BENETI Exquisite Highball Drinking Glasses Review

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Easy to hold 4.6 
Sheerness 4.4 
Durability 3.9 
Sturdiness 3.9 
  • Cheap price.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Simple design.

BENETI Exquisite Highball Drinking Glasses Product Description

Adding beautiful glasses to your cabinet is a great way to make any occasion special. This set includes a sturdy base, curved side, and slightly flared rim on every glass to offer a timeless appearance. The pieces in this set are resistant to ordinary wear, ensuring that they won’t chip, crack, or break.

  • DELIGHT YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS WITH 6 WONDERFUL WEIGHING GLASSES - Enjoy drinks with style and elegance when you choose six glasses made by In true European style, each piece of the set exhibits a timeless sense of design.
  • DIISHWASHER FRIENDLY - Use the dishwasher-friendly glasses that work in all types of dishwashers over time. Put a stop to hand scrubbing and use the machines to get the job done.
  • With lead-free glasses that pose no threat to your loved ones and friends, you can feel safe. All the classic drinkware is free from chemicals and compounds that are harmful.
  • Bring a classic touch to your collection with glasses that are perfect for occasions of any size. Glasses from this collection feature a sturdy base, curved side, and slightly flared rim to ensure they will last for generations.
  • DURABILITY - A thin layer of glass that is super strong! A strong pair of glasses will not shatter even if there is a slight impact. The pieces of the set are designed to resist ordinary wear and tear, ensuring no chips, cracks, or breaks will occur.

Selected User Reviews For BENETI Exquisite Highball Drinking Glasses

Let's make it easy on ourselves You should move along, this is not worth your money! I just wanted to let you know that I bought these tall glasses at the end of last year 2020 (1/5)

Four months into the new year and 3 of them have already broken. These glasses had such high reviews that I had so high hopes for them- All of the glasses broke in the sink when gently clinking with other dishes while they were being washed. It is a waste of time to buy cups from Amazon when they are so terrible. This is a very thin and fragile material. The products that I am purchasing will be of a higher quality and last for a long time.

Opal Fisher - 19/04/2021
A very elegant pair of Perfect for my party, these glasses are just what I was looking for (5/5)

The jacket I chose should be elegant but can be used every day for work. It should also be thinner, but still functional. thin design makes them easier to store in my cabinets, as they don't take up much space. Despite the lighter weight, the glasses are quite sturdy on the Although the glasses don't seem to be super thick, they seem They appeared shiny and ready for the party the moment I put them in the dishwasher after I received them. We used them to serve cocktails because they were just the right size. There is no doubt in my mind that I would order more.

Royal Duke - 28/06/2021
This is a delicate and beautiful bouquet (5/5)

A lightweight highball glass holds 16 ounces, has a sturdy bottom, and is both slender and attractive. I would not recommend washing them by hand, but we have run them through the dishwasher several times without incident. We have found that they are easy to handle partly because they are more slender and partly because the glass is on the thinner side. It is not allowed for the kids to Due to their thinner design, we are able to clearly see what we are serving in them as a result of its vibrant color.

Kamilah Byers - 18/05/2021
Looks nice, but is not as sturdy as it should be (5/5)

Glassware that looks nice, is easy to hold, and is lighter than most. In addition to my 8 year old, even my little one has enjoyed it because it is light and he can easily hold it. It must still be handled with little caution while being washed by hand. It's best not to press too hard to reach the bottom if you can't reach it with your hands. The one she broke while trying to do that has been repaired. A thinner wall can be seen. Glassware like this is beautiful, and that is what makes it special. This glassware works well for any beverage you want to serve.

Logan Goodwin - 16/05/2021
The one with scuff damage is here) He knows - I want (3/5)

My glasses are beautiful on the eyes, and I enjoy using them whenever they are in my hands. They are durable, yet I would hesitate to buy them again out of fear that they will break if I hold.

Darren Summers - 11/04/2021
The skin on her is extremely Two weeks ago, these were delivered to us (1/5)

Although they have a heavy bottom, their tops are incredibly thin They are a bit awkward, but the worst part is that when they bump into anything, they shatter. We had an 8-glass set that lasted for almost two years (for easier cleaning). The glass we have broken now has been broken six times in two Let's let them off the hook.

Fatima Gutierrez - 04/03/2021
Glasses with a good grip that are well made (5/5)

I can use these glasses in my downstairs bar area without a problem. Despite their small size and easy handling, they're quite strong and durable. While sitting with a chilled beverage in the glass, I do not have any problems gripping it even when a tiny bit sweaty. Normally I drink through a straw, but these cups also have a lip that makes me able to drink through them. Those are 16 oz glasses, which you can use to serve mixed drinks, fruity waters and so on.

Salem HOWARTH - 21/04/2021
A beautiful pair of glasses (5/5)

As described, they were exactly what we expected. The beautiful things are simple, plain, and simple. This is exactly what I wanted. I decided to wash them by hand. My dishwasher sometimes leaves a white residue on them. While I use Finish*br>didn't want to take a chance the glass would hold up to not getting the residue not getting on it, it may have nevertheless.

Kai THOMSON - 27/05/2021