BGMAX Champagne Sealer Stopper Review

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Fácil de usar 4.5 
Fácil de limpiar 4.5 
A prueba de pérdidas 4.4 
Ideal para regalar 4.4 
Excelente inversión 4.4 
Durabilidad 4.2 
  • It's easy to use.
  • Keeps the bubbles in the champagne.
  • It's dishwasher friendly.
  • Can fit standard bottles.
  • It's sharp and can bruise your fingers if not handled with care.

BGMAX Champagne Sealer Stopper Product Description

You can use the stylish BGMAX champagne bottle pressure stopper with a pump valve to maintain the flavor of your preferred bottle of champagne. So, you don’t have to pour that bottle of bubbly down the drain. Maintain the taste of your champagne regardless of how you use it. Simple to maintain and easy to use.

In addition, it’s dishwasher friendly and you can just use cold water for quick clean up. We also like the fact that it’s versatile and can fit standard champagne bottles. You can also use it on your beer or wine bottle.

  • Enter the model number exactly as it appears on your model.
  • The silicone stopper for champagne bottles we manufacture provides a better seal to preserve and prolong the life of open champagne bottles.
  • A silicone sealing rubber plug is incorporated into the longer stainless steel plug for greater durability. Measures 2 inches tall by 1 inch wide. Approximately 4 inches wide).
  • This is a universal champagne cork cap that fits many champagne bottles. (Does not support wine bottles please confirm size before purchase).
  • Easily clean the bottle cap in the dishwasher by rinsing it with cold water, wiping it dry, and storing it.
  • You can always return or replace BGMAX products within 60 days for a full refund or replacement.

Selected User Reviews For BGMAX Champagne Sealer Stopper

It's a great bottle stopper for sparkling wine or champagne

I use this to hold air in my sparkling wine bottles, it works very well. It is important to take precaution when re-using As you open the bottle, take care to not let the stopper fly right off. Hold it from the top and you should be fine. What are the reasons for two It does not matter if the reviews are five stars.

Gerald Bates - 08/04/2021
Ensures that the bubbles stay in place

We are absolutely delighted with this product. Compared to the cost, it is incredibly easy to use, which makes it a great gift for friends and family. I've never had a problem cleaning it and it's easy to store away. I think it's one of the best items I have ever purchased. The drinks we drink in our house include sparkling cider wines and Champagnes. As long as you drink it within a day, you can keep the bubbles in with the spoon in Saran Wrap. The little thing works well at keeping a champagne fresh and sparkling. I have had it for more than a week and it's still great.

Carlos Buckley - 05/02/2021
In three weeks, he is completely torn apart

I bought two of the three sealers on top of champagne bottles in the refrigerator and both exploded from within the first 6 weeks of use. They are easy to use, but after a few weeks, two of the three sealers completely broke off. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't reassemble them. In retrospect, I wish I knew the brand I used for well over a decade, and was never bothered until the seal eventually dried out and didn't This is a product that I wish I could find again, and I will never buy another one from this maker.

Giana Owens - 16/01/2021
DOWN WITH IT! DOWN WITH IT! Previously, I had stoppers that were sturdy enough to last a long time

Additionally, they held on to bubbles for a few days. The value of this one is zero. No seal is applied to the bottle. However, metal is SHARP and can be very dangerous when it comes in contact with In order to replace this one, I must find another that is made with TOP quality materials. Ordering this junk is a waste of money.

Gia BUTCHER - 10/02/2021
This is the best stopper I have ever used for champagne

However, there are two major issues to deal with. A bottle that is kept overnight stays pressurized as if it had just been opened because the neck is longer and the soft vinyl or silicone white seal stays tight. My favorite part of the seal is the spring action that gets the lid into the bottle and keeps the lid tight against the lid. A. LATEST UPDATE The stopper you recommend is still my favorite after 10 months of use, and it continues to offer superior sealing capability for pressurized champagne bottles. The variety has been removed). During this period, no failures were encountered, except for the initial one. My approach is to use a gentle rocking motion to open the stopper, if necessary. As well, I am using the stopper that I did not file the edges of (see below review) and I am careful about how to Although I purchased the product several months ago, I am not sure if the manufacturer has made any changes to it since then. You should only clean the stopper with a damp cloth since the clip and spring will rust, even though the stainless steel body of the unit is resistant to rust. Please see the attached issue It is important to handle edges carefully, as they are sharp to the point of posing a safety hazard. If you file the edges with a small metal file (and I mean every possible edge your fingers can touch), you can repair this damage. The way I did it on two out of three stoppers is really what I'd prefer to do during production. The process of filing requires a lot of effort. This issue is

ISSUE The post falls apart quickly as you read other posts. Yes, it does indeed and I suspect it has to do with the circlip in pic1, which sits in a groove on A circlip is meant to hold the seals and spring in place, but they can also slip through it. Because the seal is still ductile (round clips are normally hardened steel), rocking the unit while uncorking it can push the circlip deeply into the groove and bend it, allowing the black plastic disk on which the white seal is mounted to slip past as shown in pic 3. The close tolerance was difficult to capture in pic2, but it can be seen in pic3. The picture showing the black disk captured under the circlip (as it should be) can be seen in Pic #4. It is possible to fix the stopper if it comes apart at first, but it will keep doing so. In order to make a circlip slimmer, the inner I must be smaller. This needs to be corrected. I therefore cannot recommend this unit based on the two issues I mentioned. There is a need for a revised circlip and a smoother unit edge, and this would be a Please continue to use mine (I will continue to do so).

Adalee Peck - 24/06/2021
The seal is excellent

My intention is to use it to reseal bottles of champagne as well as making mimosas at the weekend. The glass bottle provides a nice airtight seal that prevents the champagne from losing its This is what I put Five liters) of champagne a week ago and stored it on its side in my refrigerator The leakage rate is zero. I have given you fair You release the carbonation with a pop if you compress them a little and then remove them this is analogous to when you remove a cork. In the first instance, I wasn't expecting that to happen and the feather escaped. The overall performance is exactly what I was hoping for.

Maisie Craig - 17/05/2021
It works fine but the edges are sharp and rough, so your fingers will get cut! This champagne stopper is nice in appearance, however the finish on all corners is a bit rough and can easily cut your fingers, as it did to an invited guest of mine

It is possible to make better choices.

Reagan McClure - 30/05/2021
The best way to keep your bubbly

A bubbly beverage. My name is Cathy and I've lived here for over 50 years Vacuvin stoppers have always kept my red and white wine in excellent condition for several days after I've tried them, so I was surprised I didn't have anything to use to preserve my prosecco. Taking a look at the various products on offer, I chose this one since it was a simple, elegant design at a reasonable price. A couple of reviewers had mentioned that the metal was thin so I was a little worried that it might not hold up to rigorous There was no reason for me to be concerned. Despite its simplicity, the design and construction of the watch are sturdy and functional and perfect for the job at hand. The best part is that when I release the stopper the day after first opening, or the day after that as well, there is a satisfying "pop!" This tells me that the seal is intact, and I find that my sparkling wine is still sparkling in the bottle just as it was when I first opened it.

Andi Wyatt - 03/05/2021