silver or gold-rimmed border and base, the crystal clear glasses are a perfect complement to any setting. A radiant look for any special occasion, this elegant design is suitable for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other noteworthy milestones and occasions. Furthermore, you won’t have to spend a lifetime washing glasses in the kitchen. Guests can fill their own champagne flutes by setting them next to their place settings or arrange them on a table or bar attractively for self-serve. As soon as they’re done, the glasses will be recycled, giving you another reason to cheer.

  • CONSTRUCTION OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY. With BloominGoods' Gold Rim Disposable Flutes, you'll enjoy a durable, durable construction that is resistant to breakage and snapping so you'll have to use them for a very long time. The 100% food grade plastic contained herein is free of BPA and toxins, so beverages can be safely consumed.
  • The set consists of 50 cards. With this set, you will never run out of champagne flutes to toast your guests. This set of 50 champagne flutes is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other elegant occasions.
  • Design that is elegant. This gorgeous pair of crystal clear glasses is cleverly framed from the sides with a gold or silver rimmed border and base. A radiant look that adds a touch of elegance to any special occasion, this radiant look is perfect for every occasion.
  • Cups that can be thrown away. Spend less time in the kitchen cleaning and more time entertaining. For added convenience, these flutes are disposable and recyclable, plus they're break-resistant.
  • This is the perfect size. Designing and furnishing a room for This flute has a capacity of 5 ounces, making it perfect for champagne toasts at any event. It's a great choice for any event because they are easy to hold in your hand and offer a touch of elegance.

Questions & Answers

A two-piece set that includes the flute and the base.
I am 5 years old. The whole jar is 5 ounces.
Not at all. In hot beverages, the plastic is damaged by the high temperature.
There is no need to return since they are great.

Selected User Reviews For BloominGoods Plastic Gold Rimmed Champagne Flutes

I like it! These looked really nice - I was surprised by their quality A friend of mine and I used them for a new year's / surprise engagement party (5/5)


Eden Moyer - 03/03/2021
A lovely & elegant design (5/5)

My parents' 50th anniversary party will make use of these for a champagne toast. Their quality was excellent and they stood up well I like the elegant and simple design Tables looked nice with the food on them. It appears that all glasses arrived in good This book is highly.

Dulce Schaefer - 30/06/2021
I am disappointed (2/5)

I thought they were cute, but they were It appeared as if the bases had been tanned or faded silver.

Alaia Gonzales - 09/07/2021
It was so much fun! These were perfect for the job I needed them for (5/5)

All that was wrong was the bottom part fell off easily, so I just added a little super glue and it was all fixed!.

Ryann Boyd - 30/03/2021
This is a cute look (4/5)

Among all the styles we looked at, I liked these the best. At my daughter's wedding reception, the bottle of champagne was used for toasting. The parts were easy to assemble the night before and we took them in a box to the festival. I did not encounter any mishaps and everything was in order. Stack them again when thrown out at the end of the night to save on space in the trash bin as well, when they were tossing them at the end of the night. It would be possible to re-use them if needed.

Samira Richards - 21/05/2021
These cups are really nice (4/5)

I do like these cups very much, but their only downside is their size. They are not very big at all, and I had to add them along with the Champagne Flute and 9oz plastic cup in order for it to look like the cups were much larger. This glass does not appear to be available in a bigger size, and that is a shame as they are so nice! And yes, of course it falls off, but it's no big deal since they're so nice!.

Melina Moody - 16/03/2021
It is New Year Eve and you need to wear pretty glasses (5/5)

A senior apartment complex is having a party when we have a New Year's Eve party, so these were ordered for their celebration. To serve ginger ale in beautiful glasses, I came up with the idea of using pretty stems. It is too early to tell whether or not they will work, but so far they look nice and were packaged well. I plan to use them later this month.

Mathias Sandoval - 19/05/2021
Disposable flutes work great with this set (4/5)

These disposable champagne flutes are perfect for making champagne. Several of them don't have a very good finish. There were cracks in the ends of the pieces. All other aspects of the situation are.

Anna Cox - 28/06/2021