Best Small Glass: Villeroy & Boch Boston Shot Glass Review

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  • Available in a variety of colours.
  • Dishwasher-friendly.
  • Constructed of lead-free crystal.
  • There is no guarantee.

Best Small Glass: Villeroy & Boch Boston Shot Glass Product Description

It is likely that there will be an occasion (or two) when you prefer to drink whiskey in a more festive way, even if you own a venerable set of snifters. Thanks to their patterned designs and classic coloring (for example, pale blue, bright red, rose and grey), these crystal shot glasses give the impression of sophisticated barware while still having a fun and modern appeal. In addition to the 2.5-ounce capacity, each glass weighs 2.3 ounces. Goodfellow prefers a shot glass that holds at least 1.5 ounces and allows for 1 ounce to rest comfortably on its side without spilling. As for the short shot glasses with a slight fan and a bit of weight, I prefer them over the ones with a straight-up design.” Dishwasher safe, these durable glasses are ready to handle jostles, slips, and slam downs.

  • A dining table made from premium crystal glass creates an envious shine and brilliance that is unparalleled in its class.
  • Elegant entertaining - the Boston stemware collection features a vintage-inspired textured pattern to add sparkle and sophistication to any table.
  • CAREFUL PACKING - Our shot glasses are packaged safely and securely so that they are able to be enjoyed for years to come.
  • This dishwasher safe set enables you to save time by doing dishes less often. When using the top rack, be sure to use only that rack.
  • VILLAROUX & BOCH - A company that has been manufacturing fine porcelain for more than 250 years These glasses were proudly made in Germany by the Villeroy & Boch factory.

Questions & Answers

It looks like the red of the glass is its own color. It's not coming off and is a "favorite" for use by family members when they During the stay, the claim was made.
There is a spray on color, but it can be cleaned in a dishwasher.
14 oz of wine can be held in each goblet. This is a nice water dispenser, as well as a wine dispenser, juicer and sangria dispenser.
Four of the items in my order match each other. It was not large goblets that I ordered, but a small one. A bottle of wine was too big for the giblets.

Selected User Reviews For Best Small Glass: Villeroy & Boch Boston Shot Glass

If you wash your dish in the dishwasher, the color will fade (3/5)

It would have been nice to love these glasses EXCEPT that after a couple of washings in the dishwasher, the blue color faded to a light water blue shade. I'm afraid that with more washings, the color will be gone forever.

Ramona Bennett - 04/02/2021
I ordered 2 sets of 4 and there was a difference in quality (1/5)

The moon is made up of globules. I noticed the following when they turned up after being shipped separately for some reason 2) Each box had a different wrapping of the goblets. 1) one of the boxes had goblets that were a little smaller than the other. Three) one goblet was chipped upon delivery. In 4) the "Villaroy & Albert" It is in a different font from the "bosch" label on the globets. For reference, take a look at the images.

Dakota Randolph - 09/01/2021
I'm so glad these have been found When my husband and I first married 25 years ago, we bought this set of glasses (5/5)

It turns out that Villeroy and Boch still make them, and they are lovely as ever. They are known to be exceptionally sturdy and hard to break, but one or two have broken. We have the exact same colored ones we used to have.

Bo Weiss - 18/04/2021
A dirty pair of glasses (2/5)

As a set of four glasses (color, style, and size), these were exactly what I was looking for. I received dirty glasses, dusty, relabeled with goo around the rims, stuck label inside one of the glasses and different type of labels on the bottom. I would enjoy purchasing something at a yard sale, but if I purchase something new, I expect a much greater quality. There were bubble wrap between the two boxes and they were doubled up. Unless they were repackaged and placed in a new box, I am guessing they were repackaged. That's a real bummer!.

Donald Marshall - 11/06/2021
It is simply lovely (5/5)

It's an elegant way to entertain guests with craft cocktails around my historic home. As well as being excellent value, these are also quite affordable. There are other glasses I have seen that are absolutely beautiful but cost an arm and a leg. I love glass breaks. These are aesthetically pleasing and I don't feel as though I have to hold my breath when someone jostles or falls.

Jerry Green - 05/08/2021
I'm in love with This is a very pretty pair, and they have The material is sturdy, but not overly bulky or heavy (5/5)

This juice is the perfect size. I really like this product.

Kataleya House - 25/06/2021
These goblets are so beautiful! I love these glasses so much! Several places had red goblets for sale, including vintage items, but they were impossible to locate (5/5)

The risk was worth it for these & This was such a great decision for me. My hands enjoy holding them they are substantial but not too heavy, and they feel great in my palms Each container is large enough to hold several ounces. The liquid you choose should be a neutral one. I was pleasantly surprised by the hobnail design, which is a bit different from most others. I have.

Jamal Carver - 24/02/2021
I no longer find the bowls to be quite as good as they were when I first bought them (4/5)

It looks nice, but isn't the same as the original that I purchased at Bloomingdales two decades A lighter green and thinner version of the bowl has been introduced. There are 15 grams in the original bowl. Weights for the old and new bowls were equal at 4oz and 13oz, respectively. About 38 oz. Germany is listed as the country of origin on the box. Though I am generally happy, I do have some concerns.

Brady Patrick - 03/05/2021