Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Review

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Easy to clean 4.6 
Blending power 4.6 
Sheerness 4.5 
Noise level 3.8 
  • Blending, grinding, mixing, and pureeing have never been easier.
  • Durable and stable device.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
  • Gripper lids with vents.
  • 6 preprogrammed cycles for batters, smoothies, whole juice, hot soups, ice crush, and ice cream.
  • No tamper.
  • More expensive than many other blenders.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender Product Description

Only 7 inches wide and 8 inches deep, it measures just under a foot across. There are only 15 inches between it and the floor. Because it doesn’t have a lot of surface area on your kitchen countertop, it won’t take up much space. The only problem is that the item weighs 7.28 pounds, so you will not have difficulty moving it from place to place if you decide to store it away. This motor offers beautiful 60 watts of power when it is at peak performance. The pitcher comes with more than enough room for any kind of ingredient you may want to use.

  • With its One-Touch buttons, preprogrammed intervals, pulse control, and 10 speed manual control, this blender is easy to operate. You can adjust the blending at any time using the full control.
  • This blade is custom forged and steel forged for amazingly smooth blending (ten times stronger than other blender blades). It is 80% thicker than standard blades. A blunt blade, not a sharp one, is present. It will no longer be necessary to cut or poke.
  • Blending for large groups The BPA-free WildSide+ Shaker Jar has a volume of 90 ounces and a blending capacity of 36 ounces (wet or dry) - The electrical rating of the cord is 35 inches/3 feet, 120 volts, Hz 50-60, amp 13.
  • Heat is generated by blade friction in Blendtec blenders when soups and drinks are being blended. Warm up in six minutes or less with a meal or beverage.
  • Warranty/ American Company As an American owned company we continually strive to build the most effective products - without complicacy. We manufacture and assemble our items here in the United States.

Questions & Answers

According to the manufacturer's description, there is an explanation. 'WildSide+' Jar*br>The WildSide+ Jar is a patented design that features a fifth side, making it perfect for blending larger quantities more quickly. The motor automatically pulls ingredients down into the blade, so even tough ingredients can be mixed without a tamper or other tool. (This is not possible with a regular 4-blade mixer. The other side).
This blender is very good, it does a great job of blending out all the ingredients without leaving lumps, chunks, or pulp behind. The smoothie will be very thick and still contain some fibre from the fruits and vegetables, so if you are looking for a juice-like consistency then smoothies won't do it for you. Using the blendtec, you would not be able to see the fibres as it does an amazing job.
The Vitamix Turbo Blend 2 is what I have Adding any water is unnecessary due to the speed of the machine. By using the tamper, your frozen stuff will be smashed into the blades, and you will have the most delicious frozen dessert on earth! An inexpensive bag of frozen strawberries and three bananas from the dollar store combined with a tablespoon of sugar is one of my favorites. I love the taste of it!
Wildside jars tend to be less stable than regular FourSide jars in terms of stability. Verify that you are on a stable and level surface as well. Depending on how old the laminate countertops are (if they're not granite/stone/concrete), they can sag over time, making the blender less stable and causing the blender to walk when it's being used.

Selected User Reviews For Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

The Blendtec is one of the best blenders I've ever used (5/5)

It is the only blender I have experience with and I currently own a smoothie store. Both the Blendtec and Vitamix are great brands, however I prefer the overall performance of the Blendtec. In the past, I sent in the Vitamix more often for repair than the Blendtec. In choosing the model of my home, I took them both into consideration. In addition to the height, reliability, and overall footprint, weight, and the ease of cleaning, the main reason I bought the Blendtec was its height. It occupies a small space on the counter, so it won't take up a lot of space. It is not heavy, so you can easily store it away since it is at a great height for pulling under your cabinets. The base of a blender may occasionally become soiled with liquid after the blades have been placed in the drink. All parts of the Blendtec are sealed, which makes it very easy to clean. It is impossible for the liquid to get into small gaps. Comparing it with cheaper brands, I find its operation to be fairly quiet. Even so, it does make noise since it is a blender.

Jameson KAY - 13/03/2021
For Blendtec, the victory is yours (5/5)

I am very pleased with the product I have purchased. In the end, after reading days-worth of reviews and researching the internet for months, I decided to go with the Blendtec over the Vitamix. It's time to replace my Ninja, which I have not been happy with for quite some time. I also have a knockoff vitamix that previously did quite well for a while, but I'm not in love with the Therefore, I jumped in and bought this and this was a dream come true for me. My first ever smoothie recipe was smooth, it was the first time I made one from scratch in my life. I served my son and daughter banana pineapple mango smoothies and they devoured them. In the coming weeks, I will be undergoing several surgeries and I will have limited access to my diet. This was an absolutely necessary procedure. It is extremely important to follow the directions concerning the proper order of loading your blender when you are dealing with frozen fruits. Vitamix is rife with people who swear by it, and hey that is fine, but don't knock a good brand. At the end of the day, it is preference because both can do what is required of them. Make your own smoothie with this easy recipe greek yogurt, 2 bananas, 6oz water Added 10 oz of unsweetened almond milk, one small banana, one cup of frozen mango, two cups of pineapple (love pineapple) and a small splash of agave nectar. Click on Smoothie button and enjoy!.

Leila Alvarado - 23/02/2021
It has a lot of power and is We guarantee our products for 8 years! Amazing how versatile this blender is and how powerful it is (5/5)

There is no way this machine should be classified as a 'blender,' as it is an extremely powerful and rugged machine. One of my roommates had one and it still worked like a champ after six years of daily use. With an 8 year warranty and made in Utah, this product is a great option. A high level of quality surrounds every aspect of it. motor connection to the power cable is protected by a block under the base to prevent any stress being transferred to it. It used to take ten minutes or so to grind a pound of coffee, but now it only takes ten minutes to do so It takes 15 seconds to chop ice in my cold brew machine. It chops ice really quickly. I used to feel like my old blender had a hard time cutting ice, but this one overpowers the ice right from the start. The juice goes down really fast There are a majority of preset buttons that cycle in under a minute, giving most cycles a duration of less than a minute There are 45 seconds in the Peanut butter made with this recipe is wonderful! This beast is worth every penny, and it's well worth the purchase price!.

Jada Yang - 17/05/2021
My purchase of this equipment took place around 8 months ago and I have been nothing but completely satisfied since then (5/5)

Before purchasing this Nutribullet, I owned it for about four years. do not often give 6 stars (in fact, I can only think of one other occasion), but I am happy to give this blender such a high score. My purchase of this equipment took place around 8 months ago and I have been nothing but completely satisfied since then. used to own a Nutribullet for about four years and it did a good job of producing my smoothies but leaked. There's a lot to understand. I have been working on the problem since However, it was getting worse and In my opinion, wear and tear may have been contributing to the issue with the blade base. Unfortunately, the problem remains the same. In the end, I was always doing a 'clean up on aisle five' every time I used it. My attempt to make it to work in time was frustrating and time consuming. In researching blenders, I found that I really wanted one where the blades were dull since I hate worrying about sharp edges and the potential for significant injury I found what I was looking for! Even though the price seemed high, I thought that if it was as good as it said it would be and lasts as long as the warranty says, then it would be worth the price. I'm talking about the juicer which can juice carrots while keeping the pulp, which is nutritional. Carrots did not seem to be a good match for my Nutribullet. It is in my heart to believe. It's so good, in fact, that I just bought the Blendtec Professional 800 a few days ago for use at my new condo, since it reduces the noise which I'm sure will also be appreciated by my neighbors. The noise reduction sounds at least 50% less in that one but I will review it after I have used it for a while. This is what you mean. Great job, I love.

Nico Byrd - 13/05/2021
You shouldn't even think about getting a blender other than this one (5/5)

It is not possible to convey how pleased we are with this outcome. It won't be easy, but I will try! It is very versatile, and it is very A simple to use system. The surface is easily cleanable. I believe the programmed cycles will accommodate all the different circumstances we may encounter. It feels extremely durable as well as being of high quality. It took me 8 months to review before we had owned and used the item for a year. Having no regrets is the best choice. It's amazing how much space the Wild Side jar takes up. Additionally, we bought a mini jar since the regular size is too large for some recipes (sauce, dressing, In spite of that, it is not possible to achieve a one-stop shop A one-size-fits-all solution The entire family There is a need for a This machine produces beautiful results no matter what recipe you create. While this is more expensive than other brands (and yes, it is more expensive. The limitation of the size was a deciding factor), however this is a well made machine that will last for years and probably longer than some of its competition when used in similar conditions. We recommend the Ninja 510 blender if you are looking for a high-quality blender. You're looking at the perfect.

Penelope Olson - 01/03/2021
A BUY BUY BUY that is outstanding (5/5)

I have no problems with it. A pair of these was bought for my After using my juicer for the first time, I'll never use it Put the strained juice or nut milk into a bag and blend. You won't have to chop your fruit into small pieces for the juicer. It takes a lot less time. Run through the metal strainer into an EZ-clean bag. I like this one because it blends well and is a good price. Despite its size, this Blendtek is so powerful that you can make protein powder smoothies with peanut butter. There is no grit like in Glad I found your site.

Cayden Spencer - 03/05/2021