Best Splurge: Riedel Vinum Whisky Glasses Review

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Flavor 4.6 
Giftable 4.6 
Value for money 4.4 
Sturdiness 4.1 
Durability 4.0 
  • Focuses on the fragrances.
  • Constructed of lead-free crystal.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • More expensive than other choices.

Best Splurge: Riedel Vinum Whisky Glasses Product Description

The Riedel Vinum whiskey glass is a good choice for liquor lovers of all types. Managing bar manager Marissa Mazzotta at New York Distilling’s The Shanty notes that they are ideal for nosing spirits. These elegant glasses were designed in 1992 when Riedel brought Scotland’s finest master distillers on board to help refine every step of the design process. “When we are tasting through barrel samples, this is an ideal glass for use.” These elegant glasses were designed in collaboration with Scotch whiskey experts. Mazzotta says that the shape of the glass permits you to get the first aromas as you sniff, then a full sip across your palate as you drink. They’re different from most headphones, so you need to splurge a bit.

  • The set of two machine-made, fine crystal Single Malt Whiskey glasses is made of lead crystal.
  • As the spirit flows onto the tip of the tongue, where sweetness is felt, and aids in fostering the elegant creaminess of top-quality single malt whiskey, a slightly outturned lip can serve to enhance that sensation.
  • The stem of thistle is truncated, giving the shape an extended shape.
  • There is a capacity of 7 ounces in this glass with a height of 4 1/2 inches.
  • Safe to cook with in a dishwasher.

Questions & Answers

Diameter of the base Approximately 3 1/4 inches in height. Approximately 7/8" tall, bowl's widest part is 4 1/2" wide, and it weighs approximately 1.2 lbs.
Thank you for reaching out to me, When they are at their narrowest point, the glasses are approximately 2". As far as I am concerned, I am familiar with ice balls and whiskey stones that are much smaller.
These dimensions can be found in the details below 1.. 2. A factor of eight and two. A square of 8 by 5 is a rectangular shape. The size of an 8-inch diameter.
It's just a hair more than 3 seven-eighths".

Selected User Reviews For Best Splurge: Riedel Vinum Whisky Glasses

I have found the perfect glass to drink from (5/5)

was hesitant to give these 5 stars because of the value, but after considering it for a minute, I gave them 5 stars. While these glasses are expensive, I would not have bought them if I did not believe they were worth the money. A very high level of craftsmanship goes into making them. I appreciate the fact that they are also the perfect size. I am glad to finally have found one that matches classic recipes in this age of huge martini glasses. When three ounces of booze are stirred on ice 52 times, then strained into a glass with two olives, there is exactly one eighth of an inch It's always the same. That's the way.

Miguel Galvan - 31/07/2021
The size is perfect, and the quality is good for the price (5/5)

Having used these martini glasses for years, we know how to clean them. We prefer the 4 5/8ths size-we consider it to be very good quality for the price. It is the perfect size to hold a classic shaken 3oz martini. It is better to have two cold martinis than one sweet one Lukewarm is the way to go.

Aleah Griffith - 10/01/2021
This pair of glasses is one of my favorites (2/5)

These are wonderful, but I had to return one of the glasses because the seam between the stem and the glass was broken. Though I hand-washed and meticulously cared for them, some of them broke when I was putting one back in its cupboard. * * * * I enjoy using these glasses, and they permit you to taste the Scotch in complete detail. Our house is full of them, so they have to be hand washed all the time.

Kinsley Goldberg - 06/07/2021
Vessel used on a daily basis (5/5)

Purchased Reidel for the first time. When it comes to crystal quality, lead is pure No charge. Its shape provides good olfactory sensation and a full flavor experience from the first sip, satisfying consumer demand for quality in Further, Reidel glasses are ideal for morning use, since they come with a non-slip bottom Blends of fruit and protein to pair with an alcoholic beverage. The vessels should be used on a daily basis rather than sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Bruno Luna - 24/07/2021
There is no greater perfection than Riedel (5/5)

As a gift for my husband who drinks single malt whisky, I purchased these. I absolutely love these glasses! Like all Riedel glasses, they are beautifully designed and made with meticulous care. They are durable, but how long will they last? He probably didn't care so much about the thick glass he was given by a local distillery with their name engraved on it - it was fine. I suppose it'd be fine to drink it, but who would want to spend $100 on scotch? were packaged with care and arrived in a short amount of time. In the future, I will order more to have on hand for.

Salem Clayton - 16/06/2021
Martini glass of the perfect size! It's a beautiful pair of glasses! We are very happy with this purchase, even though they are so light and fragile (5/5)

They will be okay as long as you hand wash and hand dry them. A typical martini glass is the size of a fish bowl. My martini turned out beautifully now that I have the right size!.

Hanna Patterson - 22/04/2021
Despite being called a "water glass," it is in fact an excellent I have used the Reidel wine glasses as water glasses for years and recommend them as wine glasses (5/5)

It may be because I only drink Merlot with dinner that various types of wine glasses suit certain types of wine, but I find these too good to pass up. They are beautifully made, easy to drink from, easy to wash, and with some care, durable enough to be used daily.

Colin Harmon - 26/07/2021
Martini glass with a classic design, consider this one and the big brother! The perfect size for a classic martini or manhattan with a shot of bourbon - something I like to drink every once in a while As well as Approximately half the liquid is left (5/5)

You will fill this glass to the brim if you add any more. Choosing this glass ensures you have an enjoyable drink while you are holding it and viewing it There are beautiful proportions and it is a perfect, classic size. This heavyweight glass feels good in the hand. *br>*br>If you are going to make bigger drinks with more booze or mixer, look into the Vinum XL glass that is just as nice, but larger. I did what I could to cover every possible scenario Purchasing both will save you money!.

Jad Good - 17/07/2021