BloominGoods Plastic Champagne Flutes Review

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Sturdiness 3.6 
Durability 3.2 
Easy to assemble 2.2 
  • Attractive design.
  • Awesome stability.
  • Lacks solid build.

BloominGoods Plastic Champagne Flutes Product Description

BloominGoods’ Disposable Gold Sparkle Flutes are manufactured from durable plastic and are resistant to breakage and snapping. This 100% food-grade plastic is free from BPA and toxins to ensure your beverages are safe to consume. Make sure you never run out of champagne flutes or stemware when it’s time to toast. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions, this set includes 50 cups to cater to everyone’s needs.

  • CONSTRUCTION OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY. Disposable Gold Sparkle Flutes by BloominGoods are durable and crafted from sturdy plastic. They are resistant to breakage and snapping, so they will last all night long. The 100% food grade plastic contained herein is free of BPA and toxins, so beverages can be safely consumed.
  • The set consists of 50 cards. The set also includes 50 champagne flutes so there will be enough for every guest on your special day. Perfect for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays and other upscale occasions, this set includes 50 glasses.
  • Design that is elegant. These glasses look stunning with their silver or gold sparkles of glitter, available in both gold and silver finishes. A radiant look that adds a touch of elegance to any special occasion, this radiant look is perfect for every occasion.
  • Cups that can be thrown away. Spend less time in the kitchen cleaning and more time entertaining. For added convenience, these flutes are disposable and recyclable, plus they're break-resistant.
  • This is the perfect size. Designing and furnishing a room for This flute, with a capacity of 5 ounces, is ideal to toast champagne at your next event. It's a great choice for any event because they are easy to hold in your hand and offer a touch of elegance.

Selected User Reviews For BloominGoods Plastic Champagne Flutes

An assembly error occurred in the connection of the plastic glass to the base (2/5)

When we had to assemble the glasses on the base of the table on the day of the party, I was highly disappointed. It is true that the glasses themselves look very beautiful, but assembly is a real chore, even though the instructions state There were some broken bases and some of the bases weren't assembled properly on the glass. In order to attach the glass, we had to stuff a piece of plastic sheeting into the base. This is not something I would.

Dilan Potter - 11/06/2021
The service has been very disappointing and dissatisfying! This is junk! Due to their tendency to separate, we had to tape the bowl and stem of the wine glass together (1/5)

As a result, we had to buy tape at the store, which was inconvenient and embarrassing for us. Our attention to this flaw was not alerted until after we arrived at the venue for my daughter's baby shower to set up the place settings. It is not a good item to buy. This is a very poor quality movie. Using my money was a waste of time and.

William Lambert - 05/06/2021
This didn't hold very well (3/5)

Although they are great looking, they had to be glued, which was a disappointment.

Kenzie Frederick - 18/02/2021
Follow-up is both important and product-oriented (2/5)

As long as the glasses weren't broken, they looked wonderful. Only half of them were crack free. The crack was not visible until you poured liquid into the containers after they had been assembled. In the near future, we'll have to put on another shower, and we'd like to buy these from a different vendor. This was a very disappointing experience.

Penny Leonard - 03/08/2021
Good product (5/5)

And 2 of the glasses were cracked, but I had ordered more than I needed so it was not a big deal. A windy day was not the perfect day to wear light glasses. I managed to achieve the look I wanted in spite of this.

Malaya Stanton - 12/06/2021
Like the picture showed, it was the same color (5/5)

The black and gold party was a great success thanks to the use of this product.

Kenzie Daugherty - 03/02/2021
I was not able to wear it because it came in two pieces that didn't It was not possible to wear the glasses since the bottom of the glasses would not stay on and could not be screwed on (1/5)

My baby shower toss was a complete waste of money because of this, and I skipped the event. The only way I would give it zero stars is if a star system existed.

Joyce Duffy - 07/04/2021
The theme fit very well with your attractive design (4/5)

A party to celebrate my birthday.

Colette Cooper - 22/02/2021